Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 google hacks you did not know and you should try

Google has been invented by nerds. This is the proof that they are people as well trying to be funny sometimes. You judge if the succeeded
Today we a re going to see
10 google funny hacks you should try

10. if you are really bored and want to procrastinate doing sometime while your are doing nothing this should be working for you.
Type “Do a barrel roll” in google and the image will rotate once. Pretty useless but hey, maybe you can impress someone once or twice. A small trick for a short time and not sure how many times you can do this until you are over it.
9. Zerg rush. If you type Zerg rush in google, it will cause a bunch of O’s to invade your screen and mess it pretty much. You can use this in your office when a colleague steps out to the toilet and you can have some fun when you see his face coming back to his computer. If it does not work, that means your browser has an issue
8. math geeks tools. If you type any math formulas in google, you will get graphs, calculators and all the tools that any nerd in the world can use to solve a problem. I guess studying math these days can be done so much easier than back in the day, and people with smartphones can cheat so much easier.
7.” the number of horns of a unicorn” is a sentence that despite the obvious answer, it will provide a calculator assuming that your are really stupid and cannot figure it out. If I would not know, I would definitely take offense from someone to hand me a tool to calculate how many heads do I have.
6. Atari break out. These are some magic works that will provide the search result with a game that you can play during working hours without being watched. The trick here is to clikc on the image search results rather than the web.
5. if you do not search anything but still press the “I’m feeling lucky number”, you will get all the google doodles that google has used in the past for specific events and specific countries. You need to understand that google shows differently depending where you are. A pretty useless trick, but it is worth 30 seconds of your life to indulge on the work of so many nerds.
4. if you type blink tag exactly like than, all the search results will show all the results blinking. Another useless result which does not make much sense, but hey, we are dealing with nerds, so they can find this amusing.
3. goglogo. If you type goglogo and I am feeling lucky or actually access the third party website, you enter your name and it will appear in  google fonts. Another funny and simple hack that might create few eyebrows raised when you step away from your computer and someone just happens to pass by.
2. google mentalplex and you will find a page which is from actually google and it is an April’s fools day in 2000. The page is a normal google page and it works, but also tricks you into believing that of you stare in the  stupid blinking circle, you can actually search by the power of mind. If you do click on it, it will send you to another page, with a red error making fun of you. Every time you try, you get a different result, so I guess you can have a few laughs for several times you try.
1. type google gravity and you will find third party webpages simulating google breaking apart and either falling or moving in a funny manner. This can be impressive for few seconds if you step away from your computer and see the reaction of someone who does not know this trick. On the same note you can find third party websites like  which will let you play few more tricks: underwater, pac man, snake game, play guitar , and other cool tricks. You can give it a go. My favourite was the guitar, which ones is yours?

I hope you got few entertaining ideas today and you can give them a go and tell me which ones do you find funny or useful.
Doctor dynamite reporting, over.