Tuesday, 4 April 2017

proof that Jesus is your grandpa

Hi ether folks

in todays video i wanted to demonstrate that Jesus is my grandpa though a very simple math exercise.

first of all why?

well one thing i hate in the world is to be taken as a fool. i watched the move the "da vinci code" with Tom hanks, who's is a smart history teacher and he solves some historical mysteries asn stuff, though complicated investigations. complicated plot, boring movie, fell asleep 4 times, went to bathroom twice, but i digress.

there was a french cute chick in the movie as all i can remember, the movie demonstrated that she was a direct descendant of Jesus.
that stuck to my head for a while,  i thought about it, and thought about it, and i came with the brilliant idea to do some basic math to see if that is freaking possible.

so, i have 2 parents, each parents has his own 2 parents, so i have 4 grandparents, and 8 grand grand parents, 16 grand grand grand parents, and 32 grand, grand grand grand parents - four times.
Assuming that people have kids on average in their thirties, i would say each 100 years we are talking about 3 generations

so, just stating the obvious for each 100 year, i have 2x2x2 ancestors
for 200 years I would have 2x2x2x2x2x2 (6 times) = 64 grand parents
we move on, for 500 years I would have 2x2x2.... 15 times which is 64x64x= 32,768
guess what,
for 1000 years I have 32,768x32,768 = 1,073,741,824

Jesus was 2000 years ago, so I would have a pretty impressive sum of few thousands of billion, even my calculator cannot tell me how many.

now assuming that in the time of jesus there were probably 100 million people on the planet (you can check with historians if this is an estimate, the amount of my ancestors exceeds the entire population on the planet several times. and that is making me pretty confident to say that in the time of jesus there is 99.9 probability that everyone alive was my grandpa.

is there anything wrong with this rationale...you will say hey idiot,  it does not work that way. in my father's village, they did not go out, they multiplied within themselves, and they survived isolated for thousands of years marrying in closed groups.

well i can say, it takes only one individual to step outside the village and have sex outside the village, my rational is back in business, because going back long enough, it is a guaranteed that we are related to each other

if you are watching this, you are my brother or my sister, so shut the f up, and tell me where I left my socks last night,

my logic is sound. tell me if there is anything wrong with it, as I sincerely believe Jesus is my grandpa , or at least someone from his family if he did not have any children...i am just saying you know, i don;t want the church to send some spies to kill me to change the world order with this video