Saturday, 29 August 2015

10 craziest body transformations you will ever see

10 craziest body transformations you will ever see

today we take a look at 10 of the most extreme body transformation ever. you will not believe what people are capable of doing with their bodies just a bit of attention. that is sick

10. ankle piercing.

I am not sure about this guy, But i can't figure out why you want to do this, but the only thing I can think of, is how the well will you wear trousers when it is cold, and what happens if you are in water. that is gotta hurt

9. the human elf
check out his chick, she wanted to be an elf or some sort of friendly mythical creature. i think she is cute and she is the only one of this countdown I would go out with. imagine what will your friends say when you tell them your girlfriend is a leprechaun. 

8. fishmaul or ZygZag on his nick name
this guy is trying to look like a fish or something as he is trying to stretch his cheks and ears for some sort of purpose which I am still trying to figure out. 
The world is full of idiots and some of them even have followers. this is one of them

7. another strange character this trying trying really hard to make drink water a pain. he stretched his cheeks and introduced the rings to make sure we can see his mouth inside all the time. who bother opening your mouth when you can leave the side door open all the time. you get a constant breeze all the time. 

6. nose on the forehead is something out of a comic book. i am not sure if this is real or not, it might be just some smart photo shop guy playing with our minds, but this guy seems to have  nose on his face. it looks like he is going to the doctor to either remove it, of fix it. I don't know. i am wondering if he can pick it like normal people

5. chick with 3 breasts. of course she is a total recall fan, who isn't. 3 breasts on a chick could be ever man's dream, but i guess you could be wrong. I would freak out instead of being happy for the extra toy to play with. I can assure you she is real

4. this gentleman figure out he needed a place to store his knives. you have to admire him for his originality. he does need a place to hang his clothes, or painting or whatever any more. he just needs to use his face. well don idiot, you can suffer so we can all have fun.

3. we spoke about vampire woman in a different video, but she needs a mention in this countdown as well. interesting character, fighting with her body to be different and she is. I will give her that. But what I not understand is why she does not work out. look at that. isn't this sad? 

2. the human devil is among us people!
this guy calls himself red skull, daugh! he needs respect to go to such distance to look like evil. it he would probably scare few people off on the street. what happens if you meet a guy who does not believe in evil . a punch in your face and all your work is gone, man? 

1. Beshine is the woman with the largest implants in the world. she makes first page and subject to thousand of articles and youtube videos, and I am wondering it is worth it for her day to day activities as I cannot imagine how us to sit on the toilet, brushing your teeth or even sleep with such a massive water melons on your chest. 
ok girl you shocked the world. now what?

Question for next time, do you believe the nose on the forehead is really or a scam. leave you comments down below. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

25 safety fails - dangerous work practices so stupid that are funny

25 safety fails - work practices that prove people are idiots

Today safety is more important than ever, some people are just lucky to be alive. these are 25 safety fails to show people are idiots

25. if you are poor and cannot afford scaffolding, you pick up some bamboo sticks and some rope and you are good to go. you need a guy on the roof to help you out though.

24. this is from the the series, I believe I can fly, i believe i can touch the ground, with a air unit in my hand

23. if you can't reach the gutter, you need one table, a couple of concrete bricks and whatever ladder you have. don't buy a new one, this one will do. save your money to pay for your hospital later.

22. sometime a surfboard is enough to get you scrap the paint from outside. he must be a surfer dude so confident to keep his balance.

21. this is how a fridge is to be delivered over a ladder. if the guys are holding at the bottom you will be absolutely fine. this is a strong dude man.

20. from the air conditioning installation series, 2 guys are heavier than one guy, so this is foo proof. nothing wrong here, what is your probe, life is good. also on the ground.

19. if you are to cheap to get your car to service, just use a hole in the ground, a a couple of rafters. no worries, no fuss, you will have your car done in no time for free.

18. some people are just acrobats. I have never seen a ladder used this way. genius at least. 

17. what is wrong with this picture. hold on let's zoom. just another acrobat cleaning his windows from outside. does he need a harness? no. people can fly

16. many people really need to work outside the window in difficult positions. so for this task one small ladder will suffice. at least his guy looks like he has a harness. 

15. it is not his fault the hole is above water. how else would you drill the hole. at least he has googles, and a fall will not harm him at all.

14. this is how you do not need a ladder, your paint buckets will do the job just fine. 

13. for difficult to reach balconies, ladder on the table on another table is the way to go. 

12. i am wondering how did these guys manage to actually stack all of these. with superglue to scotch tape? nobody seems to be bothered, like this is some kind of photoshop

11. if you need to work under your car, just raise it on the side, and put a post on it to hold it. 

10. as long as there is balance, nothing could go wrong. but stay calm, all these bottles are empty

9. electricity and water are the man best friends. as long as the slippers can float, so will the power socket so you can use your laptop in your pathetic inflatable pool. 

8. picking up cherries are for people with skills. you are looking a 2 separate ladders leaning one against the other. 

7. another solution for difficult spots, 2 guys holding the actual ladder. I am wondering if one of these guys needs to go to the toilet.

6. same principles, 3 guys are heavier than one, so this cannot go wrong, like ever. but the only risk here is he is going to get wet. 

5. for whoever understands, cables are supposed to be connected to earth. this is earthing in a bucket full of dirt. well done, smart people they deserve to be alive. 

4. if you are afraid of an avalanche or earth falls, a couple of sticks will do the job. what is your problem, life is good.

3. sometimes you need to take a break in shade, and if you don't have shade, just go under your bobcat. it is nice and cold. 

2. if you need to go under cables, lift them up with a long stick. as long if the stick is made of wood, you have nothing to worry about.

1. of course, who could miss this , how to make your work out more difficult but safe. these guys are actually serious. 

question for next time. what is the safest way to paint the ceiling

Saturday, 15 August 2015

20 worst clothes ever

20 worst clothes ever

today we are going to look at 20 worst fashion statements ever, some people just don't get the clothes right and playing with our minds

20. if you believe your face is beautiful, you also feel the need to double it with your printed t-short, just to make sure people will remember you. and they will for the wrong reasons.

19. if you have an ugly face, you need to get people attention, away from it, and perhaps a triple colour triple bra will do feature here is the aunderarm fat

18. a perfect combination of neon lighting, skeleton t-thirt, playboy buckle and funky hairstyle. this guy is at least original in his disco outfit.

17. the boots are fantastic, the red leggings, with a stylish reduced snow white top , but the best feature are the red butterfly head horns i guess? gotta wear this for an interview for sure

16. you need to be colour blind and fashion blind to attempt such a great combination of colours, and some sort of eyewear that this dude she have on his face, not on the head. i think he is a dude.

15. this is how apple geniuses should welcome you in an apple store. the love for the mac takes mysterious paths. fantastic. I want to get one cause I have a mac.

14. if you have kids, you shed dress them like this and you will help them wear their pyjamas outside. at least the pink for girls and blue for the boys is right

13. this is the toy store robbing outfit. you cannot have a black meanie with holes but red, you need to add the finger glove compartments if you want suddenly to shake hands with your hostages, or pretend to be an alien.

12. probably elton john can appreciate a full colour suit with optical illusion that will make you dizzy looking at it. you got to admire the courage.

11. i cannot think of this not even as a joke, but there are people in the world with so much lack of fashion sense, they can confuse you in such a way you cannot tell they are a woman or a man.

10. real live snap, hot and fire sunrise on a complete leather outfit. at least that bag is synchronised in fashion.

9. if you are the fashion designer and you have created this, you should wear it outside and you will end up in a mental institution in 5 minutes

8. if you have fashion sense and you want to take a trip to the north pole in style, you should wear this. you will confuse the hell out of the polar bears. they will run away  in envy.

7. remember to have your umbrella matched to your out fit. only when it rains you should show your face outside, otherwise it won't make sense

6. if you are a Japanese cheerleader dude over 50 years old this si th perfect outfit for you. you will blend in perfectly with the manga culture of story telling. i want to shake hands with this guy

5. if you are the fashion designer who created this, you should wear it in public. i want to meet you in the toilet to see how you wash your hands. that would be epic. polar bears will love you this time

4. good looking carpenter with g string underwear should be just a normal occurrence on the construction sites. this way we will hear less whistles when good looking chicks are crossing the street.

3. you got to love your laundry basket so much, you should wear it all the time. especially if you are large size. as it makes perfect sense.

2. it is very difficult for me to comment this snake sweater. so much sense of fashion is overwhelming. and this guy looks serious. where do I buy one man?

1. best bra ever without any doubts. i am wondering if the panties are the same with hands front and back. this picture should be complete, dam it. i cannot sleep at night wondering now.

question for next time, do you think the hand bra costume should have hand panties as well back and front, or the statement is complete already?

Saturday, 8 August 2015

20 craziest tattoos ever

20 craziest tattoos ever

tattoos are permanent, people. if you get it wrong, you will end up in my countdown, and the world is going to laugh at you forever

20. i did not know, but there are people passionate about the pants suspenders, crazy enough to tattoo them on their skin, and synchronised them with their hands. really man? seriously? you need therapy!

19. a party trick that will stay on your skin forever. try to do shaped shadows with your fingers, or just lift up your jacket to show your friends a permanent one. how many times do you think you can do that and still be an interesting dude? twice?

18. crazy art students painting with the brush  from a troubled soul, can also end up as tattoos. not sure about you, but I don't mind a good tattoo, but this is beyond my understanding.

17. another party trick, you get this tattoo, you need to use it every day so it will worth it. satisfaction guaranteed, people will appreciate you for your imagination. i guess you do not have a camera

16. another artist, another mess, another enetrnity of damnation with the reflection of misunderstood talent. go liberal arts, go go go

15. to get a chip in your skin to control everything you do is a conspiracy theory that haunts us. Who thought that is actually easier to tattoo a bar code and there you go, no wallet, wo credit card, no id required. it is all there

14. this one blows my mind. a tattoo that works only in this position, only for the owner, cause you can't twist it to show it to others. this guy loves himself, and he will amuse himself for his entire life looking at his fingers. brilliant

13. synchronised love is working probably for the first 2 weeks of your relationship. what happens if you 2 break up? gotta find good explanations or convince the other idiots to tattoo this themselves?

12. the most original tattoo ever. A simple line on the inside of your hand. brilliant. how did you come up with that? have you studied arts for 10 years or something?

11. I always love the obvious. Just in case you did not know how people poop. I think this girl does not like her but, and she thought to make it more interesting. i think she you?

10.  this guy pen is in fact a tattoo. so he must be a carpenter of some sort passionate about his tools. if he would be a banker, he should have a money on his head. car for driver, broom for cleaner, and guitar for singer. easy peasy

9. I have seen many belly buttons as buts, of cats, monkeys, wolves, foxes and other animals. how many reactions do you expect from people when you take off your shirt?

8. tattoo combined with a piercing on a nipple that makes me shiver and hides some frustrations and complexion about this guy size, otherwise why would you emphasise this issue on your chest? psychology one on one punk! gottcha

7. not sure you have seen this, you are looking at an onion tattooed on the armpit. I think she thinks she is that gorgeous, she needs to decrease urgently the amount of men picking on her and trying to seduce her. otherwise how do you explain this? she is sick of love, dam it.

6. another armpit tattoo, this guy is not trying to reject men fore sure, but have a laugh when he dances and throws his arms in the air. cool party trick...for about few weeks.

5. tattoo are like shoes, you buy cheap ones, you get crap. the more you spend the more you get. if this is for life, i would spare few bucks more to avoid eternal mockery. believe me, it is worth it.

4. hot dog on a stick turning into something else, very well done dude, you want to insult people, you have done it. well done. that can I say, it is on me.

3. brand endorsement is dangerous. what happens if mcdonalds change their logo in 10 year? you will be obsolete. not happy jen, not happy

2. this tattoo masks a poor quality of life, full of rejection and misery, and not sure if this is any improvement other than aggressive rejection again. what do you think? is this helping?

1. if this is a tattoo for real, this guy deserves a lot of respect having the balls to do it. he definitely got my attention for his coolness and potential for photos with strangers, you never know , you might get laid someday.

Question for next time, do you think out number one is a tattoo or just body painting? leave your comments down below.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

20 infuriating photos that will make you go nuts

20 infuriating photos that will make you go nuts

today we are looking at 20 photos trying to make us, the normal people go bezirk. i cannot find my rest after watching these

20. how many people in this world eat their kit kat like that? how many? a normal human being takes one bar at the time, but this? carezy!

19. if you cut your cake like that, i will never come to your party again. i have never eaten a piece of cake which is not entered, never, ever, never, ever. punk

18. now i would assume that whoever lifted this manhole to do something, did not bother to put it back the way it was intended. lazy bastards. they get paid and leave.

17. from all american notes, everyone looks at left, just a smart guy looks at right? why, why why? to mess with me?

16. sometimes you gotta give respect to people being able to intoner this. how the hell can you miss a shovel if you are doing road works

15. i hate harry potter, but now I hate it even more. i would never allow for a book collection to look like this on my  shelves. all face above, just one below. there are some dark forces  at work here

14. now i get it. the guys who did the floor, they had a different art understanding of the world. their intent was to deconstruct the pattern in a hidden symbolism of the new age of visual movement. did i just sound smart or what?

13. you have to ways to hit the tree. either on the bicycle, or holding hands with your mum. result the same. bang

12. i really love people to explain me the absolute obvious. just like the how to basic 3 guy showing us how to brush your teeth. check it out.

11. another worker too lazy to do their jobs, without realising that some people can end up in hospital shocked but he lack of order in the universe.

10. if i would have this on my desk, i would never rest to find the blue ball and put it in the right half, dam man, the world is coming to an end.

9. the driver is not aware that his ignorance makes people wanting to stand upside down. that would not be an issues, but we are in traffic.... punk!

8. i have never lied wall tiles in my life, i probably suck at it, but not like this, never. there is no logical reason to be an idiot like that. not one.

7. now what I would love to see here, all white dogs on one side and all black dogs on the other. but dogs have their own theory i guess...

6. this is a sign go hate. you go in the bathroom to do your thing, and suddenly you see this. cannot use, it, cannot do much about it. hateful freaks.

5. if you bite from hubby bubba tape like that, you are either drunk, or you want to make a child cry. you certainly made me shed few tears for the un-justice.

4. another example of fantastic craftsmanship, if you would pass this every day, i would end up in hospital with serious psychological problems. why people...why you let idiots exist?

3. same category. i guess they were out of the hexagons or did not bother to order some, and managed to fix it the easy way. ludicrous, preposterous, insane

2. if i would ask someone to tile my bathroom, i would go nuts wondering what the hell happened with the dark tile. do not pay for this service, get it fixed as it will haunt you forever.

1. final one for today, if you eat pizza like that, you do not deserve to live among humans. you are just a disgrace to the human race and must be isolated immediately, maybe in the jungle with gorillas and shaite to make your their slave.

question, have you ever bitten your kit kat like that?
leave your comments below, i would like to see how many crazy people are in the world.