Thursday, 31 December 2015

20 women you will not believe they exist

20 women you will not believe they exist

actually i have seen all these over and over again they do exist, better believe it, but today it is my turn to throw some shite in fire. here are 20 women you will believe they exist, folks

20. Mandy sellars big legs, she suffers from a condition, but I am not going to be mean as she probably has a hard life. a must be in the countdown, but white, shite will come today on others who chose to be freaks.

19. that is what I am talking about. i want to date the strongest women in the world, aneta Florczkik, so i can ask her to do the heavy lifting in the house, like garden tools, wheelbarrow, car parts, chess pieces or my toothbrush. she should be my bodyguard when I go to restaurant and start throwing food on people.

18. Beshine the big boobs lady, a german psycho lady wanting to be a model and be special. she really is,  and the internet should pay her royalties how much shite they sell with her photos. too bad she suffers carrying the big racks around her house.

17. Kristina rei, the big lips girl, spending a fortune to make her lips bigger to look some cartoon character. the only thing she achieved was to turn her face into not of those tools you use the unblock the sink when fool of filth. she kisses the skin, problem solved.

16. Jasmine tridevil, the 3 boobs lady, a big fan of total recall. obviously, but the third boob is a fake, as there are a lot of people in the world immature enough to be taken as fools and actually believe this fake lady selling shocking pictures. I was not shocked as I saw the 4 boobs lady.

15. ASha Mandela, the real life rapunzel  has the longest hair in the world, a ridiculous length of 19 ft long. is this an achievement, maybe, but i do not want to know that is the population of lice or bugs living the dream of a huge home.

14. Julia Knuse is the most tattooed lady in the world with 100% coverage. is this impressive, hardly next to the most pierced women, or the vampire lady. what is so big deal about it. it is not like a superpower. you go and get a lot of tattoos. anyone can do it

13. Jyoti Amge, the smallest women in the world, the size of one and a half soft drink bottles. no reason to comment, obviously she suffers a condition, but i saw her so many times, she makes a living out of her appearance.

12. Charity pierce is the fattest women in the world, 780 lbs, or something, that is a lot. if she can find a man that loves her, the rest of the female population have absolutely no excuses to find a boyfriend. unfortunately there are plenty who don't. watch and learn and learn

11. Mikel Ruffineli, the women with the widest hips in the world. this women learned that size do not matter as well, and she has a normal man and normal family, despite the fact she needs to buy to tickets instead of one everywhere she goes.

10. Kim goodman, the eye ball lady that can really eye ball the shite out of you. she can pop her eyes like that. well do that once or twice around the house and I am out of there. geez, why the need to scar me like that. I have got feelings you know, even I am a man with hairy balls.

9. supatra sasuphan, young girl from thailand and hair on the face. I cannot laugh but feel bad for her and the life she will have.

8. the arnold woman, full of steroids, plenty of similar examples in our other video about female body builders, check it out and you will be grossed out today again

7. the vampire lady, an example of a abused women turning to the dark side for real, definitely well noticed on the internet, i wish i could meet her to see if her fangs work.

6. the tallest women in the world, miss silva is 6'9" and she has a boyfriend that needs to cary a ladder for a kiss. or perhaps she comes down to meet face to face, gosh i have like a hundred questions how she does stuff, and all thoughts are dirty.

5. Misao Okawa from Japan is the oldest women in the world, about 117. she had a lot of sushi in her life and she was the only person who met the great grandchildren. she died in april 2015.

4. pixie fox is a women going to extreme body transformation to look like a cartoon character. she has spent a fortune to make her waist tiny, remove some ribs, made implants and few other crazy things. she suffers to be like this but happy.

3. natasha demkina, the russian women who claims to have X-ray vision. is she can see X-ray, that means her eyes or head can send also some gamma rays, radioactive shite of some sort, but the only thing she emits is stupidity, or attempts to fool the idiots.

2. the giant rack lady, we don't know much about her, but hey, it is worth 10 seconds, doesn't it. maybe 9.

1. Valeria Lukyanova, the barbie girl that everyone should know by now. she is the girl of my dream, I have posters of her on my bedroom ceiling, and angle among the stars, she is just trying to leave on air and dust. so no high maintenance girlfriend, she actually is free to maintain, the perfect woman, ever ever like really ever. i love her.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

15 female extreme body building photos that will make you cry

15 female extreme body building photos that will make you cry

steroid abuse and some self confidence issues might push few females to the the extreme. here are 15 female body building photos that will stick the hell out of you.

this is not a documentary, but few nice pics with comments. no names, no dates, if you want that, go google stuff.

15. this image looks so unreal, asian barbie doll, with extreme body building shapes, so unreal, this must be the work eater of a photoshop geek with girlfriend issues, or a very talented character animator.

14. beautiful girl, hey there is one pack missing, so instead of 6, she owns only 4. i guess she was poor and could not afford the photoshop services.

13. very nice and suave girl, steroid packed, If i asked this dude check on a date, i could help but stare, and she would probe;y punch me in the face.

12. what is nice about this picture is that the dude looking chick is loosing her boobies down. she probably is very proud of herself.

11. same chick dude as previous, another photo, another opportunity to pick on her boobies. too bad she has beautiful blue eyes, looking she is going to crush your skull in a second

10. in response to the previous case, this chick made some implants. great muscles , i hope you realise that only steroid abuse can get you here. i wanted 6 packs myself and it took me 3 years to understand that I am not going anywhere.

9. the bra on this dude tells me that she is a chick, hard to believe, looks like lenny kravitz with a mean attitude in the matrix

8. isn't she suave? her face tells me she wants to feed me to the crocodiles, stop judging good people trying to look like badass and go to the gym fat ugly bastard.

7. hey look at my biceps, there are nice aren't they? great gal, showing off before dinner somewhere in the dining room. forget my lame comment, sometimes inspiration is leaving for a stroll

6. do you feel lucky, punk, if I punch your face, your eyes will be squashed at the back of your head. i work out and I do well, mother e-ffer

5. a beautiful smile, and a beautiful pose, i am just mean, she just needs some appreciation for the time spent in the gym. i guess her beautiful blue eyes attracted me as we have seen much worse today.

4. After 60 plus youtube videos and some of them are focused on fakes and photoshop fails, do you have any doubts that this is one of them? the extra muscles on her face are giving it away.

3. her name is renne toney from Brazil and she is the one with the lenny kravitz reference from earlier. this picture is however better than before, not entirely sure of the bra plays a role any longer.

2. not sure who this chick is but she must be pretty famous to get a picture like this, where the skin looks like metal, but I can still see kindness in her. the make up tells me she could be nice.

1. Number one for today, not sure if real, can't see photoshop signs here, the great looking girl, with a lot of veins on her body, pulling the tongue out to show she is fun to be around. by far the most special picture, note sure about the fashion choice on her costume, a lot of things hanging out. not a good sign.

question for next time, do you agree this is a fake, and the second question, would you like more info on these girls, or just enjoyed the pics with random comments in doctor dynamite spirit.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

20 ugliest wedding dresses ever - horrible bridal failures

women are suckers for wedding dresses and sometimes are taking as fools from some sick fashion designers that play games on us, the rest of us who are idiots and can't tell the difference.
today we are looking at 20 ugliest wedding dresses, haute couture meets mental health and desire to be special or some shite like that

20. one hundred meter dress that needs the entire party to carry. sick women, poor guy does not know what he is getting. crazy bride indeed and I would not go to that wedding...why would I , to work or something?

19. this looks like a serious fashion show, of course a bride needs 3 guys with stick to help her keep the big ass hat on her head. very practical for dancing, or going to the toilet. but hey, if fashion says so, we believe it.

18. gipsy girl with gipsy boy and a lot of dress. there are TV shows to present these idiots wanting to become barbies for a day. They guys definitely looks happy with all that pink in his face.

17. another gipsy couple. or not, i would like to see her bounce during the reception on a techno song.  she just want us to want to take a squeeze or cope a fell or some sort....that is what I would be inclined to do.

16. i don't know why, but this looks somewhere in China, a lot of pollution, dust masks on face and dress, and a crazy asian bridezilla by herself. the groom must have been embarrassed to show his face in the wedding pictures. or perhaps the father owns the masks factory.

15. haute couture at its best...yeah right, definitely the wedding dress of my dreams...well not really mine, but you know what i mean. i would love to see that in real life.

14. an awesome dress for everyone, another fashionable attempt to catch attentions, and they really did. i can't take my eyes off her. make sure you have the wedding somewhere warm

13. looks like a cheerleader or an adult entertainment bride, full of confidence and awesomeness. i wish she had invited me to her wedding as well.

12. this one is a classic. i thought this is a pregnancy picture, but no, do not be fooled. it is a wedding dress. and the belly is well shown off. awesomeness combined with ...i do not have words for it.

11. fashion show, with balloons under the dress. very good idea, well designed, but remember that you need helium to sustain it. so you gotta have helium, and at the end of the party, pop the balloons and everyone will talk funny.

10. wedding dress fail, nothing wrong with the dress from this angle as the attention goes somewhere else. i could not help but include this picture. i hope you understand.

9. she looks happy, i am happy, we all should be happy. it is all happiness and size. i am trying to find photoshop evidence but there is not. so she must be real. unreal...

8. this girls is awesome. the wedding dress, pardon me, the wedding swimming suit is awesome, we should learn from her and change the wedding dress concept.

7. wedding fashion meets recycling plastic. she probably watched too much global warming conspiracy movies, and took it to the heart. or maybe the wedding dress was free. who would pay for crap like that.

6. i have not comments. fashionable inspiration comes from nature. i can see a lot of brides inspired by chicken in their day to day lives as well. it is not that hard to see the resemblance.

5. another awesome wedding dress, perhaps not wedding, but definitely i would date this girl. not  question asked. fashion show, life show, booty show, or whatever

4. i cannot possible have good words about this bride. artistic flair meets a life full of hamburgers. if she is happy, what is your problem. stop judging you idiot.... or me.

3. i believe the fluffy things in front of her lady parts are pretty pathetic. at least the leg portions between the knees and the ankles are fully covered so you cannot see if she  shaved or not.

2. i would say the wedding dress is awful, but i am still trying to figure out if there is one. i see some g string bikini and a wedding veil. definitely not looking forward to see the front, nothing good could come out of that.

1. wedding dresses with a clear reference. so clear and anatomically accurate, it is actually not funny. i wish to see the groom's outfit as a response to the big statement.

that is it for today, question for next time, do you like the reference on this dress and would you wear it...i am expecting answers from males as well from females.

Monday, 14 December 2015

20 girl fails compilation

20 girl fails compilation

girls are supposed to be delicate flowers, the beautiful gender, full of grace and if they fart, rainbows should appear. but you better think again
here are 20 photos with girls that went too far, funny and hilarious

20. people say there is no ugly women, it all depends ho much you drink. well, also it depends on how much they drink. these hotties are ready for a date, but not with me.

19. it is always good to have contortionistic skills, so you can hold your beer at a party. nothing wrong with that. she should try the fart and the lighter trick as well.

18. if you have no clue about copy machines, do not try to fix, them, i repeat, do no try to fix them, got it?

17. if you judge this picture, a girl in underwear, on high hells on a skateboard. i am not sure about you, but to me this looks like exactly what it is. a recipe for disaster for her, a big source of comedy for us.

16. girl after a night out on side of the street. probably a lot of things have happened, and many stories to tell. i bet the parents do not know about it.

15. well, funny accident, baby elephant trying to search for wisdom for this women tourist amusement. nothing wrong here folks, every girls should have an elephant

14. i cannot possible believe this picture. a hot girl falling of a dirt bike. just does not click to my mind, but hey, everything is possible.

13. another contortionist playing with out minds. photoshop, not photoshop, photoshop, not photoshop. i think it is not photoshop

12. is she coming from above, or from below, that is the question. if should would jump from below, all that wool would look different, what do you think?

11. i cannot possible imagine, what sort of after party action this is the result of. was she drunk on the roof, was she trying to climb the roof, the only certainties are she has a beer and she is not feeling to well.

10. having too  much fun might end up sometimes with a drop of pee pee after trying to become an acrobat. because drinking does that. turn normal people into acrobats.

9. girls having way too much fun. she cannot stop laughing, even all the girlfriends are pushing very hard to move her. people should have a license to party with exams and stuff.

8. beautiful ladies from a big night out. I sense a theme here so , drunken girls falling in love with the floor.

7. if you are under 18, close your eyes, topless sport extreme, a fantastic way to study the effects of gravity, high speed wind on your boobies. i bet you did not expect that, did you?

6. hot girls with no sot hot process in the middle, as it is her party, so what is the problem here, not problem. innocent pic, everyone pose to their best abilities

5. i have troubles processing this picture, i have seen women body builders, but this one is probably some photoshop. regardless, worthwhile 10 seconds of your life, isn't it?

4. this does not look like a crime. not at all. it looks like a party miss. again a mystery on my mind, was she coming or going?

3. supergirl, before i make bad comments about this, how about you make them. is this is a miss or just an innocent girl trying to be super.

2. you have seen this before, possible fake, the fart flame test, I still do not believe it is really possible. we need to admire the determination though and the effort.

1. my absolute favourite for today, the failed bikini, the sense of fashion meets the lack of sense of fashion, these bikinis are somewhat bizarre, misplaced, but cute in the same time, definitely enough to turn on head around on the beach.

question for next time, do you believe farts are really flammable or not, is it just a myth? please leave your comments down below.