Friday, 29 May 2015

20 selfies go wrong

20 selfies go wrong 

Today we are looking at 20 selfies go wrong. everyone is trying today to get the best selfie ever for Facebook, but sometimes lack of talent meets stupidity

20. if you are a fat white kid trying to be gangsta, make sure you can use photo shop properly. this is the original version in contrast with whatever he wants to look like. he only wishes

19. what is wrong with this picture you are asking. if you check the message it says: spending time with me nana on this lovely Sunday. that means the nana is burned and she holds the ashes. this is creepy man, even from a hot chick with big boobs like that.

18. this is what Justin Bieber can do for a emotional teenage selfie taker. she looks like she saw aliens coming, or perhaps she is just constipated

17. I am not sure about this, but he is pointing the gun to himself. either suicidal un purpose, or an idiot trying to be tough in the mirror, and wanting to see how is to be on the other side of the gun. that is scary.

16. this is how an innocent poisons spider can ruin a selfie in bed with your girlfriend. this selfie should come with sound as well, but hey, we are not there yet.

15. fat guy trying to be tough, but instead he looks insane and stupid. My Man, just think before you snap that shot as this image will never go away. it is in the internet forever. I like the black rectangle on your ass, like that is the wrong thing this picture

14. the world is filled with idiots who sometimes can exceed our imagination. dunking your head for a selfie in the fishtanks has never occur to me. to bad the fish are not piranha.

13. someone gotta tell this hot chick that she is doing it all wrong. you do not take sexy pictures on your sink, you should go in your bedroom and wear sexy lingerie and get grandma to take a shot

12. I am not sure what to make of this picture. fat guy, washing his foot, pink, blanket, pink phone and pink barbie giant clock. the glasses are reminding me of mad max.

11. what is wrong with this picture? i cannot really tell. I am focus on this old man's abs and I die on envy. with abs like that you are entitle to take selfies every day and everywhere.

10. you gotta give this girl respect. who can possible brush teeth and take a selfie in the same time. nobody. she can actually press the button with the inside of her tow. that is impressive.

9. this guy is trying to play with the mirror in such a way i cannot even comment and make some sense of it. the result speaks for itself as it looks so wrong to me.

8. if you are trying hard to be popular, you will do everything in your power to embarrass yourself. I cannot understand what is he sitting on. also the dog is pretty sad with being part of this.

7. trying to take a selfie while driving with a super excited dog can turn around in a crash, or a bad selfie.

6. girl kissing girl taking a selfie. and sometimes there are poor victims in the background not even able to take a peaceful dump without going on Facebook.

5. I think her ass hole wanted to see itself in a selfie as it is always hidden in the dark. If I would be that I would say the same, please let me out, please let me out, I am such an important part of your body. I need to be on Facebook right now.

4. there is a new trend how to look like an idiot online. you tape your face like this guy, or this guy, or this guy. there are plenty more and perhaps someone can tell me what this is all about?

3.  there are many people in this world dying to take a selfie and be famous for it. this is one example how far you can go. sometime to jail.

2. i guess this guy's balls wanted to be also captured in the picture, but putting it on the internet, i guess she did not think that trough. This is on her, not the guy. she will always be remember the girls with e balls close to her face.

1. Nothing wrong with a selfie with a  hysterical monkey, but wait, what about this? and this.
i guess the art of taking the perfect selfie takes more than snapping a shot with your phone. it should take some thinking, which clearly eludes many of us.

question for next time, what is this object this guy is sitting on? please leave your comments down below.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

20 iPhone cases for idiots

if you have an iphone this might be of interest to you. today we are looking at 20 iPhone cases for idiots. Weird, hard to use, hard to carry, they defy their own purpose. if you buy one on purpose for yourself to use it, there is a good chance you are an idiot. if you receive one from a friend, you are excused.

20. iPhone brush case is designed to be used for ladies. If you have long hair and brush regularly, this might be good for you. if the phone rings and you have short hair,  you could be taken as a lunatic.

 19. this is for teenage girls ins still in love with their toys. this look japanese to me as most of the invention in today countdown. It is well know fact the Japan can come with the most hilarious and stupid inventions ever, including iPhone cases, but we will talk about that at large in a different video 

18. if you feel the need to pick your nose and you are embarrassed about it, here is a chance to do it and get away with it. too bad there is no mucus in it, but you can pick your own nose when alone and fill the iPhone case and work your balls later.

 17. this looks like a bad ass punk biker iPhone case, but it should be black leather with metal spikes. but this is pink and golden and that is confusing. I am pretty sure it is not comfortable to have this is your pocket, or purse, or hold it tight in your head when your doctors calls you to tell you are an idiot with certificate.

 16. this is weird in its essence and disgusting. to hold this on my face while talking would be a shock not only for me, but also for the other people. if I would see this I would react on the street and try to kill it, perhaps it is an alien attack and we do not know it.

 15. this is brilliant. if you are a bodyguard, bouncer at a disco, or simply you want to be violent and hurt people, why not combine your brass knuckle with your phone. 2 object in one and you might save space in your pocket.

 14. this one is for people who really love ham so much, they want to rub it on their faces every day. not only impractical, but this will question your sanity the minute your pull it from your teenage girl purse. that would be something, wouldn't it?

 13.another japanese iPhone case, this time simulating an ice-cream. a cheap trick to full your friends, only once, because after that, you keep repeating the joke, you will be ridiculous. it is like telling the same joke ever and ever again and expect the same reaction every time.

 12. this one is a food simulating iPhone case just like the previous one which was at least pink and attractive. this is just a normal lunch for asian food lovers, again, with he rate of successful use below one time.

 11. I am not sure what this is, but it looks weird. I am not confident this is a real iPhone case or it is just a computer generated simulation for something that does not make sense at all anyway. which part would be the screen, i don;t get it.

 10. imagine you see someone answering this ever single day. that means you would know this person well, and if he is an idiot that keeps doing this, there is a good chance you are as well. So if you see a friend using this, just take it immediately and destroy it, as it is on you to save your image.

 9. a furry iPhone case is something that never occurred to me. but if you love fashion, there must me some sort of connection when you put fur on the most unlikely objects just to have them matching each other. my question, do you use shampoo to clean it after it stinks of your hands sweat?

 8. another iPhone case for someone who really loves cake. beautiful colours, great arrangement, makes me want to lick it right now.

 7. well this one is for people loving boobies. pretty much had of the world population and even more. there are girls loving boobies as well. so nothing wrong with this case. I hope the boobies can be squeezed nicely

 6. this one is pretty lame. a bath tub with a rubber had women in it. If I can understand all the others a little bit, this one is pretty bad, boring, and stupid. that is It, i got nothing else.

 5. if you go camping or hunting, here are few useful additions to your survival iPhone. it is likely you will not have reception wherever you go, but you need to be able to hunt, make a fire, screw and unscrew screws, pick locks and many other fun things to do. they should come with a spoon, fork, bottle opener, can opener and vacuum cleaner.

 4. I am not sure if this is an iPhone case with shoes, or shoes with an iPhone, but probably a good chance to be a phone in fact. if you walk around and there phone rings, what do you do? you stop, take the shoe off and answer. what happens if you just stepped in a public toilet?

 3. if you want to end up in jail, or perhaps arrested or shot, this is the iPhone case for you. use it as a gun, and you never know you might convince someone you are a tough guy.

 2. if you buy this iPhone case it is a good chance you are ugly, fat, and undatable, as this suggest they you are crying human touch and you are really missing it. not only that it is a problem in itslef, but this image right here will destry every left over small change you will EVER find a friend.

 1. the final iPhone case for today, that is as useless as difficult to use, is the lobster case. not only that the shape makes it impossible to keep it in a pocket, bag, or anything that you might take with you, but having a lobster on your face when talking is for the insane, ludicrous, preposterous, and ridiculous.

question for next time, do you have such a iPhone case air have you ever seen anyone with something like that

Saturday, 23 May 2015

20 dumb stuff things you can buy online

20 dumb stuff things you can buy online

Today we will be looking at 20 if the dumbest examples of stuff you can buy online. the world is full of idiots but who cares, right?

20. if you really love Nicholas Cage you can take him with you in your bedroom in a pillow format. I am not sure about you. not sure who was the idiot who came up with this idea, perhaps it was Cage himself to pump up his popularity going down the toilet. Disgusting ugly and creepy pillow cases if you ask me. 

19. If you have grudges against the american president, this is an item      that probably will make you feel better. If you ask me I would rather do this with twilight as that movie scared me forever with some stupid vampires falling involve with their food. it is like loving your hamburger so much, you can actually marry it. stupid stuff. 

18. if you are really bored with your life and so hopeless you cannot even hire a human stripper, this is something you can buy for your dog. maybe that will cheer you up and realise you are an undatable idiot.

17. If you do believe that unicorns can be used for their meat to feed you, probably you still believe in santa clause and you still do not have a wallet yet. and that makes me wonder who makes stuff for children with no money.

16. this is really disturbing in my view. I can understand inflatable women, but how sick do you need to be to actually get an inflatable sheep. not only this is not for kids, but check this out. it has a hole but hole for purposes that I cannot want to imagine. 

15. just to continue with unicorns, apparently they can have sex with dolphins. this is a cigarette holder for smokers. I am wondering what kind of people would find this funny enough to buy this and see it ever day in their pockets.

14. finishing with unicorns and focusing on dolphins, there are people in this world selling advice and reasons you want to punch a dolphin in the face. and guess that? they put this on Amazon so they can make money on you. I would love a book about punching people writing about punching dolphins.

13. if you have sex life is intense and find yourself dry at critical moments, do not forget buy 99 gallons of lube, just in case you run out of it. perhaps in 500 years if you share with with your entire village everyday. 

12.  for people really loving bacon, you can have these bandages if you cut yourself. so, remember these are bandages. they do not smell like bacon and you will be safe with dogs as they rely on smell more than the visual. 

11. if you are a fugitive from the law and find yourself in the wild forrest, these animal footprint shoes might save yourself. The police, FBI or who the hell will bother to chase you, will be definitely sent on a wild goose chase.

10. if you have trouble biting or cutting a banana with a knife, you need a special slicer to come with it. I have no other comments as I am speechless. 

9.  if you live thriller movies or are a killer yourself thirsty for blood, this probably will cheer you up a little, and slow you down in your crimes. This is a matt that gets bloody red when you step out of the shower. brilliant right?

8. the boyfriend arm pillow is for lonely people feeling the need to  have an imaginary friend and a physical presence in your bed to hug you at night. i believe this is for man as well. 

7. I am not sure this is, but apparently it will electronically lift your nose during your sleep, to allow the mucus to come down easier, and ti improve your nose shape, so they claim. it is called the nose lifter and it is made in Japan. why am I not surprised

6. if you are really a disco fan, this is how you can distract everyone during a sunny day and I am pretty sure the rate of accidents will increase dramatically when you are in traffic. I wondering if this is legal. 

5. for all the iPhone users of this world, check out this gadget. you can hold it so you can watch doctor dinette. neat right?

4. if you do not want to be bothered to turn on the light during the night when you go to the toilet, this is a glow in the dark toilet paper version. I am wondering if the glow is transferable on your but so you can glow in that dark yourself. that would be awesome, right?

3. just in case you do not understand, this is a lobster iPhone case, so you will definitely get some attention when you pull it out from your pocket to answer the other idiots calling you for a meeting. you have to appreciate the creativity though.

2.  this is an iphone case with a cup holder for people really into their phones. so you do not need to take your eyes off the screen and have your take away coffee in sight just in case someone will steal it, or you cannot spare any seconds away from Facebook

1. number one and the best in my opinion is the ostrich pillow to take at work. I guess you can have a rest during business hours, and if you cannot see others, they cannot see you...right? problem solved

Question for next time, have you ever bought one of these. If you send a proper justification, you will be exempt from being an idiot and we can publish your comment with respect in the next video.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

20 epic drunken party photos - EMBARRASSING!

20 epic drunken party photos - EMBARRASSING!

today we are looking at 20 epic drunken party photos. Alcohol and party do mix very well together, sometimes a bit too much. Embarrassing, shameful disgraceful, but I love it.

 20. starting soft today with the typical nerd arrived to a party by accident. that is right boy, please ignore the wild chick next to you, so you can get home still a virgin tonight.

 19. this is one of the baddest Santas I have seen, if there are kids in the room, cover your eyes, so you do not want to remain with this image to haunt you for the rest of your life.

 18. I am not sure if this guy is trying to give her some tongue, or he wants to whisper something, but she looks over the moon with his presence, really impressed about he has to say.

17 . how drunk can you be to ignore what is in your face. If I drop anything in a public toilet, goes straight to the garbage bin, what about this guy's face. I would not want to wake up there.

 16. it takes a great effort for your friends to do such a great masterpiece, and it would take a lot of alcohol to actually ignore you are being taped to the shite pipes on the ceiling. that is gotta be a fake. by the way, where is this party? in the basement?

 15. a large amount of booze, will make every horizontal surface just as comfy as a king size bed. and guess what, you do not have to go the toilet later.

 14. if you end up like this guy the next morning, something must have really clouded your judgement, and there is no amount of alcohol to justify this. that is right my friend, you will be online forever for this and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

 13. i am going to be mean this time. If I would be a women, with no boobs at all, I would not take a picture next to this guy. His manboobs overshadow her cupsize by a million times, literally. if have a zero in your bra, everything is bigger in the world. Even a nut.

 12. i am not sure, but i believe these ladies are gorgeus. I would like to date all 3 of them in the same time, to gain the respect of all my friends. all 3 of them, including the imaginary ones.

 11. this is the perfect position for a lady. next time you want a serious girlfriend, check out the toilet after a party. you might get lucky and find yourself and merry wife knowing how to party.

 10. it takes physical effort to party. it is not for the weak and faint hearted. sometimes dropping some pee in the glory of the moment, is just natural.

 9. these guys seem heavy repeated drinkers, as you need a lot of training to actually survive in that position after a long night of cheap booze and good story in the village pub. I don't know but this feels like russia

 8. i guess you deserve a good session of body painting with some of the most talented friends you will ever have. remember when you wake up in the morning that your are not a victim of alcohol, but a victim of art.

 7. this is really passion for the toilet, this time the female version. the position is telling us that after a session of throwing up, this young lady feel asleep immediately. I am wondering if this knowledge is passed around your area, who will want to kiss you, like ever?

 6. talent and imagination for another group of friends playing a prank on the drunken buddy, this time the image is just funny. nothing wrong with some read onion, a couple of chips, and a poor attempt to draw a penis with a red marker on hid neck. not bad

 5. I hope you have seen that dead people on the street get a white chalk contour drawn for the forensic photo shoot. this is the lighter version, just in case you pass out drunk, and all your friends are trying to make you famous on Facebook for the rest of your life. this does not go away.

 4.I guess this girl practiced some karate when she was younger and tried to show her skills. I would not want to have this picture published ever. preposterous, horrific, ridiculous, embarrassing

 3.having fun is for everyone regardless of gender, age, or weight. I think the lady does not even feel this guy riding her, she looks so relaxed, just like a horse. nothing wrong with that. the guy is really having a good time. he deserves it.

 2. just in case you do not understand what you see I am going to explain the obvious. the guy is showing off his muscles, and she throws up in contempt. I don;t know why, because he really looks convincing. ands he seems cute as well. what is wrong with her.

 1. today's number one is a masterpiece. You gotta love the persistence and talent to come up with something like that and execute this to perfection without this poor guy waking up. I always love the closed yes painted as open, as this is how you get a good sleep in school or at work. you should try it sometimes. success guaranteed. Question. do you think drinking is bad for your Facebook profile? leave your comments down below

Saturday, 16 May 2015

20 photos right before disaster

today we are looking at 20 photos right before disaster strikes. final one is the best.

20. if you want to sleep on the beach, it would be protect yourself otherwise you might get a little wet. if you are like me, having pee on your face is disaster, the smell will stay with you for weeks, not matter how much you shower.

19. the dog is really determined to bite something, as long as it is round in shape, like this lady. the dog cannot tell the difference between the frisky and her. she looks happy, poor clueless women

18. I though dogs like any normal being have an instinct of self preservation, and not perform jumps that will definitely end up in disaster. for them. apparently I am mistaken and there are animals that stupid to ignore the signs and run like idiots after a round flying saucer.

17. I am wondering if this on the way down, or way up. the fall is guaranteed and this is what happens when you want to impress the girlfriend with an ATV. helmets are stupid. don't wear them.

16. the local medieval fest, and a drunken ninja dressed as a an average party boy attempt to do a yokotobygery kick jump against a medieval knight who is opposing the force like a true jedi. karate people will know what I am talking about.

15. i don't know why but this looks russian, and they guy is watching a hammer taking off and land on his face. do you think it will hurt?

14. this is at least awesome. someone snapped the picture, before this guy will actually feel the pain. ouch. he is still smiling. gotta be happy till unhappy.

13. do you believe this guy will get his bicycle back? Certainly does not look like it. he is taking off looking very happy though. see you later alligator

12. all these guy look drunk, she looks like a happy nerd, not really a serious disaster but she is going to get something on hear head, and that is guaranteed.  i think she is the birthday girl

11. another disaster but not really a distiller, as water support live. sometime being on top of other people will make you a target. the snap is awesome

10. wow what is this? an attention breaker so you do not fall asleep during this video. the cow will fall onto this superhero, and that is classified as a disaster, right? even in fiction

9. now this is a real disaster. this poor girls hair is on fire,  but she does not know it yet. she is still enjoying a selfie, focus on phone settings.

8. now this is a real disaster. i have no comments other there will be a lot of people unhappy loosing stuff in the ocean. why would you circle your boat in the way , i don't get it.

7. this looks like a goat of some sort attacking a girl. why would you have a goat in the first place to jump at you? you get what you get.

6.  you gotta appreciate the love for extreme sports. even when you are going down for sure, you still have the spirit to do a thumb up, like and share on Facebook. double thumbs up.

5. well. i guess they had it coming. I'm am pretty sure that a small truck or van like that does not accommodate a thousand people. the driver looks happy though he pulled a stunt like that so far.

4. well, what do you think about this picture. why would she be in this position. did she let go, is she trying to do a stunt? regardless the landing will not be pretty

3. Epic wedding pic, i am about to become speechless. there is still chance for salvation, but i sincerely doubt this was the outcome. i think it is a you?

2. this is a real disaster and it will not end up pretty. I would hope that the guy will learn that even kids carts can get some dangerous speed.

1. final one for today, i do not really want to explain the obvious, but I will still do it though as i think this is pretty dam funny. drunken guy, after pissing on a fence, faints and falls down. the beauty is that he pissed on the fence first, so he is safe. not later shame.

question for next time, is there a proof in this picture the guy was drunk? look carefully and leave your comments down below. best comment will be in the next video.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

20 epic bad parents fails

20 epic bad parents fails

.... today we are looking at 20 epic bad parents fails. some people do not deserve to be parents at all. 

20. learning to play with guns should come from an young age. It is never to early to join the hunting party, and be comfortable shooting stuff

19. inflatable dolls are toys that should teach the kids the respect for women and good behaviour. 

18. this looks so wrong, i am wondering if the parent is really serious about leaving the child like that.

17. take a good picture and make sure you show what kind of adult videos you are watching with your son. 

16. i do not understand this picture. she these old guys getting married? is this their kid? makes no sense whatsoever, also the old guy thinks he is still with the male stripping club

15. if you go for shopping and you do not feel like taking your noisy kid with you, just lock him in the locker. as long as he can see people, it is OK.

14. wow. is the little guy really upset because of the chains? or because the lyon does not want to play with him. note that the end of the chain is loose so they can both run together.

13. i always wanted a pet i can take a bath with, including a huge pyton. well done mister parent. the snake does not seem interested. you got that right

12. if you go on holiday and you are stuck with your newborn baby, there is no reason to stop having fun with extreme sports. next thing on the list should be the sky jet, or perhaps sky diving.

11. is this bad because the child is attacking the fridge, or becase he is going to break the shelves. both way, the food is in jeopardy

10. another snake, this time as food for the baby, who would put anything in his mouth. the snake does not seem to mind. good luck with that

9. So let me get this straight, he holds the kid so he can feed the racoons. well done father, you are way better than Michael Jackson

8. there is nothing like a comfortable and cosy pram to take your kid to the park. The baby is sleeping so what is your problem?

7. why would you do that to your baby. I am sure he did not climb by himself. he does not look happy either. also make sure you take a snap and share it with friends so he will be embarrassed when he grows up. 

6. let's look together at this picture. this is a mermaid with fake boos, huge tail who needs and assistant, who I would hope it is her dad. well done dad, you helped your daughter to get her dream come true. sexy mermaid

5. this image is wrong at so many levels. for a miniature hannibal lector, he seems to be very cool with it.  i think he bites. 

4. what kind of mother would force this poor little girl to wear a bra and also bake in the sun so bad. if everything else today could be a joke, this one is not. 

3. there you go, if you do not have a pram or a baby bed, just use some tape and the baby can spend some quality time on the wall. also note that her favourite toy gets the same exposure to the room. well done. I would try this myself

2. I am not sure if this is just for the fun taking the snap, the baby does not seem to enjoy the idea being nuked. 

1. when the ceiling fan falls onto your baby, and he is reasonably unhappy, make sure you take the time, take a shot, share it with your friends on Facebook, as this is funny. after that you can choose to help your child to safety

which one is the funniest of them all, and are some of the parent supposed to be in therapy?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

biggest human body parts

today are are going to look at the 15 biggest human body parts. you will be flabbergasted, stupefied, thunderstruck and mortified

  15. the biggest head belongs to Sain Mumtanz from Pakistan. he suffers from a rare condition and probably would be not a good idea to make fun of the poor guy, who is leading a difficult life.

14. the longest hair belongs to Xie Quipping from China with an impressive length of 5.6 meters, or 18 ft and 5 inches. She has no future plans for a hair cut and she probably spends a little bit more time in the shower than you and me.

13. longest beard belongs to Sarwan Singh from Canada and it measures 2.37 meters or 7ft and 9 inches. you have to admire the patience and makes you wonder, if he is sitting on a toilet, would his beard touch the floor?

12. longest moustache measures 4.3 meters or 14 ft from one end to the other, and belongs to another gentleman named Singh form India this time. for this size the moustache has to have a larger root so it blends a little bit with the beard, but hey, let's not be picky here. the guy is a mountain of patience and perseverance.

11. the biggest nose is 8.8 centimetres or 3.5 inches and belongs to Mehmet from Turkey. not really impressed here, and I don't know how it was measured.

10. the largest ears belong to Daryl Belmares and are the result of a long stretch. This guy is actually a Pastor, Like really? I am not impressed again as I was expecting something like this....too bad its photoshop

9. the longest nails belong apparently to Lee Redmond, hair dresser in US with an impressive length of 8.65 meters or 28 ft all together
The gentlemen however has also about 29th ft worth of nails himself.Why she has them straight and him curly?
also you have to wonder how do they wipe their asses after number 2 in the toilet? is there someone else to help them?

8. the biggest mouth belongs to Franisco Joaquin from Angola. It measures 17 cm  or 6.7 inches, but that it not impressive, but the fact he can put a hole coke can inside. that is impressive

7. the biggest eyes record belongs to Kim Goodman. this is actually the biggest eye pop outside the orbit by an irrelevant number of millimetres or inches, as the image speak for itself. you do not w ant one there when she feels like doing this as you might get scared and run away.

6. the longest neck extension is 40 centimetres or 15 inches, and this is a beauty standard for women in Padaung tribe in Burma. they cannot move the head any longer and if you remove the rings, she will die.

5. the largest biceps are of course the result of steroids. Gregg Valentino started body building at at age of 13 and developed the desire to pump up nature with some pills to make his hands like rocks.
i believe he lost touch with the concept what a good body looks like with those weird muscles

4. largest fingers come also with largest hands, and unfortunately it is another medical condition. Kareem, from India is one of the many cases with huge hands, which are giving him a hard time of every aspect of his life. no jokes here

3. longest tongue belongs to Annika Irmler from Germany who can lick an ice-cream from an impressive distance of 8 centimetres. not really impressed as her skill does not seem to have any applications in real life. what would you do with a tong like that? nothing that I can't do with mine

2. largest breasts belong to Annie Hawkins with an impressive size of 109 centimetres or 43 inches.I guess her bra comes custom made and despite she looks happy in this picture, probably she has troubles sleeping, reaching the sink, or standing up.

1. longest penis is probably the record you were waiting for. Allegedly It belongs to Jonah Falcon, with an impressive 34 centimetres or 13.5 inches. Sorry you will not get any pictures today as you do not want to go back in your bedroom and cry, and also youtube might not like it either. The guy used to wear tight shorts just to make people feel bad about themselves. mean bastard.

do you believe it is Ok to flaunt your body parts to make other people feel bad about themselves?
leave your answer down below and we might mention it in the next video.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

20 photos that look dirty but are not. your mind is

Today you are going to look at 20 photos that look dirty, they are not but your mind is. 20.beyond the obvious human penis preparing a barbecue, this is a happy occurrence i am sure they had a great laugh about 19. well the fact they are looking very calm at the camera tells me that the black shape might not be his penis. o, I got it, it is the bike seat 18. epic picture in the mountain side, too bad she might have a penis. sorry this is just a shadow in her knee in a terrible position. too bad this photo went viral and the girl was embarrassed. why would she? any man would be proud of that size 17.piercing between the legs? i guess not, juts 2 guys very close to each other. they are both bold and unshaved, and ridiculously i believe they did this on purpose to fool you and me. 16. your dirty mind will tell you something bad is going on here. in fact they guy is just checking his teeth laying down.cheeky bastard! on!is this what I believe it is? the small hand indicate a small girl, and the big hand indicates a big man. probably the father 14.on a first look something very fishy is happening here. but it takes few seconds for your brain to tell you that is not possible and you are looking at the left girl's leg. 13. check this out, this guy left his wallet in his but. let's get it out, quickly and run away before somebody sees us. the guy on the ground has a face like he is hurting...of course he is. the wallet can be big. 12.i would really like to date this girl just for fun to see such an atrocity. she is lucky this hair belongs to a guy laying on the bed. otherwise she would not probably smile again like that. 11.this is an obvious vagina....hold on, is this it? what about this? dam..i wish it was a vagina, but some guys never stop to disappoint m with their underarm bush. By the way, do you grow underarm bush? i think it is disgusting 10. wow, this is no illusion. what you see is for real. this animal looks like that. what a poor creature. it does not even know how bad it looks, unless somebody tells it. 9. what do you think this is? your dirty mind believes some bad thing happening here. in fact an innocent little piggy wants some food, between to bigger pigs. probably some sort of uncles 8. she is smiling isn't she. with such big breasts, she has and aura of self confidence. too bad we are looking at her elbows, in case you are still wondering what you re looking ut, and your dirty mind is still in control. 7. the girl at the back does not have underwear. that is true but unfortunately for us, we are looking at the blond chick's arm. too and. it would have been epic. 6.i am wondring how can she be naked at a party and nobody seems to notice. well, i give up, we are looking at the front girl's arm fat. as bad as the naked scenario. nobody seems to notice that either. 5.this is reaaallly cool. unless you pay a lot of attention and discover there is an actual dog in the picture, the whole story here is interesting. perfect time for a great photo, even if not what we would like to believe 4. ballon party, perfect timing, she seems to get a serious erection here. impossible but nevertheless a great photo to share with the friends 3. check out the girl with a small weenie. you need to spend like 5 seconds to realise we ar looking at the guy's hand and suddenly the interest for this picture drops. 2. really bad imagination to see hair coming out like that. of course this is a face. what did you think? the hair does not grow like that in the region you think this is 1. for number one today, a adult party here with 2 boys and a girl. if they would not be dressed, you would not pick up the fact we are looking at the guys hand. the weird part is that the background of the picture is completely black that suggests someone must have used photoshop on this. that is it for today, question for next time, do you believe these guys from no 17 knew what they were doing and did this on purpose?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

20 church signs that will make you laugh

today we are looking at 20 of the funniest church signs that will make you laugh. some priests do have sense of humour and this is how they will try to convince you to go to church 20. church parking, trespassers will be baptised. so you if park there by accident you might end up with a new religion in god but lock your car. a very pragmatic trust the good and do not trust the man advice. i guess it makes sense doesn't it? 18. Jesus is coming for you so look busy. this is a preschool preparing children from an early age for a bludging corporate job when you grow up. well done friends. 17. Sunday worship has been cancelled until somebody can prove all of this. i guess it might take a bit longer than a week, don't you? 16. how do we make holly water? we boil the hell out of it. I actually thing this is pretty cool and it all makes sense. 15. God did not create anything without a purpose but mosquitoes come close. and spiders, and dust mites and perhaps Britney Spears...or maybe I am wrong on this one 14. There are some questions that can't be answered by google. you got that right. Google cannot answer either where I lost my umbrella last week. 13. you cannot enter heaven unless Jesus enters you. this is so wrong at so many levels, I am wondering if the pastor who wrote this is really and adult? 12. don't be so open minded your brains will fall out. In another words, if you are open to other things, is wrong...i have no comments here despite the humour approach for a controversial message. 11. be pure and fill your cracks with Christ. that means if you have got cracks on your skin guess you better pay attention what cream you buy as you might end up in hell. 10. Come hear a zombie story with a lot less annoying bickering than the walking dead. You mean dead people walking and discussing petty subjects, right? is that a Jesus reference? Last time I checked Zombies do not talk but walk towards you like idiots for your blood. 9.forgivness is to swallow when you want to spit. i reckon a 10 year old could have come up with a batter quote than this. pretty lame if you ask me. 8. anal convention, between 9th and 12th of May. Lord we just want to thank you. I cannot believe whoever wrote this cannot spell. I believe they run out of letters and made up the best the could. 7. Sunday message, Jesus, bring me that ass. Perhaps another spelling mistake or a pastor going gangsta. 6. open you mouth, I will fill it. message from Paul Meyers the pastor. Well Paul, you better stand up and put more details as this is confusing. 5. is touching yourself worth and eternity? really? i did not know an innocent wank is a sin. we all need to reflect on this. if you are a man, be honest with yourself and think about what you have already done. 4.sexual exploitation of children workshop. is this for church people. or for public. if you want to learn the trade, you better check it out. 3. the most powerful position is on your knees. i do not know about that. powerful for who? him or her. 2. honk if you love jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him. This is a message sponsored by traffic authorities not the church. or perhaps both. 1. I kissed a girl and I liked it, then i went to hell. Katy Parry you are in deep trouble. also all men out there, you are in trouble as well. well not all of you. question. regardless you are religious or not, the important question is should they exist. leave you comments below.