Friday, 16 October 2015

10 humans with superpowers

10 humans with superpowers

today it is my turn to take a look at 10 people with superpowers. true or not, we are going to see how is that possible and if any use of these powers in real life

10. Jet man -s Yves Rossi, swiss professional pilot and engineer who wants to be batman. despite the fact is pretty cool to fly on your own, this superpower depends on fuel, so not really super. so you can't pull out your costume from the bag and start flying around when shite hits the fan. you need like 10 hour preparation for it.
useless if you ask me

9. Oyama, the karate bullfighter. This martial artist after an entire life of training,  was capable to kill a bull with his bare hands, one fist, one hit in the head and bull goes down. pretty impressive if you ask me. also very useful if you are a butcher, go to work and discover you forgot your knives home.

8. dean karnazes, the guy who can run forever. apparently, Dean can do 50 marathons in 50 days and his best was 350 miles in one go. they have done studies and his body can take so much endurance, running is for him the normal state. this guy does not really need public transport.

7. stephen Wiltshire - the human copy machine with photographic memory. this guy is an autistic savant able to have a look over the city and draw it from memory with all details, i mean all details, all buildings , all windows, streets, cars, even if he spots a guy pissing behind a fence , this detail will end up in his drawing. you better watch out , when he is in town, you better behave, as you will end up on his board.

6. ma xiangang, the electricity man, is a guy who apparently is resistant to electricity. he can touch live electrical wires and not feel a thing. he claims he is loading up energy and his skin is 10 times more resistant to electricity than a normal human.
oh yeah? allow me to be skeptical, any person who studied physics like 10 minutes knows that electrons are not that easy to stop. maybe you play with second hand battery, I would like to be there to make sure you get the right voltage before showing off on the internet.

5. wim hof, the iceman, is a guy who can be naked in a cold freezing temperatures. this guy pretends to have climbed mouth everst in a pair of shorts. he can swim in frozen water, lay down in ice and snow with no impact on his body. they says he controls his body temperature by the power of his mind. well good for him, he does not to buy clothes really. how that helps the mankind? i don't know. i bet he cannot text as fast as I can, pretty sire about that.

4. lieu show lin is a man from malaysia who can stick metal onto his body, so they say. i have seen many people doing that including myself. i can stick all spoons in the kitchen on my if i am a bit sweaty, and the question you need to ask yourself, why these guys must be naked to do so? if anyone wearing a t-shirt can still stick spoons onto his chest i would probably believe it and go shake his hand, but before that allow me to be skeptical about this hocus pocus, bollocks rollicks.

3. natahsa demkina pretends to have x-ray vision. just like a x-ray machine, she claims she is able to detect problems inside the body. apparently she started to see funny colours at 10, and she can switch on and off her normal to X-ray vision. I am not sure about you, but to see X-rays, you need more than human eyes and talent to bullish people. if she sees X-rays, she should works at security check at the airport.

2. kim peek is the real rain man who remembered everything. he was an autistic savant with a strange ability to memorise enormous amounts of information. he memorised 12 books word by word. he served as inspiration to the movie trainmen with dustin hoffman and tom cruise. he died of heart attacks at age 58 shout using his ability to make money in a casino, which he could have. sucker, i would have cleaned those casinos dry.

1. hu qiong - kung fu master who trained all his life to resist a power drill to penetrate his body. apparently he tried to drill his belly, neck, head, throat or chest. I bet he did no tried his anus as a whole was already there. I also would like to be with him one day to tell him to change the head of his power drill and switch it to hammer drill function, and I am pretty sure the outcome would not be fantastic for him.

thanks for watching, some of these power might be legit, some of the hocus pocus, question for next time, if you would choose to have a super power which one should it be?
my personal power is resistance to bullhsit.