Friday, 6 November 2015

20 weirdest back packs you won't believe they are for real

20 weirdest back packs you won't believe they are for real

internet loves stupidity, groins, man parts, lady farts and all simple stuff, but what about backpacks. there is potential here to impress as well.
we look at 20 backpacks to impress, the last one is a keeper, I promise

20. starting soft today, a funny cartoon creature, definitely will attract some attention on the street. just like traffic lights. if you are riding your bike, try to ignore this.

19. an interesting concept wear the entire planet on your back, probably so uncomfortable, this will be just for the show. guaranteed to break your back, unless you cary helium gas.

18. I not sure what to make of this one, the guy really likes plastic dummies, maybe he can put some underwear on them  and change it depending on the weather

17. cool back pack, white tiger on your back, probably somewhere in Asia and probably suitable in winter. i cannot see wearing this on the beach

16. star wars theme made its way into the back pack world, we will see some more later in the video, r2d2 on your back....the girl does not look like she has seen starwars anyway.

15. might be funny for some, but this reminds me of a skin infection, or a skin break of something gueyy , i would have second thoughts wearing this, especially on a date

14. weird creepy and something, just weird and creepy. the whit shiny baby on the back wearing a golden chain, that is gangsta

13. captain america back pack. I say the movie, i did not like the frisbee as a weapon, just as lame as thor's hammer, a back pack reminding me as a target, will probably attract few throwing objects

12. a back pack with  money print on it. I think I like this one, perhaps you can be subject of a homeless attack who can't see to well.

11. another star wars reference, one of the cute creatures staring from the back. i actually like this one.

10. not really a back pack here, just a random picture off the internet, just to break your attention for no particular reason. maybe the video is too boring and you are falling asleep. i did not think this through but I like the picture.

9. lame batman back pack and hood. this does not deserve to be here.

8.  star wars back pack, this time the little yoda, pretty cool way to attract attention. the lightsaber looks great as well.

7. few more lame back packs, perhaps for kids or teenagers with no life, crocodile, wale and dolphin. i would not get anything like this.

6. i actually don't mind this one, a guitar back pack. maybe you can cary an actual guitar in it. that would be awesome...not really.

5. now we are getting somewhere. a cool back pack reminding us of some sort of physical lab, preparing some sort of liquid. pretty cool if can cary bear in it.

4. another war themes back pack, this guy is chewbacca and something is not quite right here. this monkey is not that small, it is usually the other way around.

3. awesomeness combined with neediness, a dragon, crawling on your back. it looks absolutely awesome. i so w ant to have one of those to go buy toilet paper

2. i would probably have a reaction seeing this at night, very creative, probably would have a bit of chill even for the owner.

1. the absolute winner today, and nothing like the rest of the back packs which are lame in comparison to this, the scrotum back pack. the entire video is actually to present this one and ask you, would you wear it. i Dare you to buy and wear this. awesomeness combined with disgustingness

question for next time, already asked, would you wear the scrotum back pack.