Saturday, 14 November 2015

20 perfectly timed photos

20 perfectly timed photos
another episode from Doctor dynamite talking about the right photos, the right time, the right, outcome and the right whatever. this can be so funny and so unlimited

20. 2 areas of interest, the bullet and the butt. This is how you confuse people, give them more than one point of interest and they will be undecided which one is mor important

19. nothing funny or embarrassing here, cause that is what we are after, just a perfect shot of a guy with a camera on a boat, shooting seagulls. when i see seagulls all i think is potato chips safety

18. dog eating snow. crazy face, this guy must love icecream a lot. or perhaps the master is fooling him with snow instead of a stick. big mystery

17. you gotta admit this is a nice picture. this is what happens when you wear bedsheets instead or proper clothes. lucky she is looking dam good.

16. sports are coming always with the potential co capture some pretty twisted picks, and you are wondering if this is human in it. how does make sense I am not really sure.

15. analysing this cannot be a fake. the focus is on the squirrel and the guys in the back are blurry. this gotta be real.

14. this look like some kind of artistic sexy pose for painting or video, until someone decided the have a go, through some milt, and let me tell you, i reckon he nailed it.

13. impressive impressive, impressive, some sand splashing around after a jump. looks good, nothing wrong here, let's move on

12. cheerleading is a serious sport and I mean it. just take a look at this, and tell me if you can do it.

11. i have seen this picture in many video, yeah, OK the girl is doing a full string, and we can see the underpants. but in tennis we all see the underpants as they are not really underpants. i am not sure why they still bother with the useless pathetic skirt.

10. a word telling the other to shut the f up as it talks only rubbish. many birds in real life talk a lot of rubbish. i know lots of them and they do.

9. capturing a splashing soap bubble is kinda hard if you think about it. that is pretty awesome shot.

8. i think this guy is drunk, opening a gas bottle in his own face just to be funny, man imagine, a small spark happening from any reasons.

7. i don't have many comments on this picture, i absolutely love it. I need to find a high resolution copy so I can print it an hang in in my living room. awesome

6. jackass extreme sports freaks are plenty on this planet, this guy is still interested if the camera is rolling. i don't think  he will be to impressed with himself after this.

5. this sport is so gay. why would you put yourself in even a slight possibility to be so close to someone else's balls unless you love balls very much. I think this happens everyday at the training.

4. a dog expressing a political opinion. nothing wrong here folks.

3. now we are getting somewhere. rihanna offering an interesting perspective on life , you cannot miss the moment ever. this guys reaction is so natural , i would have done the same. no doubt.

2. slo mo guys, myth busters, and all science say freaks, nobody caught a moment like this. awesomeness combined with party, fun and a lot of pain after by the looks of it.

1. final one for today, a popular picture with a guy holding a bottle in his hand. and guess what, he is bold and has a black shirt. but i guess you don't see that do you?

thank you for watching , question for next time, how much do you think this hurt, from 1 to 10. and who would you do this to? i want names people!