Saturday, 24 October 2015

20 funniest animal pictures ever

20 funniest animal pictures ever

today we are going to look at  20 of the funniest animals like opinion here folks...all haters will disagree

20. kung fu cat kicking the dog. hair. awesomeness combined with skills. hey dog, watch out next time.

19. if you are an fox in a large group of hunting dogs hunting foxes, pretend nothing is wrong and go with the flow. i guess this is valid in real life. you might get away unnoticed as the crowd is stupid

18. too much fashion can hurt, where is the head and where is the back. if I would be this horse i would be embarrassed and I would go to a horse hair cuts salon to have my hair done.

17. as you will see. dogs humping sand dumping is a large subject how to ruin a photo shoot. plenty of this coming up as well. awesome

16. wedding photography at its best. this is priceless and I would suggest to frame this and put in on the wall. how many people can say they have got this

15. giraffes interfering with tourists. seen that, done that, the giraffe is just trying to pull a tongue and make raspberries

14. look slick an ostrich attempting the get tome food. 2 things wrong here. I would not keep the window open in the back seat if there is a child there, and also take a look at the size of that food container.

13. there are strange people in the world photoshopping sharks everywhere. i have seen sharks attacking even military helicopters, biting staff, dancing with the starts and also leading big corporations. nothing new folks

12. photoshop or not, the creepy seal is creepy. seals are supposed to be cute. i cannot sleep tonight after seeing this.

11. that is a nasty cat. get away, you are blocking something interesting here. the girls wants to pose dam it and you are in the way. do you think the cat does it on purpose?

10. another case of humping dogs ruining the photoshoot. i would say they are not really ruining it, in fact they are making it better.

9. well. not sure what to make of this. to my expert eye in photoshopped, as I made lots of videos already, this is another case of photoshop, image of contempt, fear, surprise, shock or enthusiasm. so many feelings... i can't take it

8. photo shoot with dog dumping, same as humping, equally distracting... in a good way i mean. brilliant and priceless.

7. dumping dog, dumping dog, dumping dog alert. great photo.  great pose, great everything. we should have a contest here

6. let me get this straight, a hunter drawing a deer but its horns which looks alive, and the dog hump the deer. these  dogs are just crazy small animals, aren't they.

5. is this a camera catching the fox in the act, or this is just the fox showing its feelings about wildlife photography. too good to be true.

4. the same dumping dog not caring about the photo shoot. yet another example of dog making photos better as promised earlier in the video

3. i wash i was that cat...sometimes being a cat has its perks...actually being a cat has only perks. humans, feeding you, cleaning your mess, offering soft parts of their bodies to rest on...awesome life.

2. no matter what you are going to tell, me, i really do not believe this is possible. the dog tongue cannot be that long.

1. i don't believe this guys know what he's doing, he is copying the hot chick without much consideration for other people's feelings, just like a monkey would do.

question for next time, do you believe it is possible for this dog to wrap around its head with the tongue, or just another photshop?