Sunday, 4 October 2015

10 failed cheaters - bad husbands or boyfriends - funny and pathetic

10 failed cheaters - bad husbands or boyfriends - funny and pathetic

today we are going to look at 10 examples of failed cheaters, you do not want to be there. embarrassing, pathetic hilarious

10. poor fellow forced by wife to make a public statement on the internet. I cheated on my wife he admits. the following comment is supposed to easy the situation. and she was ugly. who, the wife or the mistress? anyway joke on you as that says a lot of things.

9. public sign, Cheating husband. While his devoted wife was taking care of his sick mother, Linnie was having affairs with 2 women in the same time. (Luann and Vivian)
so wife taking care of mother and the guy is chasing 2 women. that my friends is a real man....he should have convinced all 3 women to look after his mother and he should have go get some more.
i think that was the motive.

8. a happy girls having fun at the games waving a billboard to the cheating boyfriend at home.
my cheating ex-boyfriend is watching from the couch instead. he should have been here having fun with me, but the cheater does not deserve it any more.

7. texting can be dangerous people...check this out
- hi babe, what are you doing?
nothing much, 'em really tired. just going to sleep. And you?
I the club standing behind you.

awesome. I love it

6. this young guy is posing a public question to a newspaper. my fiancee is pregnant and I 've been sleeping with her sister. She is also pregnant. I am not ready for kids. Should I with them both.
well done navyboy, you are a real man. outstanding.
i think the picture is not him

5. autocorrect texting can ruin your life...or not
love you josh, go to hell bitch, John, I meant John, autocorrect sucks, oh, Ok sweetie, love you

and the stupid idiot believing she is texting to her friend cassie, OMG, I just texted john saying I love josh, I told hime it was autocorrect, he bought it ha ha ha :D

as I was saying, go to hell bitch.

4. you probably have seen this one
hi steven, Do I have your attention now?
I know all about her, sneaky immoral, unfaithful, poorly endowed swimmable. everything is on tape.
future ex-wife Emily.
here come the best bit
I paid for this billboard form our joint bank account.

3. Husband left us for a 22 year old
House for sale
by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single OWNER. she is just slightly bitter, not like really bitter. just slightly. not sure what I am saying here

2.  another poor bastards punished for his dirty deeds forced to accept public embarrassment.
the good news is that if he ended up like this, there is a chance his wife will forgive him and accept him back after a bunch of bitter laughs with her entourage.

1. check out this expensive billboard conversation
number one message
Michael, GPS tracker, $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens $1600, catching my lying husband, and buying this billboard with our investment account.
tell Jessica we are moving in.
signe dJennifer

and here come the second message to Jessica
meet me at yodaddy's at 7 pm for some wine therapy

I don;t understand who is Jessica, the mistress or a friend of Jennifer. why moving in, and why Jennifer invites her to party. this does not make sense

but the best part is the husband reply
I should have bought you flowers.

isn;'t that nice?

that is it for today, question for next time, who the hell is Jessica, the girlfriend or the mistress?
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