Friday, 18 September 2015

20 worst mcDonalds toys ever

today we are looking at 20 of the worst McDonalds toys ever. You want a hamburger, you might get also a bad surprise with it.

20. finding memo jelly fish, apparently an innocent character, but shaped like a dildo, i am pretty sure what the parents are thinking. they could use is as well for a play. the jelly fish face lack of enthusiasm is awesome

19. the mdcdonald mask is so creepy, I would not even wear it. I would rather wear something more cheerful optimistic, like, alien attack or zombie, as clown are probably to most terrifying creatures in the world

18.rasputin toy is another stupid creation of a mind that cannot relate to children. Do you even know who rasputin is? how is that not creepy and scary. I thou this toy immediately. perhaps back at whoever is selling it to me.

17. the nutritional books are like, come and get my food, but learn how not to get it. get it people? hypocrisy at its highest level. jut like ciggarettes packs messages today, buy these ciggies but you could die from it, so buy but don't buy. what is wrong with you people? get your message straight

16. the plastic glove puppet is just a plastic bag with a drawing on it. if anyone can find this funny or attractive in any shoe of form, they must be so easily amused, they do not need a toy to have fun. show them a finger and that should be enough. lame lame lame people

15. clone wars toys are a thing of the past. not only it does not make much sense to have a head on a starship, the starwars is for old people. i struggle to find people under 20 knowing who chewabacca is these days. because I am old and stuff, you know

14. another mcdonald old mark, i cannot believe they did not even bother to do a better job. just a piece of cardboard that you even have to cut the eyes out. preposteruous ludicrous embarrassing

13. people, this is a doll, a mcdonald doll. I am happy i was not alive when this was given to people having their hamburgers so i could not be insulted as a child. nobody can convince me this is a fun toy, other than a voodoo doll to stick needles in it.

12. fast macs they were called, and a small head pops up from a plastic car, poping out from a box, all sharp so you can cut yourself. I do not even understand completely what this is and how you can have fun with it, other then burn it.

11. this is a plastic microscope people. just in case you are wondering. so you can see through a plastic lens something a little bit bigger than it really is. awesome. what can I say, go science, go go go

10. one of my favourite, is the multiplication machine, so you can solve your homework while you are having fun at mcdonalds. because this is what you do, you go to eat a burger and you really feel like working for school. seriously...

9. thank god we are in year 2015, as these are plastic watches for kids 20 years ago. a plastic wrapped around your hand. how funny. today we have watches that do stuff, but imagine how sad your parents were when they were kids.

8.ginger bread key chain or something as I don;t get what this really is. some people say this is some sort of watch that changes faces from smiling to frowning, but did this ever work, that is the question

7. is this a gladiator cage, i don';t really know and i am not even sure who you can play with this other than trapping bugs inside and look and them how they die of starvation. obviously some bigger bugs.....

6. plastic food play pack. so if you really love the idea of food, you can have some plastic one to take home and perhaps try to full other kids into taking a bite or something. that would be funny. for you ate least.

5. mcfavourite clown valentines were just a series of printed cards to collect. so, the game was to buy meals, get a card every time and start collecting until you have 12 different cards. and after that what?  show them to your friends that you are some sort of hero or something. i don't get it

4. the sipper dipper was just a straw some time ago. so in today standards you get a straw with your drink anyway, so imagine how special was at that time to get a straw. if the shape of the straw was other than straight, that must have been like super fun. really man?

3. hey kids, there was a time when toys did no have motors or remote controls, but a rubber band to rotate the propeller in water. if you think about it, it was genious. this is not a bad toy, but actually a cool one? can i buy it today from somewhere?

2. the NBA figurine something, this is so creepy i cannot even consider it a toy. black bag just like my garbage bags, and the green figurine which is as creepy and sad I could imagine. and there is a wold on the creature shirt.

1. the latest and the greatest controversy today is the recent release of the cursing minions who are supossed to say something funny but it came out as WTF. I am not sure about that but there are many opinions about it

question for next time, if you have ever heard the minions saying something, is there a curse or not, leave your comments down below