Saturday, 3 October 2015

20 optical illusions - what are you thinking

20 optical illusions - what are you thinking

today we are going to look at 20 optical illusions what are you thinking people. stop right now.

20. this is a champagne glass but if you squint your essays, it will still be a champagne glass. what is so fuss about this picture and who sees anything different.

19. drinking coke is from a bottle not from an polypus employee. is this image really that funny to be on the internet? big deal.

18. sometimes the light and shadow do not help, but on the contrary they can make you look equipped for the other team, and hey, that is some equipment

17. imagine this is an elephant on his back having fun and letting an innocent fart go. this guy would be toasted, especially if he would have a cigarette. that would be awesome

16. a frustrated artist trying to play with our minds, getting some sort of suggestion on purpose. I guess he's got issues with the ladies, probably too ugly and fat to have a girlfriend

15. kindergarten wall decoration, Johnny and Mary holding hands, and the dog is howling to the moon, not because any squeezed parts of his body.

14. to leather couches together. so what. what are you saying here?

13. the tree looks like a spring more than whatever you might think. just a tree with a nice haircut. there is no alternative motive here. you can look as much as you want.

12. year right. the cactus playing a dick. if I would be that cactus i would not do this. it is like the wolf playing a sheep. still a wolf though...

11. who says nuns have boring and humble lives. they can go to the pub as well and pretend to be funny. nothing wrong with that. God has a sense of humour I am sure and these ladies will not be burned or zapped or whatever punishing is in fashion today.

10. this is not an optical illusion, I repeat this is not an optical illusion. this creature really exist and God was probably drunk when he designed this one as a joke. you cannot possible expect a sober god to make this creature, do you?

9. relax man, nothing to see there, i guarantee. if you dig further there will be only pain sorrow and disappointment you will find.

8. hey, what are you girls doing there. I am sure you are doing some gymnastics or something, you all dress up for the occasion, but here in the cinema this looks a lot different. it looks painful but interesting

7. dear god, imagine this girl would really have hairy hands, she would be a hit on the dating scene. too bad this picture took the internet by storm.  i hope she has a sense of humour.

6. year gift, big deal, the photographer is sick and finding ways to make us impressed. i think he sees dicks and sticks everywhere, and he he doesn't he will create some.

5. this is a dog, pretty sure this is a dog. O furry dog I mean, with fur and stuff. seriously, what do you think, it is a cat? common....a cat. you are hilarious

4. not good, really, not very good. a tree humping another tree, this hump is probably the longest hump in the universe, like 100 years of something, or we can better say of humping.

3. got dam, what are you people so , so , I cannot even find my word. the shape will make me think twice before i eat this mushroom. i hope it is not poisonous, like women, who are poison for a mans health and wallet.

2. girl party with a lot of contortionist, or flexibility. relax, this is an optical illusion, and it would be awesome if it wasn't

1. today number one is 2 girls in one picture which I cannot make sense of it. i spent like 15 minutes already looking at it and I suspect this is photoshopped. no sense, girl are too fit to be seams twins and I cannot possible guess where are the legs hidden.

Question, is our number one photoshopped or the picture can be really explained. leave your comments down below.