Monday, 16 March 2015

10 creepiest and weirdest websites on internet

10.   Death date - find out the date when you are going to die

This is probably one of the many creepy sites where you punch in some of your details, and it will give you your estimated death date and time. It looks designed to scare you off. Every change of a small detail will change the estimate date. If you modify your height by 10 centimetres, it will give you extra  few years to live, and that is the first sign it is bogus.
Despite the site could not convince me that is can actually predict anything, I did have a few thoughts and a chill on my spine thinking about how creepy it would be to actually know when you are going to die.

9.  Plane crash recordings

A website that contains recording of the last words of the aircraft pilots before a plane crash. The content is extracted fromt eh blak boxes found after incidents, or lieve recordings or air traffic controlers. The website has MP# sound recordings and also transcripts of the last words.You can definitely find the transcripts from the 9/11 incident in the US.Why this is public information and how is this anything less than really  creepy , that I don’t know.

8. Staggering beauty

This is a website about a black ribbon,  a worm, or a sock with 2 little white dots which I would say without much difficulty that they are supposed to be eyes. The shape will follow your mouse movement on the screen and if you shake it strongly it will flash quite annoying. By aware, it might trigger some seizure of epilepsia, so you got to be careful if you play with it.
Not sure what is the purpose, but stupid things are sometimes brilliant due to their innocent stupidity


If you believe that vampire exist, and would like to become one, this website will promise to help you. The idea is very simple, you drink some blood from a real vampire and there you go, problem solved. The problem is that is not that easy to find and contact a real vampire and that is what the website is claiming to help you with. I did have a good read and I can tell you that it is all bogus, however if you believe that vampire exist, please let me know and I am trying to find out if there are people out there falling for this. Whoever created the website put a lot of effort into it but it looks just like a traffic trap targeted on the naive and immature

6.     Skyway bridge jumpers

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge on west coast of Florida is the number one attraction choice for people wanting to commit suicide and this website is a record of all the attempt, some of them successful and some of them not, to end oneself life. you can find all history of suicides and survivors with detailed dates and descriptions from various sources. 

Not sure what the deal is here, but this website is weird in its existence and it is not clear if they are trying to convince people not to jump, or just record statistics for a commercial interest.

5.     Death Row

this is actually the website of the Texas Department of Criminal  Justice which contains a section of all details for all offenders sentenced to death and executed. It is a complete list of dates and the creepiest thing is that you can read the offenders last words which I found troubling. Perhaps due to the fact in many parts of the world the death penalty is not accepted, this is a proof that death by execution is normal in other parts of the world, and people accept it as it is. 

4.     Birth and deaths – live report

this is not a website but a program showing live how many people are born and dying while you browse. The information is scrolling to an amazing speed in front of your eyes with details about location and religion of the person either getting born, which you can see in green on the left, of dying on the right hand side in red.
This is just a simulation and I am wondering how this information is recording in real time, but real or not, the simulation certainly puts things into perspective about the size of humanity

3.     Devine interventions

Despite the name and the religious connotations and look, this website is actually selling silicone dildos. You can buy jackhammer Jesus, Buddha Delight, The devil, virgin Mary, and other religiously themed pleasure instruments, with various colours and sizes. They can also glow in the dark, just to make sure you get to see the light of your actions.
I am wondering what would be the reaction of serious religious people seeing this and how many sales do they do. I guess there will always be people trying some other cannot even conceive.

2.  Rotten

this is a portal to other websites showing disgusting and disturbing images that can make you puke, loose sleep and be shocked for a long time. there are fresh human body parts, live maggots inside humans, corpses, but also explicit sexual content, faeces and other horrific images. I would suggest actually not to go there, as the short description of the site is sincere,  as a collection of images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience

1.     Rate my poo dot com

This is a website where you can upload a photo of your poo and other people will rate it from 1 to 10. I am not sure about the criteria of rating.
 is it about
  the size, colour, consistency or artistic approach?
 the site looks popular with almost 20,000 poo images and growing. 
So let me get this straight: there are almost 20,000 people in this world, wanting to compare their shit with others and actually bothered to prep the poo for a photo shoot, download the image on a computer and upload it to the website.
If you intend to visit the site, make sure you have a strong stomach and also make sure you know where your fingers are as you can easily get lost into other topics such as rate my boner, rate my titties, pornopolis and other dodgy web destination deigned to steal your clicks, fill you with viruses and junk, and set google to target your with disgusting related advertising for months to come.
Another website that my description is enough to paint a picture so you do not need to fall into this trap.