Friday, 29 April 2016

20 worst misspelled tattoos

20 worst misspelled tattoos

Tattoos take a long time to do. missing the obvious spelling is something outside the world, but here they are, the worst misspelled tattoos ever. beats me

20. the female boss, spelled fea male can be a toatoo probably for a female. This one probably missed a couple of days at school, and the husband as well. She must be a bossy idiot in her life.

19. I am a marshian, and probably you are martian, not to see the guy putting the ink struggles for letters. do you guys check that the so called artist are putting on your skin.

18. life is a choise not a choice. but for you life is a choise which i think it does sound like a cake of something. nice underwear idiot.

17. the rule book on your skin, just to make sure you do not forget. I guess this is a priority list set in stone for this guy. God comes first, famileey comes second, and money comes third. I would say after god, some education would not hurt

16. forever grateful. i guess this guys owes something to someone, as by the wings, it looks like a badass having a revelation and wants to return a debt to the world. I would say to calm down, as he might do something stupid

15. it's get better...i get it, a optimistic message from this fellow. yes, it does get better as we have other idiots following today

14. believe in strength, is what I do every day. the strength to look away when someone is putting ink who never went to school. are these guys for real?

13. neck tattoo, for this i love i will sacra face. well the star is supposed to be an I, so not sure about this one, maybe this is a metaphor we don to really get.

12. thanks mother for life. he does not really look american, but russian or something. I think he means, thanks mother for the money for a tattoo in the village where nobody speaks english. really smooth mate.

11. this must ab a woman. go whereeever the wind takes you. and a feather looking like a dick. i guess that can be taken the absolute wrong way. sorry, but my mind is not clean

10. to live does not mean you are alive, totally agree, and it does not guarantee that you are not an idiot. I hope some of you will not fell offended i call this guy and idiot?

9. my mom is my angle, of course she is. she can show you life from her own angle, which will become your angle, since you trust everything she says. not bad

8. too cool, for school and a little school bus. You know what? you are way to cool to go to school. no argument here. and you can stay cool for the rest, since us we are laughing at you.

7. East cost meant to be coast. he realised the mistake and he draw a little map after, to ensure the message. isn't that really cute, like someone explaining the movie.  under east he should have put an arrow as well.

6. do not let the past make your decisions for today. totally cool, and today you need to take decisions to go back in the past and go to another tattoo shop.

5. Guardina angel is also gaurdeean. that means the angle could come form a place called gaurdia or something. perhaps from somewhere in France? i don;t know really where this place is.

4. regret noheeng. I am not sure what this Nohing is, but her surely regrets it. nothing could be a name perhaps.

3. this guy has no regaarts, and he probably know the guy who regrets noheeng. they are like brothers or friends

2. here is another one obsessed with regaarst, nohheeengs, or regeets. I guess he means he does not like these regets. could they be some yucky cereals or something

1. very difficult to have a number one, they are all as bad as each other, so crazy beautiful. so, they guy missed the R. what is the problem. any mistake can be corrected, even a tattoo. probably a female, who thinks she is gorgeous. maybe she is. i would love to see her face.

question for next time, do you want to se more videos about tattoos from doctor dynamite?

Friday, 22 April 2016

20 most brilliant ways to cheat at your test

20 most brilliant ways to cheat at your test

I thought i was one of the best test cheaters ever, that is why I got straight A's all my life. but after this, i realised not that I am old, but merely uninteresting and worn off

here are 20 brilliant ways to cheat on a test. these guys should get A's for the creativity. It takes more time to cheat than actually study, at Least i can tell you that.

20. the fake hand, pretty simple concept. you need a long sleeve jacket and a smart phone, and you will have access to all your notes under the table. classic

19. this is the eraser technique. you squeeze notes in the half of your rubber eraser. pretty difficult, takes a lot of hand skills, not for everyone

18. these days, this method becomes easier and popular, we are getting smart watches with instant access to your database. too easy, i can't see the supervisor taking your watch off your artist in an exam. guaranteed success

17. sometimes the most easiest way to cheat is the most obvious. been there, done that, it works but you need to scan the location of the supervisor all the time

16. an awesome way to cheat, is to have the periodic table on your shoes. very limited opportunities though and other than chemistry class, pretty useless at history.

15. limited opportunities you need this guy's hair, it won't work if you're blond, or bold. also If i would be a supervisor, this guy would not get any with it.

14. an awesomely creative way, you need to print your own coca cola label with some formulas, and you will get away with it. just need a lot of red ink and a good printer.

13. hand patch, pretty lame, pretty obvious, however this has it's potential. also a bit limited as there is so much you can squeeze in under it.

12. a pretty good way to bring your library of subjects and topics is in your juice box. you can put inside even some condoms for later. Pretty much a good way to hide any object that size.

11. i guess this one takes some skill and can be used for one exam only. limited opportunities, but appreciate the effort

10. now this is a good one. not sure if you know, but looking through red lens, the red writing disappears...not sure how this can be cheating, and who you can fool with this but hey, pretty creative, right?

9. one of my favourited, taking notes in class is no longer a challenge. you can do the macbook chat in the same time.

8. another technique that requires to print your own label is the vitamin water. i think it i.e. better that coke as give you more space to cheat.

7. i cannot get this one. if you text your friend the subject, he can write it on a pole across the street. and possible texting you back the picture. why using a pole though, can they just use paper?

6. one of my favourites, too bad i can't do it. Not really applicable to male cheaters but big breasted girls. be aware the supervisor is looking at your boobs anyway, so i am not sure this is a really good idea. perhaps for female supervisors situations only.

5. rather spending time and skills to do your nails like that, perhaps actually studying, might help. it must have taken her like hours to do this, but pretty interesting though. difficult to conceal is caught during the act though.

4. now another way to use your watch if not smart. if you are skilled enough to do this, you probably can actually study, but hey, maybe you do not like math. so, pretty valid in my books.

3. another one of my favourites, hiding a smart phone in a calculator. this stuff is of legend. i wish i has smart phones in my time.

2. this is some really spy stuff. if you are good enough to poses one of these super high tech, glasses with camera, gps, internet and whatnot, probably you do need to take a test.

1. number one for today, is my favourite, probably more for girls that boys, the cheating ring. you can make notes in the little book and you are in the zone. you can copy entire courses and you can carry your library with you even after the test. brilliant

thanks for watching, the obvious questions for next, time, have you ever used one of these cheating techniques and which one. I know i did a few.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

20 shocking celebrities photos without make up

When I wake up without my make up, the mirror cracks when i look at it. so do other celebrities. you got to understand we are all human

here are 20 shocking celebrities photos without make up

20. Mila Kunis, really cute, in the movies, but if you meet the character on the left in the supermarket buying milk, probably it will not get you any reactions

19. Goldie Hawn is old, probably some of you have no idea who she is. the pic on the left definitely not telling us she was a star when my grandma was a virgin

18. the rising star Adele, waving hands on the left, pretty aware the make up is not on, so an attempt to mask herself. am I too mean? well, celebrities are exposed to people like me. envious, old an ugly

17. Nicole Richie is a mystery to me. I am still not sure how and why i keep hearing about her. can you tell me what does she does again...cause I have no idea.

16. Penelope Cruz is a natural beauty, with or without make up, she just slipped in this countdown. nothing wrong with the left picture...

15. I loved fergie, and I still love her. a perfect women with an imperfect face, and that is what makes her perfect...i guess

14. Katherine Hegl with and without make up. quite a difference. I could not tell from the left picture that it is actually her.

13. Kate Moss, and ex super top model, natural beaty, but the left one shows super top models are just like the rest of us, subject to pimples and face infections

12. Jessica Simpson, on the right, someone else on the right...still blonde, but not the same.

11. Jennifer Lopez smiling like star on the right, and smiling like a maid on the left, looks like she just finished laundry and have not seen a phone with a camera before.

10. Jennifer Lawrence with eyes on the right, and no eyes on the left. not bad, we are just being mean on purpose. loved her as the blue lizard in x-men.

9. you cannot tell me this is sofia vergara on the left. regardless, this juicy lady still haunts my wet dreams with or without make up.

8. I knew cameron diaz cannot be that great after she wakes up. she probably has more pictures without make up than with face paint on. nevertheless she is not bad at all.

7. kelly carlskon is a country girl. nice lady, sings well, i would not have never guessed the left is the same person with the right, right?

6. Kirsten Dunst...looks just like on f my ex girlfriends without her make up. not much to comment here folks

5. Grandmadonna on the right, probably the reality on the left. isn't she like 100 years old...she still moves. i reckon retirement is boring. and the face lifts are coming off.

4. Britney spears has pimples...remember this and I am going to say again. Britney spears has pimples. what is your problem. she is old news. too bad for her.

3. Miley Cyrus folks, looks with or without make up like a spoiled hobo master, a jackass kid od drugs with a broken skateboard. She lost me after the video licking the hammer. sorry Miley you are not my audience...

2. Kim kardashian is not kim without the make up. There is no chance the left person is the same with the right. that is what an ignorant idiot like me believes anyway. maybe you can disagree and there are some of you loving her much.

1. Scary character on the left, the same scaring character on the right. with our without make up , she scares the shite out of me. plastic, fake, doll, but we love the boobies, don't we all?

question for next time. is the left character really kim? let me know your thoughts cause i cannot sleep tonight without knowing the truth.

Monday, 18 April 2016

20 fashion fails that will make you laugh

20 fashion fails that will make you laugh

the world of fashion is big, but some times comes with some weird shite, that should make laugh, for the lack of fashion sense. here are 20 fails that should remind us that we are all different

20. starting today countdown soft with a dress that can be used for air gliding. if you jump from a plane, this dress can be useful to stir direction.

19. Looking at this makes me want to play with the dress. perfect for anyone, regardless if skinny of fat. just put a lot of fabric balls on you and you can dangle all day long though the shopping mall, guaranteed to get attention.

18. i talked in a different video about animal t-shirts. if they can actually make them talk, that would be really awesome. until than, this is just scary.

17. if you carry your boobies on the back, this dress is just for you. just like one of those deep sea creatures that you cannot tell the difference between the head and the but

16. this guys seems to be bad ass, a perfect outfit for a corporate interview. imagine that coming to talk to you. would you run away? i would definitely not.

15. g-string version of a t-shirt, especially fit for this oversize lady. i am dying to see this chick from the front. perhaps get the trust in humanity back? maybe not

14. this lady on the stage, i am afraid she might be an actual fashion creator. such an ugly outfit, if she would step into a room, the paint will peel itself off in horror

13. i cannot find this outfit in store, i would buy it instantly, i am pretty sure i would be an instant chick magnet wearing it, and women will love me forever

12. when you think you want to save money and show people you are creative, just wear your watermelon after your healthy lunch. if you do not have watermelon, perhaps you can try a pumpkin. is she holding kale or broccoli in her hand?

11. just in case you do not understand this picture, it is an umbrella upside down as a dress. if you walk like that in the rain, you can actually capture some fresh water from the sky.

10. if you cannot see the awesomeness here, you have issue. this guy spend a bit of time with lit candles on his head. you have to give a bit or appreciation god dam it

9. very cute indeed, my question is how does she walk. would there be a second person with the head stuck up her ass? otherwise i cannot explain. other than that, pretty awesome fashion choice for people half human half horse

8. miley cyrus people...always ready to shock. the vertical tapes can be actually thinner you you really challenge the fashion world. not bad for a diva.

7. a dress that is a urinal. so if your girlfriend wears this, there is not need to worry you can't find a toilet when you are on the street, so you can drink as much as you want.

6. i think these shoes are actually cure. you just need to maintain clean feet.

5. kim kardashian wearing a dress that show a hint of her ass crack. i think this is actually awesome, as it really distract your attention of the size of her but and focuses you attention in the middle

4. another animal t-shirt, if you have a big belly, this might actually work better to show the 3 dimensional optical illusion of the cat face.

3. I have troubles understanding this male outfit. he looks really sad, but he should not. he is still getting paid to wear this fashion horror.

2. if you stand in line at mcdonalds and this guy shows, up, you can either slap his ass, or shake his hand having the guts to show up like that. you got give him that. the tattoo is in a nice touch.

1. number one for today, you might disagree, this lady carrying her shapes in a very distinctive style. instant hit everywhere she goes, snap snap, I can see all smartphones snapping continuously. fit for purpose, in attracting attention.

thanks for watching, question for next time, do you think kim kardashian is aware of her but crack visibility level?

Friday, 15 April 2016

20 weirdest jobs ever you would not believe exist

if you are going to school to get a job, you better thing again. there are some weird jobs to there that might suit you without too much effort. or not

20. breath odour evaluator.
if you can resist sniffing someone else stinking breath until your hair nose falls by itself you can work for mint or toothpaste companies. good luck

19. fart smell reduction analyst
if you a passionate about farts, go work for underwear companies. they have departments dedicated to analyse how many farts go through their products until they stink. awesome job

18. duck master
you can walk the children, the dogs, but somewhere in the world you can walk ducks as well and getting paid for it. quack quack all day long. not bad.

17. paint dryer watcher
one of my favourites, together with the grass grow watcher or art gallery security guard. If you can watching something not moving for hours, this is your dream job. paint companies will hire you

16. gum buster
there are people out there paid to clean all the chewed gums from bars, cheaters or anywhere where people spit their gum balls. must be a great felling trying to take gums under the seat in cinemas...yuck

15. iceberg mover
this on is probably not for everyone. More for people from like Iceland or something, that are paid to push ice through the water for safety reasons. well...

14. professional sleeper
always my dream job to make money sleeping. bed companies have that and I want to send their my resume, because I think I qualify. i sells like every day. that is passion. i need to move to finland

13.  elephant dresser
probably somewhere Sri Lanka, there are people qualified to make the elephant pretty for the visitors. hm...i guess that can make sense sometimes

12. ear cleaner
Apparently in India, you can get a full service to have your ears cleaned of wax. If you are nice, maybe your hair nose will go as well.

11. professional mourner
I kid you not, i saw these guys myself. they are paid to cry. it is not nice. It annoyed the shite out of me. it happens

10. people pushers in japan
the image speaks for itself. train companies need to do that in Japan, otherwise the train cannot take off. I imagine what intimate can be in a Japanese train in that crowd, when you are stuck with your hands on someone else but.

9. electrical shock givers in mexico
apparently in Mexico, there are people that carry batteries to give electric shock to drunken people. that does not make any sense. i would slap the crap out of them. the idea getting drunk is to stay drunk.

8. pet food tester
if you steal your cat or dog food sometimes for yourself, this is probably for you. you can eat that and get paid without feeling the guilt towards your pet.

7. water slide tester
a dream job for many, you can go on water rides as a profession. would that not be fantastic

6. face feeler
there are people paid to feel your face with their hands after you apply your make up. they are paid by skincare companies. another not so bad job if you ask me. i wish there are also but feelers companies out there

5. wrinkle chasers
somewhere in Turkey you can iron your shoes to make them look new and get rid of the wrinkles.

4. personal shopper
if you have no idea what to buy for yourself, there are people coming with you to match your shirt with your pants, if you have no idea

3. professional snuggler
that is an interesting one. there are people to hug, you, cuddle and snuggle you, if you feel down, or cold. do not get any idea, there are no nipples touching involved here. all clothes on by contract. not bad either

2. embalmer
imagine someone putting make up on dead people every day. probably after a while you get used to it and can even enjoy a sandwich while doing it

1. sewer inspector is one of the best bad jobs out there. imagine that your daily job is to inspect and clean sewer pipes. all that shite does not want to go must be forced. I cannot imagine what kind of people are willing to do that.

the obvious question for next time, which one of these suits you. leave your comments below

Sunday, 10 April 2016

20 wtf construction pictures - part 2

20 wtf construction pictures - part 2

since the world is full of idiots, we cannot finish them in one video . here is the part 2 of 20 wtf pictures in construction, the world is coming to an end

20. wall tiling is another skills mastered by real artists. if you are not one of them, a bit of tape will really solve the problem

19. really difficult to understand what is going on here. the connection to the wall interferes with the release buttons. it took me a while to realise i have never seen such a skill

18. just in case you do not understand what you are seeing...a electrical fuse board behind a shower. always a good idea to mix electricity with with water. nothing wrong with that

17.ohhh...such a nice masterpiece..i guess the run pipe contractor felt really creative or was on hard hallucinating drugs. oe perhaps the owner asked for it. a typical grand design material

16. for those of you who don't understand...this loos like a high pressure valve or connection. taping it with yellow tape is probably a good idea after the superglue

15. another piece of german says, not an exit, please do not park. does not make any sense, as probably only really skinny people can get through...i mean really skinny, like a bamboo skinny

14. toilet and pissing bowl next to each other. someone wants to have the options I guess.

13. such wander to skill and craft, really difficult to comprehend. i have one word. it is beautiful. i always wanted to have something like this to see every day.

12. another electrical masterpiece probably by a skilled electrician. it works, what the hell is your problem.

11. bricks, ups, brick down, on the side, facing me, facing you,... i guess we can write a song about this. bricklayers of the world unite in celebration for your enjoyment

10. welding mask at its best. we have seen actually better, a cardboard box. but why bother when you can simply put a newspaper on your face. newspaper do not burn as easy as you might think

9. always good to have water constantly falling on your skylight window. it will hold forever you know.

8. why open doors normally when you can open them like that. i guess if you want to get in the house,e you just need to levitate horizontally. who does not do that is an idiot.

7. a great way to open the door to the toilet. very private but genius. i am wondering if you get in,  do you really to have to climb to close the door.

6. this is how you work safe at heights. 2 guys on a ladder are heavier than one guy. not problem with that. as long as both stand, the guy is safe to work.

5. a beautiful balcony that you can never be on. but hey, it is part of the design, so why complaining. i guess it takes some skill to enjoy to new from over there

4. another safe way to hand the air conditioner. as long as there is a third guy holding your pocket, just in case the first guy is tired to hold your legs around his neck.

3. the house of ghosts with fake doors that do not open anywhere. if I would be a ghost, i would still be confused of WTF IS GOING ON

2. dear friends, this is how you prune your tree. crane with a loan mower is one of the best practical idea we have seen today.

1. very safe and very likely to not see some blood. i wonder who is at fault here, the guy with the saw or the guy pretending to be a working table.

question for the next, who would you rather be, the guy with the saw, they guy pretending to be the table, or the guy holding the  camera and take this brilliant picture

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

20 WTF t-shirts that nobody talks about

20 WTF t-shirts that nobody talks about

not many people countdown t-shirts. there is always i first and that is me.
here are 20 TF t-shirts that you should wear in your lifetime

20. starting countdown soft with 2 scrambled eggs to mask your nipples. one of the lamest today. not really cool. but give it time to the number one

19. if you want people you are tough, you can wear your boxing gloves on your shirt. very distracting
  and suitable for fat people

18. this one is brilliant as i took her as a hotie, she could even get a date wearing this. she fooled me right? if you notice this is like the march of the wales

17. if you have a hot conversation and you cannot reach an agreement, bang, pull your shirt on your face and become instant hit. awesome second face.

16. really cool t-shirt on a real cool guy. again, a very good t-shirt for a fat guy showing a squeeze. i think i am going to get one of these as i am fat, and ugly and old and virgin like some of you already figured that out.

15. awesome t-shirt to wear . make sure it matches your own skin, otherwise it would be a little racist , wouldn't it? i don't know really, i have not thought this through

14. a good example how come you can attract attention, some nice pecs. specifically for males. but we get some female examples later, stay close

13. now that is something i would like to see in real life. not only she is hot, she is breathing hotness, and the t-shirt is hotter. hot hot hot, i need to take a cold shower

12. pretty good joke on pregnant ladies, they can wear t-shirts as well. i would have change the graphic to a bit more realistic picture, not just a cartoon. would you agree with me?

11. not sure why thi sone is in the countdown, a good idea, creative, but not really thought through, a guy painting a wall. how funny is that? really , not really. just saying

10. now the is one to wear is if have a black background. really cool in my opinion, really questions your sanity. well done t-short maker!

9. you gotta have boobies to wear this one, otherwise it would not make much sense. really washes my eyes looking a tit. it says now lobs over new boobs. how is that making any sense?

8. this one is just a random t-shirt with a message, very suitable for this gorgeous lady. just an attention breaker so you do not fall asleep during the video. she is just nice to look at

7. t-shirtf for really lonely guys, too bad the hug is printed on the back so this guy needs like 2 mirrors to see it. from behind, we can see he is loved by imaginary friends

6. actually a cool optical illusion, wear this for a while and you will see people staring at it, and some of them falling not the ground dizzy. you might put someone into hospital

5. fed ex t-shirt carrying some fedex packaging. i would find this really annoying actually. If you buy this and were it, you are zero fun and begging for attention. don't. it is lame

4. total recall 3 breasted girl with pixelated nipples, probably a good choice for a night out with the boys who will be trying to touch you if drunk enough. i would not recommend it though.

3. i was not really sure of this t-shirt is a graphic or real. has to be a graphic cause otherwise the frog would not have the eyes if your pecs are saggy.

2. best t-shirt ever for a girl. if you pay attention really, the boobies are in fact hairy. a quality i really like about my girlfriend. we both have hairy chest and we get a lot of attention on the beach.

1. this is like the best t-short ever, the animal one. imagine the t-shirt can talk. boo - did i scare you? i am so awesome i can make t-short talk.

thanks for watching, question for next time, would you date a hairy chested girl, leave your comments below

Friday, 1 April 2016

20 construction WTF pictures - the world is full of idiots

20 construction WTF pictures - the world is full of idiots

not sure how the human race managed to build cities with these idiots among us. here are 20 wtf construction pictures to show that construction is not easy.

20. masterpiece of planning, opening the window is not really necessary. but hey, air can get in, so what is your problem.

19. european powerpoint above a door. probably for a kettle or a hard dryer. you need to definitely lock the door before using it.

18. someone did a boo boo. ladder up, install antenna, ladder down, i guess not. ladder stays in place.

17. wall tiling is for people with skills. i could probably do a better jobs than this guy even without hands.

16. just in case you do not know german, this says, trust me I am an electrician. i would say this shower is good replacement for the electrical chair. prisoner wants to take a shower than zap - he is gone.

15. smart individual with both his legs deep in the water. if you notice he wears rubber boots, so no problem here...i am just saying.

14. such a wonderfull creation, completely safe. this is how it's done people. stick some wooden sticks and no need for fancy plugs.

13. portaloose with wifi. so if you really are addicted to wifi, this is good for you. you can browse Facebook while taking a dumb in this plastic box.

12. face protection for roof welders at its best. i think this should be a standard. the only thing that bothers me it is the colour. they should be blue.

11. masterpiece of construction skills. i do not have many comments here, those water pipes are part of the interior decor. this tells me the problems are downstairs

10. I thought germans are brilliant. bitter klingon means please ring the bell. hold on, the bell is somewhat difficult to press because a smart guy put a balustrade.

9. safety boots wrapped in tape. i have seen this before. the only thing that cracks me up is the actual guy's butt crack.

8. when talent meets craft, you can end up with an artistic modern sculpture in your bathroom, that actually has a purpose. to allow water to flow to the sink. beautiful and functional.

7. another masterpiece of planning, when the fire place did not quite matched the roof. well. no biggie, the smoke does not mind.

6. this is how you should deliver your fridge. ask the wife to hold it. if you want to get rid of her, just get some speed and make a sudden turn. that would be funny.

5. another genius at work. throw flames to those gas bottles. you might get some fireworks. this is a serious myth buster

4. why do you need to open the dish washer when you have the option not to open it. smart people think alike

3. not sure what I am seeing here, i guess this guy secured his sand load with some stripes. because sands sticks together.

2. masterpiece of design, front door with a small basement window. really difficult to climb especially if you are drunk.

1. my absolute favourite, good buy secret peeing in the shower, now you have got the approval and the chance to do it legit. this is like the best thing ever. I want one.

question for next time, have you ever secretly peed in the shower. leave your comments below