Saturday, 7 November 2015

20 funniest fails try not to laugh

20 funniest fails try not to laugh

our world is full of idiots, but we got to love them for trying. today we look at 20 fails try not to laugh, people, I know i did

20. the concept of a 6 pack is to have 6, not 8, or not 10. you got to apreciate the photo shop skills, as they look real for the people who don't know how many muscles are supposed to be on the bell. I am sure they are many.

19. eyebrows are sometimes an issue and few individual cannot grasp the concept of natural. not only shape is good, and I think this one is a big fail in my book.

18. the picture is serious enough to make me believe this  guys did it to look better on the net. amazing how the furniture is following the curves on her silhouette. he has also a bend mirror as well in front of his missing belly probably.

17. now a lot of people hate me for making fun of good tattoos. If anyone finds this a good tattoo, i think i will lose my trust in humanity.

16. nice good looking girl on a beach with a funny hand on her shoulder. an alien, mystery disappearance, or perhaps a ghost, enough to make few people pray in desperation we are not alone.

15. no matter what you say, this is a parenting fails so big, i can't imagine. or perhaps her mother is a stripper teaching the daughter about realities of life from an early age.

14. i am looking at this and I cannot find the photo shop proof. is this guy for real? i know there are disturbed people living in denial, but how would the event organisers allow for this guy to compete?
i got it, they want to make fun

13. the pretty girls wants a smaller waste. what is you problem? don;'t be so judgemental. punk.
i want a small waste too.

12. i think this is not a fail and does not belong here. I reckon is actually genius. drawing your six pack with a bullpen never occurred to me, but hey you learn something every day. brilliant

11. again, not a fail here folks. Simpson family in reality, this is how it should look like.

10. using lipstick is a skill that not everyone can master. it requires training, education and a very good eye for details. the sad part is that I have seen people like that in real world

9. i could not thin of a worse outfit for a family portrait. sick imagination combined with crafts. and the little girls is playing with her father's suit. awesome

8. sometime i want to scratch my eyes and scope them out. I am still trying to figure out if what I am seeing is real of photoshop

7. this is princess fiona in real life. she is out advertising herself on a dating site, as Shrek has left her for a better model. How can you not love such a cute face. i want to pour acid in my eyes

6. another failed tattoo, that if you are telling me I am wrong, I am going to burst in tears. I was told I am an ignorant idiot, start educating myself about tattoos, and stuff and stop picking on body arts.

5. this looks too good to be real. she could have dropped the bottle of perfume in the changing rooms as far as I am concerned. She looks so cool, I am starting to suspect this is a photo shop nerd at his best.

4. I am not sure how you call this a self wedgie or something. happiness and Borat fashion style can happen in the same time, you know.

3. spelling mistakes are on purpose here, this guy looks he is not from an english speaking country after judging the background. we have google translate, you know and tats are kind of permanent.

2. this is home mad jam, that taste like grandma. I am sure she was a sweetie, and perhaps she was eaten by her family for that. The conclusion is that, don't be a sweetie, it is not going to end up well for you.

1. number one fail for today, i cannot sleep and eat any longer looking at this picture. the t-shirt had the cuts on purpose for fashionable purposes, and I believe the lady here has grown her fat back for fashion as well.

question for next time, which of the fails is your favourite and why.