Friday, 13 March 2015

15 facts why little girls can be really creepy

15 facts little girls are creepy - if you like dark, creepy and horror

1.     fear is an emotion generated by a threat. You feel fear when something is likely to hurt you. Unknown and unfamiliar generates fear and discomfort. Fear is the response of the brain releasing chemicals into the body so you feel cold, seat, increased heart beat.
2.     creepy is anything  frightening, scaring, terrifying, alarming, spine chilling, shocking horrible, awful, macabre, ghostly
3.     little girls are the essence of cute and innocence. This is what we know, when we find out that is not the case, that scares the shit out of most of us.
4.     a little girl is creepy when she walks in the middle of the night by herself
5.     a little girls is creepy when she looks like she does not have a soul
6.     a little girl is creepy when she does not react in the face of danger
7.     Little girls are creepy when they do not have face
8.     Little girls are creepy when you feel they want to hurt you
9.     Little girls are creepy when they appear behind a mirror from a parallel universe
10.  We can handle monsters, demons, zombies, because we can fight back. How do you fight a creepy girl? Are you going to slap her, punch her, kick her, shoot her? Seriously?
11.  Little girls with dark hair are scarier than blondes
12.  Creepy doll into creepy girls arms increases the creepiness factor by 60%
13.  Creepy girls are making horror movies more terrifying
14.  the horror generated by a creepy girl is far greater than anything else in a horror movie (show stats)
15.  We fear creepy dolls as much as we fear creepy girls, as they represent the unknown demon behind an innocent face