Friday, 2 October 2015

25 monster kids to have

25 monster kids to convince you do not want children ever

today we are going to look at 25 monster kids to convince you never want to have children ever.
but if this kid is yours, you probably failed the parenting class as well.

25. children and dogs are a menace to furniture. if you want to have entire of them, you should have empty rooms without nothing to be trashed. perhaps just some rubber balls and that should be it.

24. your hair is always the best place to share with your yoghurt. shower shower shower, every 5 minutes otherwise animals will grow on you. this looks like hard work

23. if your kid likes to sleep on public places floors, it is very likely it will bring a lot of germs into your life. not to mention it is embarrassing to watch

22. with this attitude I would be worried. anger and frustration not giving the right toy, might make you end up really hurt if not dead. watch out

21. you better take your kids to the beach or to the park sometimes, if you do not want the beach to come to you. always a pleasure to find dirt in your living room. beautiful landscape

20. now you have to worry about cupboards, you never know what creatures are lurking in the shadow. great thing here is plastic cannot break. but it burns, and that should concern you.

19. if you guys have a fight over toys, or cereals, and your kid has this attitude of sleeping somewhere else, you should put it to the test in bad weather to see what is he made of. you might make him a soldier or a superscript agent.

18. if you experience this, nothing is safer in your house ever again. everything you touch had contact with the toilet. think about your toothbrush when you use it from now on.

17. i cannot imagine having a meal together with this disgusting creature. you got kids, you need to fast for few years

16. who's fault is this? it is yours, let me tell you. for little artists leaving them markers around the house is on you.

15. if you want milk, nothing should stop you. I would put a lock on that fridge.

14. horrible way to sleep. imagine how many creepy crawlers want sugar or food in your bed sheets. the house is full of animals, including your child.

13. the blond monster made me speechless on this one. shoe cream, that stuff is smelly and difficult to clean. you need lots of alcohol to clean and drink to forget this create is yours.

12. now, that is a hungry little monster. someday it will bit your veins off in your sleep. remember that.

11. arts never sleeps. thank god artist do. and again, lots of effort to clean this up.

10. do you believe this is an image of innocence? i think this is a zombie, walking dead, and I am expecting to show some monster teeth and attack me

9. little girl training for a long life of licking stuff. that should concern you. period.

8. i do not believe this is the result of passion for chocolate, but for brown paste. that should concern you again, as this might move in the toilet and continue the practice with poo poo

7. innocent little boy? or not. he is just using his size to get away with crime.

6. this is how your life will look like for years. i feel like suffocating seeing this right now.

5. mean little girl and mean little eyes, proud of her deeds. she is like: next time I am going to trash you and mom, and feed you to the dogs if you keep ignoring me, punk.

4. do you believe these guys are in trouble? i think you are, not them, they look not only confident but a little bit in contempt, so you better go see a specialist ads you are doing something wrong

3. man like cars, and kids don't understand that. I have done this to my father a long time a go, and I got so much trouble for it.

2. zombie, walking that, the alien and the exorcist are not as scary. punishing your elephant toys hides   future life of crime and doctor hannibal lector

1. this should concern you my friend. next time she will write this on your will be with a knife or a cutter. you better see someone like now.

question for next time, do you think this image is real or perhaps just a fake on purpose?