Saturday, 11 February 2017

20 universal question that remain unanswered

the universe is full of mysteries, there are questions wiht no answers.
here are 20 questions that you need to ask yourself before you die

20. have you ever thought about the reasons why the match head is not on the other side of the match?

19. if someone tells you there are billions os stars in the universe, you will believe them, but why if someone tells you the wall is wet painted, you just have to touch to convince yourself?

18. why doctors calls what they do a practice, i guess should they be good at it by now?

17. does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?

16. if the fire fighter fights fire, the crime fighter fights crime, what does the freedom fighter fight?

15. if corn oil comes from corn, olive oil comes from olives, would the baby oil come from babies?

14.  if you are in france, and you order toast do you get french toast or just toast?

13. have you wondered why kamikaze pilots are wearing helmets?

12. if a turtle looses its shell, would it be naked or homeless?

11. why is that when the batteries are wearing out on your remote control, you just push the buttons harder?

10.  why don;t they make the entire plane form the same indestructible material they make the black box?

9. if a cannibal eats a clown, would it taste funny?

8. if you try to fail, and you do fail, have you succeed or failed?

7. why this Hulk's shirt always rip but not his pants?

6. why to banks charge you insufficient funds fee on money that they already know you do not have?

5. why tourists go to top of buildings, pay money to see close up things through telescopes, can they just get close to those things on the ground?

4.  why do people have to wait for a night to call it a day?

3. who do the blind people know they have finished wiping their asses?

2. if we call people from Poland Poles, why don;t we call people from Holand, holes?

1.  no 1 . a question that makes my nights sleepless, why does the pizza comes in a square box?