Sunday, 29 May 2016

20 life hacks everyone should know

20 life hacks everyone should know

life can be so much easier when you can use simple ideas, sometime stupid but brilliant to save small problem around the house, and you should not bother calling someone
here are 20 life hacks anyone should know

20. if you are missing one tire from your car from whatever reason, you can use an alternative 4 wheels working platform with touch stress. if you are skilled enough, you can build your own. probably will fail at first street dip, but hey, give it a try

19. if you are one of those hungry people who cannot resist living without pasta, this is one way of hiding i during class. really, never thought this was possible. seems like a lot of effort just to have pasta

18. magnetic finger glove, when you want to attract metal. not such a bad gadget, and i am pretty sure you can build your own very easy.

17. pretty self explanatory, i would assume for more ladies than man who found themselves a man or upgraded their current vibrator to a newer model. tape it to the toothbrush and  your teeth will be better treated from now on. and this is a sign of other parts are better treated.

16. well, if you are stubborn to have a scooter and not to buy a car, this is what happens when you decide to renovate. and why not. what could happen. nothing.

15. i would assume this is a pasta rolling tool. I hope this is not  hammer drill and has the very slow rotation function, otherwise, the wrong move and you will have holes in your teeth, and that would not be funny.

14. the simplest of the simplest ever, how to hang a monitor under a suspended bed. that is so simple and yet brilliant, i cannot wait to try it myself.

13. i sincerely am concerned about seeing a plane wing repaired with tape like this. please tell me this is a joke, please do tell as otherwise I will have troubles flying again.

12. for the super geek genius nerds that can actually built themselves a computer from scratch, a computer case is not necessary, just pizza box will suffice. and you know judgement here folks.

11. i get it, this guy has lost his bike support. I am wondering if he carries this piece of timber in his backpack all the time? i guess he could, and use it also as a weapon when attacked by bad people.

10. a bottle of jack daniels is actually very strong. it won't break not even when use a chair leg. i am surprised i have not seen a chair designed with all legs like this already.

9. i have to admire the attempt to be accurate here. a guy trying to create a triangular hole in the bread... the result speaks for itself .just take a look at a banana sandwich for the actual use. some people are just not busy enough

8. i could have not come up with a better idea. a tape roll can turn into a cup holder within 5 seconds of brilliance. awesome idea, make sure you drive smooth so the content won't spill when you accelerate.

7. desk fan, with cardboard wings. i guess someone broke the original fan at the beginning. so a limited life hack for those of you who do own and fan and break it.

6. if you have not paid your gas bill and you were cut off, do not panic, there are ways around it. buy yourself some romantic candles and problem is solved. you can cook and be seductive in the same time.

5. now that I have seen this, i will never panic when my belt buckle gets damaged. and that happens a lot. awesome idea how to use a fork for this.

4. no need for bluetooth people, just a rubber band will solve the challenge not to touch your mobile phone when talking.

3. if you live in cold area of the world and your windshield wipers are damaged, do not panic you can still drive, but you need a broom, or a mope wit a long stick and use it as per the instructions here.

2. who could ever thought that plastic bottles can be used as slippers. very cheap and very effective if you are really poor and cannot afford real ones.

1. when this is how you can heat your fish finger or wedgies without the need of a stove or oven. no short of creativity, i wish i knew this much earlier as it could have saved me from being hungry many times.

question for next time, can you use rubber for attaching your smartphone on your face today?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

20 things women say that man don't get because they are stupid

men are not mind readers. they are simple creatures that believe words coming out women mouths mean exactly that. they are mistaken
here are 20 things women say and man  do not understand, cause they are stupid

20. Do I look fat in this
what she really wants to ask if you believe she is suddenly ugly. do not even thing about saying yes, unless you really hate the bitch and want to be single again.

19. go ahead
do not fall for this. it is not a permission it really means: hey buddy, try it and see what happens sucker...only if you have the guts

18. No
usually really means no. it is a definitely no. don't believe men who say no means a yes. it really means a no. i do not have to repeat means no, fool!

17. Yes
this is the tricky bit because sometimes it means no, and one needs to be really skilled to read minds to actually figure this out. a strange territory here...i can't give you advice, you are on your own.

16. us she says maybe it is still a no. so get over it and go back to your tree house and build something...

15. it would be nice if you could do something
this is not a wish, it is a command. try not to do it and see how much pain you will get yourself into.

14. when a women says, fine, it means you lost the argument already, so you should shut the fuck up and let it go, she is always right.

13. it is OK, in the women mind means, it is not really Ok, she just need some time to figure out how to punish your ass. don't be fool, get ready for a beating.

12. when a women asks you are you listening, it means you are not and there is not way you can get away with it. no recovery here, just realise you are a looser and learn how to pretend to listen next time.

11. when a woman says, it is up to you, you might believe you have free will to choose. but in fact it is a test to see that  you know what she already knows, but let's you fail so she could tell you: I told you so. dangerous zone here folks

10. 5 minutes darling means 40 minutes in make up time, but if you turn on the TV, it becomes what the hell are you doing instead of helping me doing something  useful.

9. when a women says thanks, she means thanks, and you should say you are welcome. when she says thanks a lot, it has the opposite meaning, and you should run cause you just fucked up big time.

8. we can go anywhere you want, really means that the restaurant needs to be 5 stars you cheap ass bastard.

7. what are you doing question. means you are already doing it wrong and you should listen to her how to do it. especially in out

6. do you have to do this right now, means stop your ass right now and get back into the house to help her do the dishes you lazy bastard.

5. you have to learn to communicate means that you gotta start agreeing with her because sooner or later you are in trouble my friend. this is just a warning for what is coming.

4. when a women says, I am not upset, she is upset. flower, chocolate, and begging for forgiveness on your knees with a guitar in your hand might save you... or kill you completely.

3. the a woman says we need, she really means she wants and you obey.

2. I do not want to talk about it, she wants you to get out as she is gathering evidence against your ass and you are already in trouble.

1. when a women says we need to talk, you are already dead. I hope you have a will or a lawyer friend cause you are TOASTED my friend.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

20 WTF wedding photos to make you laugh

20 WTF wedding photos to make you laugh

Weddings are supposed to be about love, and beauty, purity and all that shite. After seeing this you might want to change your mind. Here are 20 WTF wedding photos, memorable, hilarious, brilliant

20. throwing chicken in the air apparently is a thing. especially dead chicken. if you do not want to shock your guest, you can ask someone to photoshop them in. Some people do it with cats for 5 buck. you should check fiver

19. usually women cry of happiness, of because they marry someone they do not love, cause the parents ask them to. not the other way around. poor guy.

18. when i see pictures like this, i think there is no excuse for any women in the world not to find a man. no matter how skinny and gorgeous. and that is not the worst. wait for others today.

17. very creative way to pose for a wedding photo. i have a suspicion this is photoshop, but appreciate the effort.

16. I believe this lady wanted to take a selfie because she could not believe herself she was actually a bride. interesting choice for the wedding dress. well shaped indeed

15. you know my friends, these weddings actually exist, i know, when people throw money like that that on the floor to show abundance. I would probably throw a dollar not a hundred, cause you can get away with it as a guest.

14. this one baffles me. a wedding under a fake Jesus on the cross. not sure I am getting the reference here. Is it because they love god so much? anyway the jesus looks pretty happy with himself. I like that. no signs of pain here

13. got dam, I am having nightmares tonight. a bride, an transvestite, a clown, or what sort of creatures this might be.

12. super gangtsa hummer for the wedding party, probably went off road for a bit. I am not sure why I believe this is Russia. just married with dirt, a very good outcome when they show up later at the reception

11. very romantic, going through garbage on the wedding day is a great idea for a photo shoot. I guess the symbol here is throwing away the past and look into the bright future.

10. this is one of the weddings I would like to go to. fantastic bridal party, you want to marry all of them in the same time for being so cool.

9. wedding shoes with some white birds, they are probably are pigeons that symbolise purity, virginity, and a very bad skill at stuffing animals. creepy as shite.

8. This is an Ukrainian couple decided that after the wedding in the bathroom, they should do a trash the dress photo session in a romantic setting, like a clean river or something. gorgeous, creative, memorable, always wanted to do this at my wedding. you know what is wrong with this picture....i guess not cause you are blind. the bride has black socks and blue shoes. it is called love at crossing and symbolises the cross road in their lives...and perhaps some mental issues

6. now we are talking business, a mountain climbing couple showing their skills to the world.  i guess that might work

5. not many brides would accept to play with dirt on their wedding day, but i guess some of them do. this is one of them, trying to break the cliches.

4. a bride who is definitely happy being alone in a fantastic romantic setting with a minstrel coming straight from a romantic story and sings songs drinking songs by the looks of his face. the plastic background is awesome. i want that

3. perfect moment, with the groom grabbing another ass during the ceremony. what better way to show the future fidelity for the remaining of their 5 minutes together

2. apparently in Thailand there is this thing that couple are taking part in a wipe out competition. not bad, thai people, not bad at all. this could actually be fun

1. all right mate, after some convincing, i got the guy to marry me, and if I can do it, there is no reason why any women in the world can't get a man. just show some affection, and some interest in his hobbies and problem solved. if not, a joint and some vodka will do the trick. I am bride, am I not....

question for next time, how many minutes you need to decide to marry this chick? all males around the world, please be honest.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

20 weirdest and coolest kitchen gadgets

20 weirdest and coolest kitchen gadgets - useless but funny

everyone has a kitchen and some of us can relate to useless kitchen tools. I know i have a few and i am still not sure why i bought them

20. if you can't open a pack of butter and cut it with a knife, this is the right tool for you. i good say, having the same slice of butter avery time is not such a bad idea. thumbs up

19. the nut cracker with a twist. Hillary clinton cracking nuts, very creative, very nice, when hilary is off the public eye, you gotta buy a new nut cracker as it will be out of fashion

18. a cutting board that has almost a fixed position. inventive and nice,  a bit difficult to wash and store in a cupboard. I am pretty sure you would hate this after few uses.

17. i am still trying to figure this out. Do you really need this thin to pull out a gherkin? what about your own fingers?

16. a pretty creative knife holder, to bing a smile if you have a guest or something otherwise it will become boring after a while. hmmmm...what else can i say..okish

15. now this one is starting to baffle me. looks like a drying rack for bacon. Also it looks like this is a microwave? who does this? and why? the whole idea of the bacon is the grease.

14. i am still trying to figure out what this is. Either a holder for cream biscuits so the wind does not take them away, or perhaps there is a specific pressure you need to apply on these biscuits for the perfect biscuit and cream ratio?

13. this is a drainer for the boiled veggies. Can someone explain me, is this like really necessary? can they just use a normal draining bowl?

12. check this one out. This is a golden chicken egg scissor so you can have a boiled egg cut in half. using a knife is to dangerous. you never know, you might cut yourself.

11. in case you do not understand what you see, this is an row egg separator. the egg white comes though the nose, and it retains the lols inside. pretty cool if you do not have the skills do this with your hands.

10. now this one is dam creepy. salt dispenser with fingers. if you do not find this creepy , that means either you have mental problems or me.

9. by the looks of it, we are seeing a bag holder for soup. I am still not sure why, to get the soup out or in? or whatever souce. if you are suing bags like this, probably the tool could be useful

8. a cute tea dispenser with a shark fin. Not only that I love the idea, but if you have this in your house, you gotta buy the special tea.

7. we are seeing self standing soup spoons, obviously for soup. what did you expect. the problem i see here is once you take them out of the soup, they will drip all over the table. so why self standing though?

6. this is a meat tenderiser that is definitely a weapon for punching someone. i am not sur gif you can have good explanation when police catches you having this in your pocket.

5. salt and pepper with a twist. they are coming out from but holes of porcelain animals. the inventor thinks he is funny.

4. sooo, the hole idea to eat greasy chicken is to use your fingers and lick them after. these plastic finger protectors are like the brush to wipe your but, purely unnecessary, unless you are to delicate to touch your own food. I am pretty sure you still need to wash your hands

3. if you need a banana peeler as a tool to actually peel a banana, you are probably not fit to survive in this world.

2. meet the finger fork, so you can change the way you see and touch food. i would definitely give it a try. you should wear one of these on ever finger so you can eat faster.

1. i believe this is a wine bottle cap, and i am trying to figure what does this look like and i believe i found the answer even you might disagree. a happy wine humping figurine.

question for next time, tell me from 1 to 10 how funny do you believe this video was. I would give myself a 2.