Saturday, 10 October 2015

20 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

20 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

today we are going to take a look at 20 images so amazing, you won't believe aren't photoshopped
it is my turn to comment

20. this is not the gate to hell into the ground, just a mad artist drawing on the floor. amazing art unfortunately just from one angle. coming from a different direction, will not make any sense.

19. the image looks pretty much right, i guess they actually tried about 100 times to get it. appreciate the effort though to show the angry girl smashing the boyfriend on the ground. wishful thinking

18. well, gymnastics are a great source of extreme angles photos, and there are plenty of pictures on the net with headless girls jumping around. do not panic, it is nothing to fear. another day at the office for them

17.  i am being told this is not photoshop, just a fire aftermath with this pole suspended in the air. they should do something pretty soon to fix it, as I don't imagine this will last

16. image snapped with a phone before a storm, not sure when and where but they claim it is real. I have seen sand storms myself, so no reason to believe this is a fake

15. i don't believe this one, despite the no photoshop sign. ants might be smart, but i don't think they are this smart. probably the one on the straw shouts clear directions in ant language...nahhh

14. the gate to hell is not a real, just a man made creation to drain the lake. can't understand why like this and how they dug the tunnel....does not make much sense, but they say it is real.

13. extreme black and white clothing and make up, it has been done before. if you think about it it would be interesting to have this kind of characters walking on the street and a daily basis.

12. this looks like a joke but it is not. it just the after effect on a new zealand earthquake. or perhaps some stronge people got drunk and played with the railway tracks...bad joke, please ignore it. not funny

11. not this is not photoshopped, but a long time effort of a very lonely cabin master somewhere in the mountains. you have to understand, someone so isolated has a lot of time to express his feelings and artistic impulses. rabbit is so ugly, a kindergarten kid could have done a better job.

10. some of you might have seen the super body building dog. it did not take steroids, did not push iron in the gym, just happened to have mutant genes. they say it is a happy and cheerful dog.

9. i have seen the 4 eye girl in hundreds of blogs and youtube videos already. what is so special, bit deal, paint a couple of more eyes and  shock the world. really, you need to get out more.

8. they say this is in Dubai on the top of the super duper hotel. why would you play tennis over there? that beats me. i don't think they thought this through. tennis balls falling on the ground constantly, potential hurting visitors. really? i don't buy it. imagine the wind up there....seriously?

7.  interesting art, suspended tap with flowing water. great idea. probably the support is somewhere inside the jet. cool bananas

6. forrest ranger with artistic flair. bike left in a tree to rust and trey growing around it. pretty cool idea though. the bike looks 100 years old.

5. if you ask me this is lame. i have seen this in 1000 versions including the sun rising between the legs of a gorgeous chick. not impressed but not photoshopped either.

4. another artist trying to impress, this is not photo shopped, but just a lot of work from one specific angle. pretty cool if you ask me, i will never have the patience to do something like this.

3. which one of this girl would you date. I would go for the tall chick to see how it to stare at the belly button without bending. not photo shopped.

2. there is a mission head here. hickey is a violent sport, and the strong hit the red player with such a force, the head splashed. just kidding, the head is somewhere inside and the helmet is taking off only.

1. fantastic pic, no photoshop here, just a mirror perfectly placed with mess with our minds. I will try this myself one day as it looks more the awesome.

thanks for watching today, question for next time, do you know if the dubai suspended tennis field is for real. leave your comments down below.