Friday, 30 October 2015

20 of the most dangerous photos ever taken

20 of the most dangerous photos ever taken

Danger and adrenaline are an addictive combination for some
today we are going to take a look at 20 of the most dangerous photos ever taken.

20. this is how you mount air-conditioning somewhere in Russia I believe. make sure you have got a back up next window as the this guy will really catch you if your acrobatic skills will fail.

19. go pro is fit for the adrenaline junkies. i have got a go pro camera myself, and the most dangerous thing I have done with it is film myself in the shower. The dangerous bit was the water was cold.

18. there is a trend in Russia to climb tall structures. we will see some more later. i barely climb a ladder the change my light bulb on the ceiling, but this guy is definitely adrenaline junkie

17. how the hell do you set your parachute on fire. that beats all my imagination. you must deep it in patrol or some sort of fuel before jumping.

16. if you are looking for trouble, make sure you try to most stupid stunts you can think of. I believe he should have tried with even a more narrow parapet as this is not impressive enough

15. i don't get the hole bull running thing anyway, but taking a selfie while doing it, is just interesting, for everyone. check the guys on the top left corner. he misplaced up with down

14. when selfies in your own bathroom are not enough, you should try a volcano, perhaps this is how you can impress your girlfriend. make sure the costume is made of metal though.

13. if there are bulls in the street, make sure you turn your back and take a selfies. otherwise how can you prove you have got guts

12. well...i don;t think this will end up well but the looks of it right now. since seems to be a light plane, the pilot might get away alive. hopefully.

11. you gotta thing about theses surfer dudes being courageous, i know it is lay water, but 10 meters of it seems to be enough to keep you sunk for a while

10. crazy russion hacker, i beg your pardon, crazy russian climber. not safety rope, no harness, what the hell, he is cool, what is your problem

9. if you are asking what is going on, stop asking, i am talking. people upsetting a leopard. life is good.

8. another crazy dude with skills. if you feet are not stable, why not try standing on your hands upside down.

7. and this is how you commute in India somewhere. I am wondering if the guys on top have a ticket and someone is walking around validating them. or imagine going under some wires or in a tunnel or something

6. by the looks of it, this will not end up too well. the bride seems to be in the position as one guy is carrying his rolled carpet on the other side like nothing in wrong.

5. you you are really annoying, the bulls will chase you. and if you are really rally annoying, they will jump in water after you to make sure you are not getting away

4. another dude during a selfie more important than his life. life is good, these people have to exist so we can be entertained

3. another dude with a selfie stick in one hand and a phone in the other. so 2 cameras in 2 hands so you can capture your fall in more than one angle.

2. i hope you know this guy. I have seen it and  a lot of people are of the opinion that the train conductor actually saved his life rather than kicking him in the face on purpose.

1. if you do not like sleeping in your bed, why not try in the air, between mountains having like drying laundry. hey, this is awesome and you should try it someday between your house and the neighbour.

Question, do you know remember this guy and was the train conductor trying to save him or not. leave your comments below