Sunday, 3 January 2016

20 worst butt tattoos ever

20 worst butt tattoos ever

Doctor Dinamite is renowned for controversial tattoos critique.
let's put another one to the test. if you find these cool, something could be wrong with you.
here are 20 worst butt tattoos ever, feel free to disagree

20. a farm landscape drawing about first grade level with a farmer, a pig, fence, the sun and several small male organs hints, if you have this on your back, something is not right.

19. a traffic sign with a suggestion, don't judge the message, judge the graphic quality, pretty bad in my books. not even funny. just saying.

18. this guy must charge the nanny's for a fee for advertising space, like forever. i have seen other brands and I am wondering what are these guys thinking.

17. despite the great graphical quality, i usually am inclined to kill insects on the spot with a pallet, probably this girl is really into spanking hard as she is really asking for it with such a big bug on her butt.

16. shake and bake tender, these t i would assume women, need to show off their tats together in the same time, as otherwise it would not make much sense. so they are either good friends, or wife and wife.

15. what do I see here, a bunch of bubbles coming slowly to the surface. so, it is clear to me, this is a fart underwater. obviously?

14. some people really love other people to tattoo a portrait on their butts. that is commitment and a degree of courage that i cannot understand. but who am I to talk.

13. nipples on the cheeks, in my personal and humble opinion, this is lame lame lame.

12. butt tattoos kick ass and ass tattoos kick butt, like a really deep line of thoughts, very philosophical in essence and wisdom. this is like a guru or a jedi telling us about life experiences. another tandem that need to pull the pants down in the same time.

11. if you are young, you probably do not who Chuck Norris is. for older people, the reference is actually funny, the irony and sarcasm of a superhero ending up as a tattoo. i believe this is a joke., I hope it is.

10. with hands holding your back shows signs of someone who is not getting much affection. a desire expressed with permanent ink and with a skills of a kindergarten child drawing hands, oh perhaps first grader.

9. an old timer when video games did not have a console and you have a limited choice. worth the mention here, neither good or bad, original enough to give it 10 seconds.

8. another portrait as a tattoo on the back, this time is doctor phil. I am not sure about you, but i believe this is wrong at so many levels. if anyone finds this cool, please let me know.

7. nerd wanting to be cool, i guess he kinda failed. math equations on your back as tats are not a good idea of being badass. you want to show this to the other nerds and that might want to solve it.

6. i heart zac efron, beautiful masterpiece of art and craft with a clear message. nothing wrong here folks, you can love whoever you want, enough for a bad tattoo.

5. i have a small wiener is probably not something you want to write in ink forever. such a self criticism and honesty does not work with the ladies, my friend, believe me I know. been there done that burned myself overtime.

4. failed tic tac toe, my comment sense tells me this was done sarcastically, when drunk, as the humour changes and the joke becomes old after a while. good on you to have it for a long time.

3. maybe good graphic skills, another set of bugs coming out of the hole, really disgusting on so many levels, but hey, if you are into that, what the heck, who am I to judge.

2. fantastic way to put a price on coolness. this tattoo costs 50 dollars and that is, my friends, honesty about being cheap with ink so you understand who you are really dealing with.

1. so what do we have here, a tattoo on a back, tattooed on a back, tattooed on a back. if you find this cool, i am loosing my faith in human mankind and I will go leave in a tree for a year asking if I need therapy.

that was it for today, if you believe any of these are in fact cool, let me know which one as I am loosing a battle here folks, and perhaps i need to go back to the art school for others to teach me a bout the art of ink evolution.