Saturday, 17 October 2015

20 weirdest animal hybrids ever, strange funny and sick

20 weirdest animal hybrids ever, strange funny and sick

today we are looking at 20 weirdest animal hybrids ever. this is the result of photoshop nerds with too much time on their hands, people, don't panic as yet, you won't be seeing these to soon in nature

20. the horsannary , a cross between a horse and a canary resting peacefully on e light branch. i am wondering if this could actually fly

19. catchook, half cat half chook just hatched. is this supposed to  be double cute? i don't think so. pretty lame like most of the hybrids today

18. the dog-all something bettered a dog or perhaps some sort of rodent and a seagull. you don't want to meet his guy, and certainly you want to hand over those chips

17. the eagle dog, pretty upset that can't fly. what can i say...a bit sick.

16. this some sort of cross between a bird, a small australian marsupial and a long tale something. if you are easy impressionable, someone could actually convence you this exists.

15. this is a lame combination and execution. kangalyon. unless and not even enough the get a smile out of me.

14. another 2 legged mouse with a tail. cute

13. rooster dog, fairly impressive and scary in the same time. a beautiful colour artistic creation.

12. this is a bit sick in my book. a lama, with a rabbit head, i am not sure if the legs are right either.

11. cats wandering where are the legs of this lizard. i will tell you where, they have been deleted and are comfortably resting in the trash bin on the desktop.

10. now that is just bad. why enhance the monkey backside like that? is this some sort of overweight monkey from a full sugar diet.

9. guess what people...this is real and unmodified. this creature looks like that. good was drunk when created this just as a joke for us.

8. cross between dog and snake. scary and exciting in the same time. i wish to have such an animal to protect me from all these internet haters

7. pug and small bird. i sense a trend here. i think this ic cute and deserves like 10 seconds of admiration in my life

6. sharkopotamus, a cross between a shark and a hippopotamus. i think they got something wrong, not sure what but does not look right

5. the miniature elephant with fur. i can't make sense of the other animal but i can see the elephant here. the eyes are of a monkey.

4. the oranguffalo lives int eh country side and eats grass and fruits. an image of peace and friendliness

3. now this guy went over the top with creativity. zebra, bison of buffalo. cat tale and wings. i would have done the wings bigger to give this poor creation a chance to have a fictional flight

2. the horse, a cross between a horse and a shark. to me this looks like a boat and definitely easier to ride. pretty cool

1. numer one for today is a penguin, with a dog head and a lion mouth. this guy is pretty well done and i will give it the creativity prize for today. imagine a pack of 1000 of these creatures walking on the street smoking a cigarette.

question, are these creations lame or interesting. did you like them or did you think it was the result of a bunch of nerds with no girlfriends playing with photoshop?