Friday, 9 October 2015

20 sports photos taken in the right moment

20 sports photos taken in the right moment

sports are a great source of moments full of tension for human body and sometimes combined with speed photography, you will end up in my countdown and the entire world will much at you.

20. this guys is having a moment of tension, which i can understand , i am still trying to figure out which way he is going to throw the ball.

19. soccer and faces sometimes they meet. and perhaps most of us don't realise that deformation that occurs at that painful moment

18. i am always fascinated by wrestling. not only it is a very gay sport played by strong people, but you can finger people and get away with it. so if you are into that, wrestling is the way to go

17. artistic swimming, another sport which I don't get along with other 100, being a dancer swimmer comes with some acting lessons required and perhaps some magic.

16. is you are interested what happens in the other guy's nose, here is a chance to check it out. what do you expect other than green disappointment dude?

15. that's gotta hurt. the guy will have a foot mark on his face tomorrow. you think kick boxing is dangerous? you better think again

14. chaotic moment, who does what, not really sure. just like lord of the rings much chaos, you don't know who is fighting who no more.

13. this is not photoshopped. i am still trying to figure out who's head and who's body I am looking at.  still gay though.

12. awesome flight, with awesome but chicks in the air. i don't need to make comments on this one. it is just funny. respekt people

11. seen this before, jumping in water seems a bit more difficult than bering constipated. for sure.

10. the image is a proof the women mini skirts are useless in tennis. i am not sure why bother, just wear some shorts so you will be safe. just don;t make them white, you will see later why.

9. i believe this is photoshopped. someone is playing with our minds. she does looked kicked in the face though, so well done photoshop nerd...

8. the world loves crutches .....plenty of photos on the net with this. so if you are a athlete, make sure you have clean underpants.

7. these my friends is all over the internet...why, someone messed it up in photo shopped. i have seen the original, nothing wring with this picture.

6. this is why synchronised swimming is not a sport. acting lessons are required, stupid faces showing what?

5. wolrd shortest joke.....a guy walks into a bar.....period. that is it. that is the i have to explain it ...get it. he walks into a bar. joke. funny.....

4. I can't figure out what crazy as sport is this, but it looks like volley or badmington with flexible people. maybe you can help.

3. old creepy guy checking what is going in on with his it soft, is it hard,,,what is going on? i think she is waiting for some pressure. look at her face. she does not seem to mind, but curious

2. skating is dangerous. imagine for the guy's morale is the girl will let a silent one slide. not a very flattering image, not a very flattering smell.

1. the queen of the dirty underpants is this girl, all over internet. very hard to believe this hot girl cannot prevent the occurrence. maybe a photo shop nerd is trying to get some attention. what do you think? is this real.

question for next time, what is this sort called and where is it popular. leave your comments down below