Saturday, 25 July 2015

20 photos you really need to look at to understand

20 photos you really need to look at to understand

today we are looking at 20 photos that are so confusing, you really need to look at in order to understand
whatever that means dam it

20. to midget is not going to go under the pigeon. It is the pigeon closer to you. I saved your life as you could not see that for yourself without my brilliant explanation.

19. this guy is not an alien, there is a second guy under the table. but let's give him credit, it looks weird.

18. theres is a strange guy looking from the painting. no, don't worry about it, he looks like the father. big deal. not really impressive.

17. that is a good one. a guy with a tiny girl body. you gotta appreciate the confusion here. she is just checking his tweets for the day.

16. it took me 5 minutes and a lot of explanation in words, to realise we are not looking at a girl in a convertible, but a painting on a van. pretty good my friend, i like this one. They should have painted a  fitness model in swimming suit. 

15. this one is sick. very difficult to get the fact this guy is not from the other guy belly. it would have been nice though.

14. what is going on here..let me explain you because you do not understand. there is a mirror , otherwise it would be difficult to go on a date with a body without a head. 

13. i do not believe this is a midget wedding, the bride is to hot to have only midgets as bridesmaids, but it would be possible, just to ensure she looks the best. 

12. i don't think the guy floats, on the water, or he is in the air, some smart nerd playing with out minds, and guess what. he succeeded as we are talking about his picture right now. 

11. now, I am looking at this one and still trying to figure out what is wrong. it did take me 5 minutes to realise that the extended face, nose and mouth belong to the father. still could not sleep last night.

10. she is a very strong women to carry his boyfriend like that, or the other way. mind blowing games. 

9. Liv Schreiber is trying to bend over and squeeze out a little gas. oh no, that is a lady, likely to be his girlfriend, wife, or just a random stranger.

8. this guy does not have a hand. his smile tells me that he does. what do you think? does he?

7. 2 cats that love symmetry, or a mirror that we cannot see. I like the rhyme. do you know how I know there is no mirror here? one cat has white legs. 

6. this one is disturbing, i still do now know who's head is this. certainly the head is happy. maybe there is a third person here.

5. a horse swallowing another horse, or the small horse trying to get out. a scene from as horror movie, or just an innocent optical illusion.

4. you probably know this one, the asian model showing some weird position, but stay calm, nothing wrong here. someone played in photoshop to make the seat colour same with the skin. 

3. i wish i could see people like that, that would be awesome, the dog should not wear pink though. 

2. a pretty good picture here, the baby with giant legs. it reminds me of a Centaurus ..but stay still and wait for the next one

1. Centaurus are stupid creatures, half man and half horse, but nobody said anything about half zebra?
do you think that this is some word cross breed, between people, horses and zebras?

question for next time, do you believe the zebra is made out of wood?

Saturday, 18 July 2015

20 coolest celebrity selfies ever

20 coolest celebrity selfies ever

20. Harry from Direction 1
you can smile like you are not famous, as after you become famous, the natural smile turns into a smirk of self-confidence

19.Usher making an omelete
when sexy and famous, making an omelette with no clothes, is an act of sexiness. Some people want to be that omelette. I don't. think about body hair before you cook naked.

18. angie verona, the queen of selfies looking good as always. She is a celebrity in my heart, even if she does nothing spectacular, other than wearing tight tops. nice tops if you ask me. go angie go.

17. superman taking a selfie through a screen is a heroic act. you got to admire that superman is a cool dude by doing this. also he needs a smartphone as his brain is not that advanced.

16. let's give it a high five to Obama. he can take selfies too, right. it is human. even in the presidential car you can have a giggle. nobody is getting hurt.

15. cool zac, cool. be cool and be zac in the same time. i believe zac does not need to try to be cool. he just is. not as cool as me though, but that is the subject to another video.

14. she is not famous, but i wanted to include this picture as a very cool one. i could not sleep much last night after i saw this, and neither should you. life is good, what the hell

13. Chris Pratt is working out, and we all need to know it. it is not like we cannot see after, but selfies are like a instant press conference.

12. another direction 1 selfie, we all love this guy, Malik or Zayn, which name is the first name? he is so cool, he can afford to leave the group. a proof of being to cool can hurt people. go solo go, go, go.

11. not sure if you know this guy, he is my father, napoleon dynamite. he is with my uncle, the cage fighter, if you do not know who they are, you are too young, my friends. these guys are geniouses. vote for pedro dam it.

10. myley cyrus licking stuff. you can lick the hammer, the door knob, chair handles, shoes or even an astronaut. what is you problem. life is good. make sure you do not lick something poisonous as I still want to see you in the future licking things.

9. you can be a cartoon character and still take cool selfies. a bit lame though, he is not really human and he copies all bad things just to look cool. I have never seen toy story because I am old and doctor.

8. being a zombie is pretty cool if you ask me. you just mumbo jumbo and go for the blood. you can take some selfies in the mean time, as you cannot chase humans 24/7. you gotta have some fun as well.

7. i am not sure this guy is a celebrity but he should be. I mean the pig. he is got dam ugly, my eyes hurt. but when there is love, nothing gets in the way. happiness on this guys face. he loves that pig, I am sure.

6. stallone, rocky or rambo cannot escape the selfie mania, even if this looks so unnatural. he is like 100 year old or something, still trying to punch. good by grandpa, leave the selfies alone.

5. Rihana selfie, is mysterious, is she taking a bath, is she alone? making stupid faces does not count when you are Rihana, it does not matter. you are cool period.

4. Katy perry is taking selfies with monkeys on there shoulder. monkey seems unhappy, I am not sure why. she is katy perry dam it, you should be grateful, stupid monkey, i wish i was you.

3. Clinton lady with Devil who wears prada. Selfies can be taken by old ladies as well. they have that right as well. I think the devil should wear also something from walmart.

2. miranda kerr with her baby. not technically a selfie, but when you are a celebrity you can do whatever you want, people will still think it is cool. Nothing wrong with baby having some lunch.

1. the coolest of the coolest people in the world, after me of course, brad and angie. the guy taking the selfie is over the moon because he got the chance to take it, calm down bro, as if you act cool they might let you to kiss their boots.

question for next time, which one is the coolest. leave your comments down below.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

20 funniest weirdest pictures that will make you laugh

20 funniest weirdest pictures that will make you laugh

20. Having an eye on the back of your head, tells me you are worried you might miss some action dude. you will not scare me at all and I still can do stuff behind your back

19. grandma having a date in the washing machine and justifying it as a prank. I guess they might be naked? Somehow I suspect so photoshop geek playing with our minds

18. extreme sports is not only for humans. I feel the need, the need for speed says the doggy. is this speed racing or gymnastics?

17. if you want to be sexy when you are 100, there is nothing to stop you. you juts need to get in the right light and you are looking good.

16. head tattoo are for all ages. I wish my grandmother was that cool. She could take me to a bikers bar without feeling scared.

15. The outfit looks like this guy is doing some wrestling or something. the pose suggest the same thing, and I am sure he is successful in falling on the floor or on the opponent, as nothing would move him. success guaranteed.

14. you got to admire the confidence which is basically everything. If I would be a chick I would just go for it without any hesitation.

13. if you want to have an instant beard this is the way to go. too bad this is not yet in fashion as I would love to see more of this.

12. Barbies can be eaten too. with seasoning, wings, and some sick imagination. the only thing I have a problem with is the hair, but it will cook nicely, I am sure.

11. for those of you who are doing long hours in the gym, you are idiots. this is how to get a six pack instantly with no effort

10. sometimes is good to have partner to learn how to dance. even made out of metal. who cares. what is you problem. she is happy, isn't she

9. sometimes guys want to be funny, and we can appreciate, but it takes one small detail to be weird. is this guy weird or funny?

8. now I might not be a fashionista, but i believe this sucks so bad, whoever create this thinks they are interesting. guess what...I will get you some news, pal. it sucks, sucks, sucks, I want to scratch my eyes.

7. you do want want to be friends with this guy. Blond, face lift, lip implants, gay shorts, claws tattoos, body building, none of this makes sense.

6. you bro, was? this is some good shite. do you have some more for my dude friends in the hood. i can pay you in chicken if you do not accept master card

5. talking about chicken, this is really love for the birds. just in case you do not know, chickens are man best friends. this picture is the absolute proof.

4. i looked at this for 10 minutes to try to figure out what is going on. it looks someone had a snowboarding accident. you got the admire the idea to stick something in the groin , still not sure what this all about.

3. beautiful girl trying to to tell the cow she is bananas, not sure who, the girl or the cow, but the cow disagrees completely. well don girl, you should do this to me.

2. if you a nice person and do not feel pain, the best thing you can do is to hang stuff to improve your body. you got earrings, nose rings, also lime rings. what the hell.

1. hey cat, stop where you are right now. if you are a criminal we will shoot your a..s. freeze god dam it. do you understand the words coming out of my mouth.