Friday, 20 November 2015

20 awkward family photos, weird funny creepy

20 awkward family photos, weird, funny and creepy

the world is full of weirdos. today we are going to take a look of 20 of the most awkward family photos to seriously question the sanity of mankind

20. i hope that is not  a tattoo. i find difficult to find body art more ugly than this, if anyone believes this is great, I am going to bang my head against a tree for 5 minutes

19. these 2 guys have some serious issues and they are hiding them behind their cats, naked couple photos with the furry friends. weird, awkward, borderline creepy. I am sure they think it is funny

18. fantastic picture, bog fat dude with diapers, the fairy girlfriend at the back, and the small dude which seems to be embarrassed by his folks even at his age.

17. funny photo , a bit creepy, weirdness is even in the painting on the right hand side. do you notice that dog is proud to be part of the family? the apple in dad;s mouth is a nice touch

16. great family photo, cheerful and full of life, BUT THERE IS A DEAD GUYS NEXT TO THEM? ANYONE NOTICED THAT?

15. all nice and sweet here, loving and very close family, but the mum is exposing her naked but to the son, who is exposing his but naked to his brother, who is exposing his but naked to the sister. definitely the weirdness starts at the mother. dad is safe and OK.

14. best moment for a family pic, when the youngest cannot hold it to the toilet. and if wet, make sure you still take that picture

13. probably they think it is funny, but in my artistic opinion, this is less than lame. funny is a strong word you know, sometimes

12. great siblings photos, a lot of agressivity though, the dogs are really loving each other. this is the sign of pet harmony that needs to be captured.

11. family photo, body builder with wife and kid, wife and kid with body builder entertainer, very confusing where is the focus on this picture, and what title one can give.

10. this can  happen only in america. you know, the rest of the world w do not have guns everywhere, you know what I am saying?

9. pretty scaring violent looking dude, wife with black eye, and child who does not look like them at all. i wonder of he is the source of the black eye. what to you think? they all look happy with the situation, or perhaps this is just for the camera

8. weird photo people, finger in mouth from one generation to another, grandma to mum, mum to artist son, son to baby son, not sure where grandma's finger was recently, that is my biggest concern here

7. a lot of love and strangling, i am sure from pure love, priceless picture. the father seems to be doing a lot of effort not to strangle his family and you can see the effort on his face

6. these dudes I am sure they think this is cool. long hairs, relatively no body fat, 3 topless dudes are just weird and awkward man.

5.pregnant couple, i am sure the man is trying to inflate his belly as a joke. pretty lame if you ask me as funny as a nut on the floor.

4. Are these guys the parents or the grand parents, very difficult to assess, lady seems to be in weird wedding underdress, and the man is from the retired male entertainment team.

3. so the perfect images form eh 70's, weird haircuts, and sun glasses, but what is the story with the parrot and the machine gun. is there a mysterious connection there, or just favourite things this couple loves.

2. so check out this one, the daughter in the middle, the father is grabbing one breast and squeezes against a blade of an ax. can anyone tell me if this makes any sense.

1. family photo with 2 couples, no clothes, the left chick is skinny as a stick, left guy touching the pregnant ladies breasts, the right skinny dude touching her belly, i can look at this 100 years and still not figure out who is who and what is what. perhaps some sort of a spiritual cult where a group of people marry another group.
the kid seems interested though

thanks for watching, can you tell me is you you believe that grandpa here is actually dad?