Wednesday, 29 April 2015

15 worst mum selfies ever

today we are going to look at 15 worst mum selfies ever. the final one will make you cry.I did cry for 2 hours when i saw it 15. Classic soft start for today, girl taking a snap in the mirror for Facebook or whatever. too bad she does not have a bed, and she doe not notice there is child playing behind her. 14. if you want to show some skin for your online activity, you better hide the kid as that is distraction for any man looking for love. at least you can close the door. 13. another normal family day when naked mum is posing for the camera. the kid is really not impressed, nothing he has not seen before 12. Star tattoos and jaguar underwear will guarantee a hot date. too bad you have got a hungry kid behind to bak you up and ruing the mood. well done girl! 11.the greatest fake butts for mummy, and the kids approves this message.just like ray william johnson 10.when you are preparing for striptease or poll dancing, you need to have a baby around to clap and slap your butt so you can get into the spirit. also taking pants halfway down, will guarantee a sexy outcome 9. it is never too late to show the kid a good attitude. show them the finger and never look back. you are cool for sure from now on. 8. good selfie with the baby boy touching the breast, as he needs to get ready for a long life of boobies. he is so old, he can actually cop a feel. he looks like 12 or something. well done girl.I am shocked, stunned and stupefied looking at this 7. when you want to date online, you need all help you can get, for a better picture, ask your daughter to photograph you. why in bathroom in the mirror, that beats my imagination. 6. extremely sexy girl having a relaxed afternoon with the kids,but still being sexy and stuff. being attractive is a constant state, and touching yourself can never hurt , especially when your boys are around. 5. well done girl. the kid does not have a say in this, but I am wondering what did you want to show? is this about your butt or a before after taking a dump kind of situation? it is all very sex though, especially the toilet behind 4. you can leave your hat on. striptease in the bathroom is great. the baby will applaud and that is the best way to raise your kids for a future world of entertainment 3. now we are getting somewhere. selfies should be open to everyone including larger size mums with kids. so what we see here, kid washing hands, topless mum snapping a pic, an empty beer bottle on thee left, and some blue flowers done by a someone else to mask the horror 2. now we are getting into real horror. if the previous mum was kind of OK, this one is just epic. when you are bathing your children, you can take a snap also to make the moment count. good girl 1. when you are this good looking I would suggest to try to use a better background, and if possible make sure your son is not that close. he already looks like he is used to it, and you need to wonder if he will be OK when he grows up. preposterous, ludicrous, insane. for more videos like this, remember to subscribe, we will gather the funny, hilarious, fake, stupid, insane, ludicrous, preposterous and we will crunch, crush and and trash them for your entertainment. that is a promise

Monday, 27 April 2015

20 perfectly time photos that will blow your mind

today we are going to explore 20 perfectly timed photos that will blow your mind. the final one is the best. i promise 20. wrestling is supposed to be a competitive sport when t guys are trying to fight the other. there is nothing about sticking your head into the opponent but, so deep, you might actually go in altogether. or perhaps that guys has the back hole so interesting, this guy cannot help himself but check it out. 19. ping pong is a game where staring at the ball will not make it fly, even if you try hard. so calm down man and serve correctly. 18. i thought the water sky is supposed to be on the water not under. the guys is looking he is catching some serious speed here. perhaps he want to chase some hysterical dolphins 17. I am so excited, i just can't hide it, i am about to loose control and I think like it. I know, i know, i know, i know, i know i want you, want you. 16. bull fighting is not only for spanish toreadors but also for cowboys. i have no funny comment about this perfect picture, that it is dam scary to look at. 15. basketball is sometimes better played at the ground level. if you defy gravity you can really dribble the ball and see where that takes you, perhaps break dancing. 14. al right, all right, you got me. please don't shoot and i will give you my wallet. it is in the car and i am just on my way to get it for you. just let me finish my dive so I can go. 13. bunch of cool boys before the barbecue. synchronised diving is not only for professional athletes in an olympic swimming pool, but also for average beer drinkers on a summer weekend in the backyard 12. there you go dog, catch my ball and try to be calm. i know you are enthusiastic about the sport, but take it down a notch, otherwise you will hurt your face. 11.hey man, what did you hide in your butt? there is something shiny here and I am just trying to get it out. hold on a sec so I can pull it out. 10. starring at the ball will not make you a clown, or get it to fly. how many times do I have to explain, you. try to stay calm and serve with effect and you might win the game. 9. this guy is either moses or Jesus. he steps on the water with supernatural powers. otherwise a perfectly time photo before all the splashing around and upsetting all the ladies. 8. gay moment between 2 guys, and supervised by who else than mister gay. coincidence? i don't think so 7. the best way to pick someone else nose for some treasures is in the sports, when action is too fast to be seen by humans. 6. hold on a second. I thought you can loose your head in love but not in gymnastics. weird, weird. maybe she ugly and embarrassed to show her face. jet is supposed to on the water and you on top of it, and not the other way around. perhaps this is actually better. 4. these guys are fantastic and they can use water to show us some supernatural powers. kidding aside, this looks cool though. 3. I can never look at boxing the same way again. human skin acts like jelly if you have a high speed camera. poor guy, he will need some time to recover from this. 2. an absolute great pic. it looks like she wants to become the women with the sand legs like that stone guy from the avengers movie 1. do you think is she want to say something a dog bark will come out, or just a normal human voice? perhaps this is a new species colonising our planet and we do not know it yet.

Friday, 24 April 2015

20 most dangerous selfies ever taken

today we live in the world of Facebook. here are 20 of the most dangerous selfies ever taken. you will not believe what people are doing to get the best pic. number one will blow your mind. 

20. climbing on tall structures seems like a trend these days for t making a selfie.this is a  British traveler crazy enough to get a snap on the top of the Christ state in Rio de Janeiro basil

19. you would not think that danger can happen at a baselball game in America. this good looking girl is a reporter and she managed to take the snap right before the ball hits her head. epic.right?

18. this is a japanese astronaut who goes the distance, uses billions of dollars of equipment to snap a selfie when in space outside the station. it looks pretty dangerous to me if you see movie gravity.

17. this is a british runner, named James Kingston who has the balls to climb on a crane. some people just love adrenaline…aren’t these guys adrenaline junkies, or what?

16. But this is child play in comparison with the russion Krill Oreshkin doing some really crazy climbing. check out this insane picture taken on a top of an antenna tower, probably some television building of some sort in Russia.

15. this might be just a passionate surfer, but this does not look to safe to me. you have to appreciate the effort hough to get such a great selfie.

14. girl with the bear behind is just epic. either she is not aware of the fact the bear can outrun you, or she is just crazy. 

13. just like the previous chikc with the bear, check out this dude doing the same. however I have got suspicion that this is the result of the photoshop. if fear takes over, taking a selfie would not be my priority

12. this guy is really cool trying to take a selfie with the shark behind him. it is just either unbelievable stupid or just the works of a photo shop artist.

11. people go to the distance to snap a shark selfie. this image is presented as a dangerous shark attack, but in fact this is a fake. 

10. if you believe a camel is a calm being, check out this picture when the poor selfie taker gets a nice bit over the face. she must have pissed the camel somewhow, or just tuned back to the huge animal for a selfie. 

9. there are animal hunters int he works and there are tornado hunters. this is one of them, and you better have some balls trying to outrun such a scary twister. 

8. this is an absolute fantastic pic and she did manage to get a great selfie. the question is if she is still alive and well after this?

7. this selfie is taken by a survivor of a plane crash, otherwise it does not make much sense. so let me get this straight. a plane goes down and he manages to jump before the crash? so he jumped 100 meters before the impact. it makes no sense. perhaps the plane crashed not the water, floats like a boat and the guy manages to get out, swim 100 meters and take a happy snap. where are the other people. this makes no sense. 

6. you probably saw this guy on youtube a while ago taking a selfie and being hit by a train behind. it is believed that actually the conductor saved his life pushing him away from a metal part deemed to cut his head off. he is alive and well today with few dollars in his pocket by becoming viral

5. people go to great distances to take the perfect selfie. this chick is on exception. i admire the calm of the guy providing the safety though. like he is very cool with the entire situation.

4. perhaps this guy works at the train tracks as from here, it looks like the train is coming towards him. it would not be an issue but there is a car in the selfie as well, and that takes time, to get, in, start the engine and rum. 

3. this dude looks so calm in comparison with the hell that is happening behind him. this suggests a plane crash or a fire onboard, regardless, I would be terrified. well done man.

2. WTF. what is going on here? it looks like the girl was busy taking a selfie and she might have hit someone. this is really twisted. 

1. check out this crazy dude running from the bulls in a Spanish fiesta. he is really focused holding his phone for a nice selfie. police was looking after him for putting people lives in danger with this. really? like the entire event is safe as baby breast feeding? this is a recipe for distort anyway as the entire event makes absolutely no sense. 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

15 weirdest face tattoos you wont believe people put on their faces

20 weirdest tattoos you wont believe people put on their faces

from the simulated chess tables to an actual penis on the face, we count 20 weirdest tattoos you won't believe people have the balls to have on their faces every single day of their lives
20. maybe he is a chess master or he really likes his pyjamas so much, he tattooed it on his face.
check out this picture where you can see that even his bed sheets are the same. He injected also ink into his eye to prove he has got the balls to do it. not sure what to make of it.

19. devil 666
this guy want to be the devil. we have seen better implants than his, but i like the frontal 666 the devil number, if you do nto pay attention you can take is as a GGG.

18. this guy is actually trying to be mean and nasty like the previous guy and have some sort of devil horns, but he is actually cute. I like him in fact.

17. it takes a lot if imagination to do a nice tattoo, even on your face which you see every day. this is what happens when lack of talent meets stupid persistence. not sure what you can make of this. seriously

16. when tattoos are combined with excessive piercing, and lack of vision you end up like this. I would like to see this guys face brushing his teeth in the mirror after he wakes up.

15. when you love icecream so much, you really feel the need to show it to the world. I am not sure why there are some sort of lightings on top of it, or electricity or some sort. makes absolutely no sense.

14. if you want to scare little kids with skull tattoos, there you go , you have got it. certainly a skull face on the street achieves a strong impact, and that this gentleman wanted.

13. just in case you did not notice, this is supposed to be Hannbial lector from teh silence of the lambs. But I guess it can take also the tattoo artist talent into account.

12. the love for star wars can be also combined with the love of roses. when the love is so strong, you can ink it on your face so you will never forget the contrast between the imperial evil march, and a nice bunch of flowers.

11. can someone help me identify the gender of this individual. i guess we can talk about gender , but we can also talk about sanity, like pretty much most of the individuals here. not all, but many.

10. sometimes the tattoo are coming with compulsory accessories like these glasses for example. I sincerely like this picture, and I am concerned that if you take the glasses off, you will end up with something awful.

9. this image is disturbing for me. it looks like a jail picture with an old creepy baby, and the tattoos are just epic. not sure what is worse.

8. when you have an attitude problem and want to tell everyone to go to hell, and that is the polite version, just write text on your face and it saves you the trouble opening your mouth.

7. to be vegan is basically like to be a gang member with violence and shit. Vegans are bad assess and some of them want to really show it off, so you cross the street when they order food.

6. i have seen spider on faces before, however i have a suspicion this is a fake as this guy tries to be mean looking. the spider is pretty realistic for a tattoo, and the guy looks like a nice guy.

5. if you want to be convincing with the ladies without opening your mouth, this is the way to do it. your tattoo on your moustache the services you are providing and you will be good to go.

4. same of eating pussy moustache, this guy is rock and roll, but is the nose something like some sort of candy bar?

3. if you want to put ink on your face, you would think to make something consistent, and a lot of jibber jabber, because you will end up looking like this guy. and perhaps in jail maybe?

2. this is straight from a horror movie. yes horror that people can be that dumb to put something so disgusting on their faces. If I would see this guy, I would run away instantly.

1. dick on the face. having a tattoo is a statement that you believe in something, but having a dick on your face and you see it for the rest of your life in the mirror, beats every imagination.

Friday, 17 April 2015

20 epic photoshop fails

from weird funny muscles to bigger boobs followed by doors behind, we are going to look at 20 photo shop biggest fails in the internet. number one will blow your mind.
 20. this lady is not that young still believes she is 15. the photoshop took out all the far and skin marks, but the hips still look huge. this is is a fail to my standards

 19. Britney spears ladies and gents.sorry for the bad photo, but the reality is cruel and photoshop is a good tool for some to look much better than in real life.

 18. Here are 2 big round buts which look unreal. BECAUSE THEY ARE. Check the left one, and notice the reality bends over around her but. photoshop right? busted!

 17. Kim Kardashian before and after. professional photo shoot. check out her legs and remember them next time you open a magazine full unreal perfectly photoshop hot chicks.Unreal. 16. this gorgeous plastic girl, clearly shows implants, but somehow the skirting behind her is following a smaller hip. photoshop? busted

 15. many girls want bigger boobs. and some of them take the houses behind with them. in photo shop

 14. boobs look so much bigger when you have tiny hips. classic facebook selfie, but what is going on with the bathroom door? is it in the matrix? spaces bends in your house?

 13. hey girl, you missed one boob. don't put this on the internet, as the internet will bite your butt back.

 12. this hot chick has a weird hand. why? it just follows the larger and roudner butt. nice! this lindsay lohan? not sure. what I am sure is that the steps behind her hips are just fooling around.

 10. bazinga...this picture has not photoshop. this is to prove before and after photos for her are exactly the same. 9. hey dude, we all want larger shoulders and smaller hips. it is sexy, but not when the wall paper follows you that bad. seriously? 8. hey girls. we all like hot chicks, but the floor tiles are making me dizzy. 7. this photo shop is so bad, it is actually embarrassing. you have to admire his desire to become sexy, even with the room following his muscles. 6. here is the human hulk. Too bad the door is funny, perhaps he could have fooled me. 5. Failure is not only for amateurs, but also for professionals. This looks like a catalog picture, professional studio, professional model, and professional removal of the belly button 4. hey man. I wish i had this girlfriend. wow. you could have fooled me for a second the dream of every nerd. you have the admire the imagination though. i am wondering what did your friends say. 3. good looking hot chick , trying to be subtle to have bigger boobs, but the room and the hands are boobie shaped as well. photoshop? busted! 2. yo, another cool chick. some tats, classic facebbok selfie, and the room is in the matrix. you look like you have a gook boyfriend to help you with this 1. number one is so bad is actually good. you have to hand it to this guy. he tried to fool us, but i struggle to see the photoshop here. Question: which one is your favourite and why? leave your comments below and the best one will be featured in the next video. For everyone who likes, shares and subscribes, thank you, all, really appreciate it. if you are new here you can do the same. if you liked this video, check out the previous one for another great experience.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

10 men believe you won't believe they exist

from the smallest to the highest, from the weirdest to the heaviest, we present 10 men you won't believe actually exist.

10. Rolf Buccholz, 

is the most pierced man in the world. He has an impressive 453 body piercings, from which 287 are in his genital area. He started piercing at the age of 41, quite late if you ask me, and he is a computer expert. he was denied access in Dubai due to suspicion he practises black magic.

9. Patrick Deuel 

is the heaviest man in the world with an impressive weight go 1072 lbs or 486 kilos, so you you think about it it is almost half a ton. He was born in Nebraska, United States and he is a former restaurant manager. He was so big, theta his bedrooms walls had to be cut to extract him from his home in order to be taken to the hospital for a gastric bypass surgery which helped him loose over half of his weight in 12 months. he is still alive which is good news.

8. Tom Stanisford 

is the opposite to fat. He suffers from a rare condition which makes him unable to store any fat in his body. Only other 8 people in the world have this condition. Despite this fact, Tom has diabetes due to high fat content in his blood. He is a active cyclist and a champion in British National Paracycling competition.

7. Amoo Hadij

the iranian old man, in his eighties who has not taken a shower in over 60 years. he is afraid of it and believes his layers of dirt are protecting him getting sick. he also smokes animal left overs, dried to the point the can actually burn and be stacked into his pipe.

6. Arlindo de Souza

is a body builder so obsessed with his biceps appearance, he injected his arms with Sydnthol to grow bigger. This is not about making them stronger, but bigger and unfortunately for him, the mussel tissue can drop like bags of sand. I believe Arlindo is pretty proud of himself by now and he lost the sight what a good body builder looks like.

5. Yu Zhenhuan

the hairiest man in the world, from China, has few problems dating, I believe. he has been suffering of this hairy condition from the early age of 2 and he is trying to remove some of the hair with laser surgery. he is a musician in China and he is starting to embrace the fact he is so different rather than being embarrassed about it.

4. Kaleem the boy with the giant hands

The indian boy was born with hands twice the size of an average baby. he is not able to perform average tasks and he does not go to school because he freak out everyone and he got beaten for his deformity. Kaleem is a keen cricket player, and his parents are afraid of him not being able to leave an independent life. doctors are not even sure how they can help, as this condition has never been seen before.

3. Chandra Bahadur Dangi

is the shortest man ever, with a 1 ft and 9 inches height, or 54 centimetres. He was born in 1939, still alive today and suffers from primordial dwarfism. He lives in Nepal and he got into the Guniess Book of Records awards for his size.

2. Sultan Kosen

the tallest man alive today, measures 8 ft 3 inches or 2.51 meters. He is Turkish and he is a farmer. There were others taller than him, bit passed away. despite his height, he is trying to enjoy a normal lifestyle, playing computer games and he got married in 2013. he has met the shortest man, Dangi in London for the Guniess records day. with his height record, he also got the biggest hands, and second largest feet in the world.

1. Billy owen

a nasal cancer survivor had an eye and his half of the face removed by surgery to save his life. After a period of pain, he decided to embrace his new appearance by playing in horror zombie movies, music videos and appress as a freak show perfumer in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He can literally can pull his finger though his eye socket and can place objects inside his face, and on top of that he gets money for doing it.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

10 most popular suicide destination around the world

10 infamous suicide destinations around the world 

There is a category of people in this world that wish to take their own life. we are going to explore 10 of the most infamous suicide destinations around the world

 10 London Underground 

This is the most famous public transit system in the world and it started to be built in the 19th century. It has 270 stations and 400 kilimoteres of rail tracks. The system is accessible from everywhere in London and it become popular also among people wishing to die. People jump in front of trains to end their lives on a weekly basis. The biggest numbers are gathering around Kings Cross and northern line with around 145 deaths recorded between over the last 10 years. The suicide in London Underground are becoming a routine, which is annoying for the staff, who actually allocated a name such as the “passenger action”. The jumpers have a success rate of 40% only, the survivors are being caught and charged with obstruction of trains with intent.

 9. Nusle Bridge in Czech republic

 This is a massive concrete construction 140 feet or 45 meters above ground. This bridge is called the suicide bridge because over 300 people have jumped and died here in the last 30 years. That means 10 people in a year and that means 1 person in every 6 weeks. If you think about it, it’s pretty scary. The city authorities have implemented safety chains in their attempt to prevent people falling, however if you are dealing with people doing this on purpose, it is not that easy to stop them.

8. Beachy head – England 

An awesome landscape, steep cliff, 530 foot or 162 meters high from sea level, this is a preferred spot for suicides in England. A fall from that high will guarantee death even landing on the water. All people from the local town, have developed an eye for potential jumpers, from taxi drivers to pub staff. They have even developed a local volunteer organisation which is patrolling the beach for preventing the jumps, however 20 people a year end their lives here.

7. the gap – Sydney Australia 

Very similar with the higher English version, the gap is the location infamous for its death rate of suicide jumpers, including few local famous people who took their life over the years. Just like the English version, the locals are aware of the issue, have installed fences, chains and cameras, but the best weapon was a man called Don Richitie, WWII veteran, who lived near by. He is used to approach jumpers, engaged them in a conversation and most of them ended up having tea in the house and gave up their plans. Don has saved over 160 jumpers and he was called the angel of the gap. Don passed away in 2012.

 6. Niagara Falls Canada 

Niagara is world wide famous for the dramatic water fall, and many stories, movies and Guinness records attempt to ride the wave, survive the jump and whatnot. But in reality , there is also a dark side to it. Between 20 and 40 people jump every year, seeking their own death. It was estimated that over 5000 bodies have been found between 1850 and 2011. If you do the numbers that means around 31 people in a year and 1 person every 2 weeks. Imagine you are on holiday for that long it is almost guaranteed you will witness a jump. The area is impossible to secure it. The local tourist boat captains have developed a business retrieving bloated corpses from jumpers and they are making some money out of it. Pretty creepy.

 5. Mount Mihara – Japan 

Mount Mihara is a famous Landmark in Japan, where Godzila has been imprisoned in the movie :the return of Godzilla” and also parts of the horror movie “the Ring” has been filmed. This happens to be an active volcano and it is a sure death if you jump from the top edges. In 1933 a Japanese student, 21 years old at the time, has jumped and he vaporised instantly at the contact with the hot lava of 2,200 F, or1,200 Degress Celsius. Just like in the move the terminator if you have seen the end of part 2. This started a trend among the Japanese jumpers and the location become the hot spot of suicide destination, literally. Thousands of people followed the student and over 944 people have jumped in the lava only in 1933 alone.

 4. Aokigahara Sucide Forest 

Another popular suicide destination, in Japan as well, the Aokigahara Forest Is attracting over 100 suicides every year, by self hanging or drug overdose. This place is associated with demons in the Japanese folklore and beliefs. The legend says the families have abandoned their elders here to die because they could not care for them any longer. It is believed that their ghosts are still haunting the forest and that is why the entire location is seen and dark and creepy. There are plenty of signs addressed to suiciders, but they are not even close as successful as spotters or patrols and the rate of the death is quite high.

 3. Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto Canada 

Over 500 suicides have been recorded here before 2003. The viaduct is nicknamed the magnet of suicides and it estimated to be the second most fatal standing structure in North America. At its peak, the bridge had an average of one suicide at every 22 days. After so much drama consumed here, the local council has constructed a barrier called the Luminous Veil which was completed in 2003 and despite the effort and the money spent here, it did not impact the number of overall deaths in Toronto , according to a more recent study in 2010. Apparently people who are prevented to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge, will find another way to kill themselves.

 2. Golden gate bridge of San Francisco 

San Francisco iconic bridge is a landmark which attracts not only commuters and visitors, but also people wishing to finish by jumping from it, from a height of 245 feet or 75 meters into the water. It is established than a fall from more then 40-50 meters will be lethal even for most advances professional divers, so Golden Gate Bridge jump is a guaranteed death. A human body will catch so much speed, the impact with water will be as strong as with a hard surface. The bridge is estimated to have had over 1500 jumpers which were witnessed and recorded, however the number could be much higher. The local authorities have instated a local patrol to talk to them and 90% will be convinced to live, however this is the second highest death rate suicide destination in the world, and the first on North American Continent

1. Nanjing Yangtze River bridge- China 

The massive 4 mile bridge is a testament that life in China can get very difficult for the common people. Over 2000 suicides have been recorded here. Just like the Gap ins Sydney, this popular suicide destination has a watcher, Mr Chen, who is constantly patrolling and scanning the entire bridge through his binoculars for potential suiciders. He is know to have saved personally over 175 people from death, however the large number of deaths is making this location by far the most popular suicide location in the world. Thanks for Watching, Doctor Dinamite reporting, over.