Saturday, 26 September 2015

25 most amazing 3d tattoos ever

25 most amazing 3d tattoos ever

today we are looking at 25 most amazing 3 D tattoos ever. people hate me because i picked on some other tattoos , but today show is a work of art. period. love it.

25. do you feel like going out with this girl. she looks like her leg is made out of wood. i hope the other leg is the same.

24. this tattoo makes me want to grab this guy arm and stick my finger thought the holes. brilliant

23. alien attack from sinned your body. we will some more of these. fantastic tat, taking off your clothes could be a shock for the guy who undresses you.

22. one more black hole sucking my eyes into the abyss. i cannot take my eyes from this one.

21. the lion moth is so realistic, it scares the crap out of me. i wonder how does this one look like from the front, and not from the side.

20. ancient stone symbols, with dark motifs, rituals, and hidden messages. so hidden, you need a history teacher to decipher. secret cults theory one on one. pretty awesome though

19. i get the portraiture thing on the skin, but i think it takes some really passion for denzel to put him on the skin permanently. who would you tattoo on your body? i would do troy sivan.

18. innocent butterfly for a romantic chick. nice. she is on facebook if you pay attention

17. it is hardly for me to believe you can put a tattoo on your tong. i wonder how much it would hurt and what it would taste like. and perhaps, can you taste anything after? gotta have balls to have than on your think this one is paint not a tat. question...would you kiss those lips?

15. innocent creepy girls on the back of your hand. pretty cool

14. 5 hands covering the devil. is this some sort of good against evil struggle? just let the evil go free. can you notice how low this guy nipples are?

13. that is right. fantastic reflection on the guy's back of head. awesomeness raised to art

12. another chick trying to impress....and she succeeded. i think i saw her before.

11. another chick trying to shock when getting undressed. what would you feel like that eye staring at you all the time?

10. fantastic metal armour on the arm, it reminds me of medieval worriers protectors of the cross.

9. zombie skin coming off. let me tell you something people. if you want to be cool, just do one blunt tattoo, do not add more, as it is confusing.

8. this is probably intended to either scare vampires off, or the boyfriend. what do you think?

7. ancient sculpture coming together in on single work of art. well done man. do i see a six pack? that one is more difficult than the tat.

6. spiderman suit under the skin. pretty cool if you ask me.

5. ancient greek sculpture of Zeus, taken probably from a greek building or some sort.

4. this is to scare people coming from the back. pretty cool way to trap the devil inside.

3. is this the guy from Starwars, lord Sith or something. i am not so sure. can anyone help?

2. this is coming from the movie 3 hundred. King Leonidas, played by gerard butler. this is SPARTA...i feel wet from spit

1. number one today, innocent huge eye, with innocent cute girl. you know how i know this is a real motto and not body paint? i can see the plastic on the skin, which is a sign of fresh tattoo.

thanks for watching, question for next time, do you have any doubts these are real tattoos. perhaps a couple body paint slipped through, and can you tell me which ones?

Friday, 25 September 2015

15 of most amazing contortionists ever

15 of most amazing contortionists ever

today we are going to look at 15 of the most amazing people made of rubber with no bones. they can squeeze, turn or rotate, like you and I will never be able to do.

15. just in case you do not understand the picture, she i holding herself by biting onto something. good bones, good teeth, limbs are optional to support oneself for some people

14. if you have skills, you can feed yourself with your feet from above. just like a small crane. for doing that, you have to clean between your tows every time, you do not want junk in your food.

13. can't figure out, which are the legs and which are the hands, if she is laying on her belly or on her back. outstanding!

12. shooting with a bow and arrow can be done with the legs. if she hits the target she could probably use also a machine gun. imagine how wars will be different on the planet if all soldiers would do that.
casualty rates will drop

11. i think i would hire someone like her on my next birthday party just to stand on a coffee table for the entire duration of the event. awesome decoration, don't you think?

10. not really contortion here people, but this guy is playing with his belly until there is no belly. he probably can flex his stomach inside to rattle the food.

9. it took me few seconds to think about this man, he could actually do his hair with the power of his fart. awesome.

8. this guy does not need a lot of surface to rest, i believe he can relax on really small table. putting the joke aside, he is just awesome.

7. she can really stage from between the knees and that is a skill very useful on a day to day basis. you have to be amazed because she could take a dump on her own head, you you can't.

6. so let me explain you thins picture because you do not understand maybe. 2 guys, pretending to be a metal chain. one ring on the floor, one ring in the air. pretty awesome

5. this young dude's face does not match his body, whatever that is. this is just wow. the guy can stare next to his hip.

4. flexible jaguar lady, ready to impress people. I am wondering with so much flexibility, would she study her lady parts from close? would you? i hardly can see and grab my man parts, not even talking about seeing them up close.

3. this guys is in a box together with his basketball. not sure if the ball is useful, but with this skill you can post yourself to your own PO BOX to save the airfare.

2.  this scary lady can play the spider. and that my friends can go be very scary. i think she means to be a snake though.

1. this image is number one as it makes me think that the lady parts are so much elevated, i blows my mind to figure out where are the bones in her body. I might not be an experts, but this looks weird.

question for next time, if this lade would make pee pee where would it land. on her head, or in front. leave your assumptions down below.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever

20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever

today we are going to look at 20 of the most perfectly timed photos ever, episode x, cause 20 is not enough. they will blow your mind.

20. kissing the street is something that can happen to everyone. the blond lady really wanted to hug the asphalt, and have a bite, because why else would you have hands to help with the fall. straight to face

19. when you want to do an air safari, make sure you get some hight, otherwise the giraffe will eat the plane and that is not funny.

18. it takes still and dedication to capture a soap balloon bursting, believe me I tried.

17. outstanding image of a guy falling into mud. this could be some of those TV shows, what is it called? wipeout or something

16. you do not want to be an iceskating ballerina and get your picture in this moment, as this will haunt you forever. not very flattering. thanks good you have underwear.

15. this is a boom moment of a cannon getting off. no comments here, just to show you the power of guns. dam it, who invaded who this time?

14. classic olympic games shot, free dive into a pool from a higher platform, the image of the pain and suffering of the athlete rotating in the air. I'm alike wow dude. that is my face when i go to toilet.

13. do you feel the need for speed. if your mind is faster than your legs, this is what happens. and I don't think the dog is doing it for the show.

12.skateboarders, be aware, this is a normal day at the office for someone like this. be ready for some pain, and you can kiss the street as well. I wonder what does it taste like? burnt rubber?

11. i believe this is a cross breed wedding, between and man, and a centaurs...which is a half women, half female horse. i would hope both halves are females or otherwise...that would be interesting?

10. the cat is doing the dance, out of enthusiasm spotting a lizard. 1, 2, 3, to the left, 1,2,3 to the right, there is a lizard, and she has fright

9. if you have a girlfriend, you can have a ballon and pump water into it until it brakes, she was wet already so, no harm done here.

8. i do not want to be in this guys's shoes, or on his wheels, sorry on his lack of wheels. the landing will not be as expected and he knows it.

7. pretty awesome military explosions bought right in the moment. i have no comments on this picture other than WOOOWWW.

6. if you are an old guy, you can swing as well. do not worry about little kids, they might need their teeth. spacial awareness is a myth people.

5. a high 5 with a shark and I suspect  fake here. i have seen this pic many times now, but hey, what the hell, it looks doesn't it.

4. funny chicks being funny and stuff. I am wondering is she i pulling the moon out of her ass or squeezing it in. it is important you know? to know this stuff

3. Russian army i believe, there is always be a lazy one, and this guy is going to get it for this act on insubordination. they all looked a little bit bored or tired. so much for russian discipline.

2. yes, go on, that is the way to smash a bottle of wine against your head. I used few bottles of wine in my life and let me tell you, they are not that easy to break. so this guy must be a hard head in it?

1. The best pic of the day, a bee leaving its tale into the bite. if you know bees, it will die soon, the guy will end up with some pain, but this image is awesome. the guy should be pretty cool to experience this without moving for a good photo, as I have been bitten by bees before and you cannot stay still as it really hurts.

question for next time, do you believe the shark high five is fake. leave your comments down below.
thank you

Friday, 18 September 2015

20 worst mcDonalds toys ever

today we are looking at 20 of the worst McDonalds toys ever. You want a hamburger, you might get also a bad surprise with it.

20. finding memo jelly fish, apparently an innocent character, but shaped like a dildo, i am pretty sure what the parents are thinking. they could use is as well for a play. the jelly fish face lack of enthusiasm is awesome

19. the mdcdonald mask is so creepy, I would not even wear it. I would rather wear something more cheerful optimistic, like, alien attack or zombie, as clown are probably to most terrifying creatures in the world

18.rasputin toy is another stupid creation of a mind that cannot relate to children. Do you even know who rasputin is? how is that not creepy and scary. I thou this toy immediately. perhaps back at whoever is selling it to me.

17. the nutritional books are like, come and get my food, but learn how not to get it. get it people? hypocrisy at its highest level. jut like ciggarettes packs messages today, buy these ciggies but you could die from it, so buy but don't buy. what is wrong with you people? get your message straight

16. the plastic glove puppet is just a plastic bag with a drawing on it. if anyone can find this funny or attractive in any shoe of form, they must be so easily amused, they do not need a toy to have fun. show them a finger and that should be enough. lame lame lame people

15. clone wars toys are a thing of the past. not only it does not make much sense to have a head on a starship, the starwars is for old people. i struggle to find people under 20 knowing who chewabacca is these days. because I am old and stuff, you know

14. another mcdonald old mark, i cannot believe they did not even bother to do a better job. just a piece of cardboard that you even have to cut the eyes out. preposteruous ludicrous embarrassing

13. people, this is a doll, a mcdonald doll. I am happy i was not alive when this was given to people having their hamburgers so i could not be insulted as a child. nobody can convince me this is a fun toy, other than a voodoo doll to stick needles in it.

12. fast macs they were called, and a small head pops up from a plastic car, poping out from a box, all sharp so you can cut yourself. I do not even understand completely what this is and how you can have fun with it, other then burn it.

11. this is a plastic microscope people. just in case you are wondering. so you can see through a plastic lens something a little bit bigger than it really is. awesome. what can I say, go science, go go go

10. one of my favourite, is the multiplication machine, so you can solve your homework while you are having fun at mcdonalds. because this is what you do, you go to eat a burger and you really feel like working for school. seriously...

9. thank god we are in year 2015, as these are plastic watches for kids 20 years ago. a plastic wrapped around your hand. how funny. today we have watches that do stuff, but imagine how sad your parents were when they were kids.

8.ginger bread key chain or something as I don;t get what this really is. some people say this is some sort of watch that changes faces from smiling to frowning, but did this ever work, that is the question

7. is this a gladiator cage, i don';t really know and i am not even sure who you can play with this other than trapping bugs inside and look and them how they die of starvation. obviously some bigger bugs.....

6. plastic food play pack. so if you really love the idea of food, you can have some plastic one to take home and perhaps try to full other kids into taking a bite or something. that would be funny. for you ate least.

5. mcfavourite clown valentines were just a series of printed cards to collect. so, the game was to buy meals, get a card every time and start collecting until you have 12 different cards. and after that what?  show them to your friends that you are some sort of hero or something. i don't get it

4. the sipper dipper was just a straw some time ago. so in today standards you get a straw with your drink anyway, so imagine how special was at that time to get a straw. if the shape of the straw was other than straight, that must have been like super fun. really man?

3. hey kids, there was a time when toys did no have motors or remote controls, but a rubber band to rotate the propeller in water. if you think about it, it was genious. this is not a bad toy, but actually a cool one? can i buy it today from somewhere?

2. the NBA figurine something, this is so creepy i cannot even consider it a toy. black bag just like my garbage bags, and the green figurine which is as creepy and sad I could imagine. and there is a wold on the creature shirt.

1. the latest and the greatest controversy today is the recent release of the cursing minions who are supossed to say something funny but it came out as WTF. I am not sure about that but there are many opinions about it

question for next time, if you have ever heard the minions saying something, is there a curse or not, leave your comments down below

Saturday, 12 September 2015

25 photos moments before disaster

25 photos moments before disaster
today we are going to look at 25 photos right before the disaster. some of them are not really funny at all as the distaster is a disaster folks.

25. landing a wedding cake before it is cut, might ruing the bride's day so bad, she would kill of it.
yes it is a wedding no doubt.oops

3. lucky for this guy he had time to eject himself. amazing how the plane is caught with he cockpit already squashed. looks like a ghost coming out of the ground here?

24. this cannot end up well. even these small karts are for children, they can get serious speeds and serious injuries. not funny at all.

23. a sudden attack of a jaguar and you are toast. this does not make much sense as he would have to be really annoying for the jaguar to jump over the fence to punish him

22. ATV is not for kids. it should have seat belts, one of my friends says. at least grandma is trying to catch him

21. i believe this is on purpose. toasting with beer and force to have you wet at a party. Probably they already had too much

20. costume party in the forrest, alcohol and bicycles do not mix very well. especially when they make you believe you are a sudden acrobat and you can jump on fire. probably this one hurt

19. O.M.GGGGG, the cake is gone. i want my cake. this is a disaster people.

18. this one is not pretty funny. i thought rockets are faster than a camera but certainly it does not mater any more.

17. this dog is enthusiastic about his balls. he actually might try to take a bite. if it does, nature would be fair to make him stupid enough to do what hurts the most.

16. i would not do this if I were them. maybe the creatures are calm now, but i believe it is reckless to take selfies with the rhinos like that.

15.ouch, this is not a moment before disaster but during it. I believe this guy is not happy and he would have a sticky voice after this.

14. regardless if the car is coming or going, the wheels are supposed to be done, and the ceiling up. i wonder if the guy ended up OK

13. i believe this happens a lot, I mean a lot of people are loosing their late during the cold season. the idea of the organ pole was not to cross there.

12.straight from jackass fun club, the landing will be probably a bit painful. i am widening what was this guy thinking

11. in this image i feel for the horse. it will take a big bite of dirt which we all know it tastes funny and you might get a warm or 2.

10. well, they asked for it. sometimes weddings can be better when sorting goes wrong. at least you will remember and laugh in 20 years.

9. not sure who is the hunter here. an eagle chasing a fox - unlikely, but the fix is fighting back, so eagle is the attacker.

8. 2 guys did not see this coming? seriously? you do not notice the ocean is unhappy?

7. penguin will have a really bad day but the looks of it. what can you do , nature makes animals eat other animals. sad day for penguin, happy day for the seal.

6. if the bull is so unhappy, the guy must have done something really annoying. like chasing the bull on the street. the guy had it coming

5. not funny for the driver, not funny for whereof is taking the snap. looks like we are going to have fire blow, just like in the movies.

4. i do not believe this one will end up too well. even if the car is extra enforced for racing. this is a serious flight.

3. lucky for this guy he had time to eject himself. amazing how the plane is caught with he cockpit already squashed. looks like a ghost coming out of the ground here?

2. this is right after the previous pick, the guy landing safely at a distance and the plane is catching fire. makes you wonder.

1. you probably have even this before, it is not a fake. this actually happen, like all the images in the video, and this was a serious disaster as the plane got crushed and killed all the people in it, just moments after take off.

question for next time, do you know in which country this plane went down. leave your comments down below.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

20 weirdest couples photos ever

20 weirdest couples photos ever

today we are looking at 20 of the funniest and weirdest couple photos on the internet. sometimes nature is very cruel. but hey, they are among us

20. serious flowers are a symbol of serious love between him and her. and sometimes flower are a sign of mental disturbance. I am just saying, not these guys are weird or not.

19. if you are a man this size and looks, riding a horse can be replaced with riding a strong women. she looks over the moon with the knight on her back. outstanding!

18. this can happen only in america. either this guys loves his guns, or he makes a threat for whoever attempt to his women. relax man, you can have her.

17. love, pregnancy, nascar and car tires are a sing of the new sexiness. this is what happens when you want to put too much in the picture. they should add some more car parts, the image looks empty.

16. do you think this chick dates this guy? he could fold her 4 times and put her it his pocket. that would be convenient

15. man, woman, double men or double women, i cannot figure out who is who in this zoo. but they are married and happy. what's your problem, life is good.

14. nothing wrong here, if the weather is hot and wet, that is the way to go. I am a bit concern I do not see the rest of the weird people parade, these look isolated in a normal street.

13. same story, skinny man, strong girls, love is all around, you cannot stop it. hr look like s mosquito, if I would be her, I would be gentle not to squash him on bed.

12. this is like the best old couple outfit EVEER. so, they got clothes which are imitating nakedness. question is, why not naked directly. awesome, where do I buy some of this?

11. a not weird couple with a lot of love about rats. not weird at all man. I always wanted to take my fish into the family pictures, so why not. weirdos!

10. eating banana si sexy at any age, country, event. so the 2 guys are no exception. I believe they are entitled to party as well. you do not have to be hot to be my girl, i just want your kiss baby.

9. unfortunately nature is not fair. i know that, and you should not that as well. So everyone is entitled to happiness. If you are laughing, something is wrong with you. and me.

8. ahaaaa, if you want my women, you need to meet my sword. relax man, i do not want your women, you can have the whole her, with or without clothes. you got to admire the gust to pose like that in front of a camera on purpose.

7. if I would be her I would not go out with this guy. The cups size on the dude is something to aspire as a skinny women. You were blind girl when you said yes to this guy?

6. not sure this is a couple as in man and women, but surely they are a couple of ugly individuals, and they seem to be proud of it, as they enhance their looks with stylsh outfits and haircuts.

5. probably man and wife, not sure if this is a instant pic or a posed love photos, but they sure have tools and teeth in their lives.

4. shrek and fiona are the symbol of ugly people happy in their own skins, and there is nothing wrong with that. so if you feel the same, paint yourself in green and join the ogre army.

3. people love their animals to such and extent, they can have sex photos together. so if you love your pet, get undressed and rub it against your body. if you take a snap, even better.

2. if you feel the love for anonymity, you can dress up like mermaids, lay on the bed and hold hand, or fins or tales or whatever. awesome. By the way, if you are wondering if mermaids are real, here is the proof right here.

1. this is a real couple, I know this chikc she is the tallest in the world. and I d not think she has a choice, does she, but to date a normal guy. he definitely needs a ladder to give her a kiss.

question for next time, what gender have these people, men, women, both, leave your comments down below. I cannot figure it out myself.