Saturday, 31 October 2015

15 funniest test answers that will make you laugh

15 funniest test answers that will make you laugh

school is not for everyone. when the knowledge ends, you can use your sense of humour and you might get away with it.

15. physics test, so not like young kids, this guy should be mature enough. water of the ocean stores a lot of heat. en engineer designed an ocean liner to extract that heat at 10 degrees and reject it into atmosphere at 20 degrees. He was fire by his boss. explain. Because he slept with his boss wife. I reckon this is the right answer cause I can't think of another reason.

14. write the biconditional is possible. If it is not possible say so, and the student goes, SO. exactly what I say to my girl when she's asks me to say something nice. I say Nice. brilliant

13. sqare 2 plus square 8 is an irrational number. Tracey is wrong,use an example to show that tracey is wrong. the answer is a typical male answer - because Tracey is a woman. i bet women hate this guy because he is sexist

12. smart ass answer, what ended in 1896, of course 1895. if you think about it, he is absolutely right and there is no reason for his to be reject his answer, despite he is probably off topic.

11. a set or brilliant short answers
in which batthe did napoleon died, his last battle
where was the declaration of independence signed - at the bottom of the page
river ravi flows in which state - liquid
what is the main reason for divorce, - marriage
what is the main reason for failure - exams,
absolutely nothing wrong with these answers, if I would be a teacher i would not reject them

10. this is a future comedian under pressure: if for any reason, my answers aren't sufficient, I hope perry the platypus will convince you otherwise.
yes, yes he did responded the teacher. - brilliant

9. please motivate your answer, come one answer, you can do it, i know you can. remember that next time you take a test.

8. check out this english grammar test in 2013 to point opposite of words
opposite of good is bad
opposite of black is white
opposite of original is china

7. this is the proof of the fact that Jesus is the answer to everything. i think this is some kind of a literature or drama test, but Jesus should apply to pretty much any kind of test including math, physics, grammar and so on.

6. if you are in primary school you should know how to expand 2 times x plus y. you just expand them until you finish the paper and you will be in the right

5. this sounds like an anatomy test which probably is for teenagers or something. if you are missing out this knowledge you can use your imagination to create a masterpiece. i hope this guy does not become a doctor

4. driving test written answers, when should a motorist use his or her bright beams, when he wants to be an asshole. could not be closer to the truth

3. what is the highest frequency noise that a human can register, and the answer is mariah carey, heart, heart, heart. I guess we are dealing with a fan of Mariah.

2. the change centimetres into meters you just take out centi and there you go problem solved. I guess this applies only to the metric system so definitely not in America.

1. this is a drawing from a student that was send back to home for the mother to explain.
check this out
Dear mr Jones, .......
Sincerely Mrs Smith.

question for next time, have you ever given a funny test answer? leave your comments below