Saturday, 28 November 2015

20 Japanese inventions - bizarre and dumb but brilliant

20 Japanese inventions - bizarre and dumb but brilliant

Japanese inventions are a popular subject worldwide. what we see as stupid and dumb, some others see brilliance and opportunity
let's have a look at 20 of them to question sanity

20. if you love noodles, you need to make sure you do not splash sauce on your face when slurping. and for that you need a protector. meet the noodle mask, for all of you who love them.

19. aid conditioning shoes, for people with feet odour problems. it comes with timer, humidity control, batteries, compressor and an entire technology to allow you to take off your shoes without causing crime

18. if you are so lazy, or perhaps missing a hand and you can't reach to other side of your body, use the massage hand, guaranteed to to do job, just like the ass whipping brush. same thing, a tool for the tool.

17. i actually think this one is useful for th parents who either too lazy to clean the house, or too poor to hire and cleaner. and why would you when you baby is whipping the floors anyway.

16. shoes umbrella protectors for people who really love their shoes and do not want them wet. how about wearing something else, duh!

15. only in japan, but if you think about it it makes perfect sense. have your umbrella as your tie and you will never forget it home

14. an umbrella which is also a chair. another brilliant idea for the commuters spending hours commuting.

13. if you have troubles waking up, you put needles on your clock and it is guaranteed to ring until you are actually  up. not bad, not bad at all.

12. google map people , watch and learn. this is a device to take photos on all angles at one time. you probably can make some sort of 3d map, or matrix scene, or not sure what I am talking about.

11. i love this one. if you are so dumb, you can't hold the lipstick to follow you lips, here is a device to make sure you do not overspill and will look like a crazy person.

10. ctrl alt delete, control alt delete, control alt delete, you need and tool for that because the crazy idiots who invented the keyboard put them to far away from each other. control alt delete know mother offers.

9. in the kitchen many people chop off their gingers when cutting unions, or shrimp paste. use a fake hand and you will be safe.

8. the portable toilet paper dispenser , so if you have a cold, walk on the street, you can't use the normal pack of wipes, you need constant unrolling for all that mucus coming our of your nose.

7. an these my friends is how you pour drops into your dry eyes and never miss it.

6. i have seen this is many other videos, blogs, websites, they all tell me is to shape up you mouth, or ensure your tongue is dry, still cannot figure it out what is the use of it, only dirty thoughts come to my median right now.

5. for the busy, tired Japanese commuter, i reckon this is brilliant. i can think of message on the front. if you are single leave your number on your forehead and you might get a husband before next stop.

4. for the hard study days, when too much information makes you sleepy, you pull out this thing from you bag and you are good. not sure of this is Japanese but who cares

3. all the single man out there looking for a love substitute and sleep in the same time. all wankers of the world, unite in celebration, your fake pillow women was born

2. picking you nose and covering with your hand is embarrassing, so just get another fake hand to cover, and you will definitely go unnoticed. forget about embarrassment forever.

1. number on for today is a fake finger to help you touch your smartphone or a tablet. it will protect the finger and the phone. very useful, brilliant, and absolutely necessary, again, just like the fake hand to wipe your butt.

Questions for today what the hell is this invention good for. she definitely is cute with or without.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

20 disturbing things found on google maps - creepy

20 disturbing things found on google maps - creepy

we all use google maps to find our way around, well not all of us, just the smart ones. sometimes the results are creepy, scary and intriguing. here are 20 disturbing things you can find on google maps, street view

20. funny guy siting down on the foot path holding a white tiger. if not mysterious, sometimes could be a fake, as I can't believe someone could actually have a tiger on a leash like that.

19. creepy survivor of a kidnapping or just a guy  waking up comfortably in the trunk of his car. I appreciate the half dog resting with no worries on the floor.

18. creepy guy coming out of a public rubbish bin. seems like he belongs there, and if i would see this  in real life, there is a guaranteed heart attack

17. for all of you who know who this should be, like the miley cyrus of the 1950's or something, this is something that would definitely attract my attention while driving. check ou the old bystanders staring at her underwear from behind,

16. this is creepy dudes. a bunch of human birds watching. i don't believe this is real, as if you have some basic knowledge, the google car takes pictures on the street , not foot path. here is another one. this is by design to fool us. I don;t believe this is actually google maps, but a creepy fake.

15. a couple of bald time criminals with an old time grail outfit, trying to move a body wrapped in a carpet. old time crime type...i guess this is again on purpose

14. what is the chance that you fall from your bike when the google car is around...pretty slim, right? this might be online for a while though

13. dog humping a pig on street view on google maps? hard to believe but you never know. dog and log have their faces blur so we don't recognise them, and mock them when we see them in public. awesome

12. street working girls showing appreciation for technology and wanting to be captured forever, as you know beauty is not forever, you grow old and you die ugly.

11. citizen arrest in progress on gilles street. the fugitive has been caught, not only on the floor, but in the internet forever. sometimes life has hope after all.

10. old man in his knees, with an ax on the floor, someone else , probably wife with an empty flour tube in her hand. looks like a japanese mock up execution. the standing up women, might think she is a jedi.

9. another booty show in the district , to prove not everyone is loving technology.

8. hot summer in the corner of the street, if you do not have running water in your house, you can use the public system to shower. nothing wrong with that.

7. another working girl, unaware that google car is around. they have blurred the red fire hydrant here, sop we don't recognise the address, as this could be an invite to some fun or something.

6. a creepy horse head popping up in various places, a strange mystery of universe. here is another occurrence. guess what . I have a horse mask myself, and I could not make me being funny or creepy. hopeless

5. a bunch of anarchist kids attacking with their slippers a peaceful green creature. why so much violence in the world? why why why? my heart weeps for the green dude.

4. strangling in progress. the criminal face is blurred in mystery, but hey, this is not a real crime but just a show of a bunch of nerds knowing they are being snapped

3. a guy is carrying his inflatable doll from point a to point b. nothing wrong with that? so what, a man cannot relocate to a different entertainment location? what is your problem? stop judging other people. inflatable dolls are a legit way to have fun when you are not very popular.

2. 2 divers chasing in each on the street. i think they were too noisy in water, and poseidon the king of the water, asked them to leave the ocean to fight in the streets.

1. 2 legged cat with a head and a tail. this is probably the creepiest but cutest creation ion the same time. forget about aliens, warlock, monsters and stuff. make a movie with this guy and I can guarantee of the horror fans in the world will be happy.

thanks for watching, question for next time, do you think the creepy birds are a fake or just an accident on google maps.

Friday, 20 November 2015

20 awkward family photos, weird funny creepy

20 awkward family photos, weird, funny and creepy

the world is full of weirdos. today we are going to take a look of 20 of the most awkward family photos to seriously question the sanity of mankind

20. i hope that is not  a tattoo. i find difficult to find body art more ugly than this, if anyone believes this is great, I am going to bang my head against a tree for 5 minutes

19. these 2 guys have some serious issues and they are hiding them behind their cats, naked couple photos with the furry friends. weird, awkward, borderline creepy. I am sure they think it is funny

18. fantastic picture, bog fat dude with diapers, the fairy girlfriend at the back, and the small dude which seems to be embarrassed by his folks even at his age.

17. funny photo , a bit creepy, weirdness is even in the painting on the right hand side. do you notice that dog is proud to be part of the family? the apple in dad;s mouth is a nice touch

16. great family photo, cheerful and full of life, BUT THERE IS A DEAD GUYS NEXT TO THEM? ANYONE NOTICED THAT?

15. all nice and sweet here, loving and very close family, but the mum is exposing her naked but to the son, who is exposing his but naked to his brother, who is exposing his but naked to the sister. definitely the weirdness starts at the mother. dad is safe and OK.

14. best moment for a family pic, when the youngest cannot hold it to the toilet. and if wet, make sure you still take that picture

13. probably they think it is funny, but in my artistic opinion, this is less than lame. funny is a strong word you know, sometimes

12. great siblings photos, a lot of agressivity though, the dogs are really loving each other. this is the sign of pet harmony that needs to be captured.

11. family photo, body builder with wife and kid, wife and kid with body builder entertainer, very confusing where is the focus on this picture, and what title one can give.

10. this can  happen only in america. you know, the rest of the world w do not have guns everywhere, you know what I am saying?

9. pretty scaring violent looking dude, wife with black eye, and child who does not look like them at all. i wonder of he is the source of the black eye. what to you think? they all look happy with the situation, or perhaps this is just for the camera

8. weird photo people, finger in mouth from one generation to another, grandma to mum, mum to artist son, son to baby son, not sure where grandma's finger was recently, that is my biggest concern here

7. a lot of love and strangling, i am sure from pure love, priceless picture. the father seems to be doing a lot of effort not to strangle his family and you can see the effort on his face

6. these dudes I am sure they think this is cool. long hairs, relatively no body fat, 3 topless dudes are just weird and awkward man.

5.pregnant couple, i am sure the man is trying to inflate his belly as a joke. pretty lame if you ask me as funny as a nut on the floor.

4. Are these guys the parents or the grand parents, very difficult to assess, lady seems to be in weird wedding underdress, and the man is from the retired male entertainment team.

3. so the perfect images form eh 70's, weird haircuts, and sun glasses, but what is the story with the parrot and the machine gun. is there a mysterious connection there, or just favourite things this couple loves.

2. so check out this one, the daughter in the middle, the father is grabbing one breast and squeezes against a blade of an ax. can anyone tell me if this makes any sense.

1. family photo with 2 couples, no clothes, the left chick is skinny as a stick, left guy touching the pregnant ladies breasts, the right skinny dude touching her belly, i can look at this 100 years and still not figure out who is who and what is what. perhaps some sort of a spiritual cult where a group of people marry another group.
the kid seems interested though

thanks for watching, can you tell me is you you believe that grandpa here is actually dad?

Saturday, 14 November 2015

20 perfectly timed photos

20 perfectly timed photos
another episode from Doctor dynamite talking about the right photos, the right time, the right, outcome and the right whatever. this can be so funny and so unlimited

20. 2 areas of interest, the bullet and the butt. This is how you confuse people, give them more than one point of interest and they will be undecided which one is mor important

19. nothing funny or embarrassing here, cause that is what we are after, just a perfect shot of a guy with a camera on a boat, shooting seagulls. when i see seagulls all i think is potato chips safety

18. dog eating snow. crazy face, this guy must love icecream a lot. or perhaps the master is fooling him with snow instead of a stick. big mystery

17. you gotta admit this is a nice picture. this is what happens when you wear bedsheets instead or proper clothes. lucky she is looking dam good.

16. sports are coming always with the potential co capture some pretty twisted picks, and you are wondering if this is human in it. how does make sense I am not really sure.

15. analysing this cannot be a fake. the focus is on the squirrel and the guys in the back are blurry. this gotta be real.

14. this look like some kind of artistic sexy pose for painting or video, until someone decided the have a go, through some milt, and let me tell you, i reckon he nailed it.

13. impressive impressive, impressive, some sand splashing around after a jump. looks good, nothing wrong here, let's move on

12. cheerleading is a serious sport and I mean it. just take a look at this, and tell me if you can do it.

11. i have seen this picture in many video, yeah, OK the girl is doing a full string, and we can see the underpants. but in tennis we all see the underpants as they are not really underpants. i am not sure why they still bother with the useless pathetic skirt.

10. a word telling the other to shut the f up as it talks only rubbish. many birds in real life talk a lot of rubbish. i know lots of them and they do.

9. capturing a splashing soap bubble is kinda hard if you think about it. that is pretty awesome shot.

8. i think this guy is drunk, opening a gas bottle in his own face just to be funny, man imagine, a small spark happening from any reasons.

7. i don't have many comments on this picture, i absolutely love it. I need to find a high resolution copy so I can print it an hang in in my living room. awesome

6. jackass extreme sports freaks are plenty on this planet, this guy is still interested if the camera is rolling. i don't think  he will be to impressed with himself after this.

5. this sport is so gay. why would you put yourself in even a slight possibility to be so close to someone else's balls unless you love balls very much. I think this happens everyday at the training.

4. a dog expressing a political opinion. nothing wrong here folks.

3. now we are getting somewhere. rihanna offering an interesting perspective on life , you cannot miss the moment ever. this guys reaction is so natural , i would have done the same. no doubt.

2. slo mo guys, myth busters, and all science say freaks, nobody caught a moment like this. awesomeness combined with party, fun and a lot of pain after by the looks of it.

1. final one for today, a popular picture with a guy holding a bottle in his hand. and guess what, he is bold and has a black shirt. but i guess you don't see that do you?

thank you for watching , question for next time, how much do you think this hurt, from 1 to 10. and who would you do this to? i want names people!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

20 funniest fails try not to laugh

20 funniest fails try not to laugh

our world is full of idiots, but we got to love them for trying. today we look at 20 fails try not to laugh, people, I know i did

20. the concept of a 6 pack is to have 6, not 8, or not 10. you got to apreciate the photo shop skills, as they look real for the people who don't know how many muscles are supposed to be on the bell. I am sure they are many.

19. eyebrows are sometimes an issue and few individual cannot grasp the concept of natural. not only shape is good, and I think this one is a big fail in my book.

18. the picture is serious enough to make me believe this  guys did it to look better on the net. amazing how the furniture is following the curves on her silhouette. he has also a bend mirror as well in front of his missing belly probably.

17. now a lot of people hate me for making fun of good tattoos. If anyone finds this a good tattoo, i think i will lose my trust in humanity.

16. nice good looking girl on a beach with a funny hand on her shoulder. an alien, mystery disappearance, or perhaps a ghost, enough to make few people pray in desperation we are not alone.

15. no matter what you say, this is a parenting fails so big, i can't imagine. or perhaps her mother is a stripper teaching the daughter about realities of life from an early age.

14. i am looking at this and I cannot find the photo shop proof. is this guy for real? i know there are disturbed people living in denial, but how would the event organisers allow for this guy to compete?
i got it, they want to make fun

13. the pretty girls wants a smaller waste. what is you problem? don;'t be so judgemental. punk.
i want a small waste too.

12. i think this is not a fail and does not belong here. I reckon is actually genius. drawing your six pack with a bullpen never occurred to me, but hey you learn something every day. brilliant

11. again, not a fail here folks. Simpson family in reality, this is how it should look like.

10. using lipstick is a skill that not everyone can master. it requires training, education and a very good eye for details. the sad part is that I have seen people like that in real world

9. i could not thin of a worse outfit for a family portrait. sick imagination combined with crafts. and the little girls is playing with her father's suit. awesome

8. sometime i want to scratch my eyes and scope them out. I am still trying to figure out if what I am seeing is real of photoshop

7. this is princess fiona in real life. she is out advertising herself on a dating site, as Shrek has left her for a better model. How can you not love such a cute face. i want to pour acid in my eyes

6. another failed tattoo, that if you are telling me I am wrong, I am going to burst in tears. I was told I am an ignorant idiot, start educating myself about tattoos, and stuff and stop picking on body arts.

5. this looks too good to be real. she could have dropped the bottle of perfume in the changing rooms as far as I am concerned. She looks so cool, I am starting to suspect this is a photo shop nerd at his best.

4. I am not sure how you call this a self wedgie or something. happiness and Borat fashion style can happen in the same time, you know.

3. spelling mistakes are on purpose here, this guy looks he is not from an english speaking country after judging the background. we have google translate, you know and tats are kind of permanent.

2. this is home mad jam, that taste like grandma. I am sure she was a sweetie, and perhaps she was eaten by her family for that. The conclusion is that, don't be a sweetie, it is not going to end up well for you.

1. number one fail for today, i cannot sleep and eat any longer looking at this picture. the t-shirt had the cuts on purpose for fashionable purposes, and I believe the lady here has grown her fat back for fashion as well.

question for next time, which of the fails is your favourite and why.

Friday, 6 November 2015

20 weirdest back packs you won't believe they are for real

20 weirdest back packs you won't believe they are for real

internet loves stupidity, groins, man parts, lady farts and all simple stuff, but what about backpacks. there is potential here to impress as well.
we look at 20 backpacks to impress, the last one is a keeper, I promise

20. starting soft today, a funny cartoon creature, definitely will attract some attention on the street. just like traffic lights. if you are riding your bike, try to ignore this.

19. an interesting concept wear the entire planet on your back, probably so uncomfortable, this will be just for the show. guaranteed to break your back, unless you cary helium gas.

18. I not sure what to make of this one, the guy really likes plastic dummies, maybe he can put some underwear on them  and change it depending on the weather

17. cool back pack, white tiger on your back, probably somewhere in Asia and probably suitable in winter. i cannot see wearing this on the beach

16. star wars theme made its way into the back pack world, we will see some more later in the video, r2d2 on your back....the girl does not look like she has seen starwars anyway.

15. might be funny for some, but this reminds me of a skin infection, or a skin break of something gueyy , i would have second thoughts wearing this, especially on a date

14. weird creepy and something, just weird and creepy. the whit shiny baby on the back wearing a golden chain, that is gangsta

13. captain america back pack. I say the movie, i did not like the frisbee as a weapon, just as lame as thor's hammer, a back pack reminding me as a target, will probably attract few throwing objects

12. a back pack with  money print on it. I think I like this one, perhaps you can be subject of a homeless attack who can't see to well.

11. another star wars reference, one of the cute creatures staring from the back. i actually like this one.

10. not really a back pack here, just a random picture off the internet, just to break your attention for no particular reason. maybe the video is too boring and you are falling asleep. i did not think this through but I like the picture.

9. lame batman back pack and hood. this does not deserve to be here.

8.  star wars back pack, this time the little yoda, pretty cool way to attract attention. the lightsaber looks great as well.

7. few more lame back packs, perhaps for kids or teenagers with no life, crocodile, wale and dolphin. i would not get anything like this.

6. i actually don't mind this one, a guitar back pack. maybe you can cary an actual guitar in it. that would be awesome...not really.

5. now we are getting somewhere. a cool back pack reminding us of some sort of physical lab, preparing some sort of liquid. pretty cool if can cary bear in it.

4. another war themes back pack, this guy is chewbacca and something is not quite right here. this monkey is not that small, it is usually the other way around.

3. awesomeness combined with neediness, a dragon, crawling on your back. it looks absolutely awesome. i so w ant to have one of those to go buy toilet paper

2. i would probably have a reaction seeing this at night, very creative, probably would have a bit of chill even for the owner.

1. the absolute winner today, and nothing like the rest of the back packs which are lame in comparison to this, the scrotum back pack. the entire video is actually to present this one and ask you, would you wear it. i Dare you to buy and wear this. awesomeness combined with disgustingness

question for next time, already asked, would you wear the scrotum back pack.