Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 interesting facts about ariana grande if you are a fan, or not.

10 interesting facts about ariana grande if you are a fan, or not

10. Ariana Grande is Italian
Her full name is Arian Grande-Butera, her parents are Joan Grande and Edward Butera, both American Italians, and they both own businesses in Boca Raton Florida. Ariana claims she is half sicillian and half abruzzese, which is a region at East of Rome. They moved to new York where Ariana was born. I guess she is more American than Italian now, isn’t she?

9. her name is inspired from Princess Oriana from Felix the cat

Felix is a cartoon character created in the silent cartoon era. This is one of the most recognized cartoon characters from film history but the movie that inspired Ariana’s name is the 1988 fantasy film Felix the cat, in which Princess Oriana is a ruler of a kingdom and she fights her evil Uncle, Duke of Zill the invader. Felix the cat, is brought from another dimension to help Oriana with his magic tricks to fight the invaders. But we digress as Ariana Grande is our topic today. Probably her mother loved the film and she name her daughter after the princess.

8. Ariana started her artistic career at the age of 8

she started to perform in various children theatre plays and musicals. She performed  with various orchestras and made her television debut singing at 8 years of age. She forced her to leave school and continued her education in private. She became a teen idol at the age of 16, when she played a role in the television show “Victorious” in new york together with Elizabeth Gillies.
Her international musical career launched in 2010, after 3 years in the making with her album “Yours Truly”, which hit the charts by storm and making her first female artist with a number one debut album.

7. ariana grande has a half brother who is gay 

Franke Grande, half brother on the mother side, is an actor, producer and youtuber with over 300 thousands subscribers. He is also an artist and entertainer and probably served as influence and inspiration for Ariana as he is 10 years older than her and started performing at an early age. Frankie made it into the 16th edition big brother house in 2014 but did not win.
6. she is one of the youngest artist doing charity work
only at the age of 10, she founded a group Kids Who Care, and started touring, doing events and raising over half a million dollars for various causes. I am wondering if that comes natural to a 10 year old kid, as I remember when I was 10, I was worried about worms and insects, watch cartoons and playing with cats. She did many charitable events and still doing that to this day.

5. she is a vegan

being vegan means no meat, no cheese , no eggs and it is more than vegetarian. No wonder she is so skinny. Vegans do not use anything that comes from an animal, including fur or leather. So if she is vegan, she should not wear leather shoes or boots, or have them made out of vinyl or plastic. That means she sweats a lot and the inside of her shoes would stink. Also she wears fashionable fur coats, and that makes me wonder if she is a real vegan or not?

4. ariana does not want to be known for her looks but her music

in comparison woth other artists like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, or Iggy Azalea, Ariana watns to be appreciated for her music first, and for looks second, however she likes to wear skinny jeans with crop tops, baby doll tank tops, and girly floral corsets and peplum shirts. During her performances she likes to wear short skirts and knee high boots. Her stylist created her signature leather black and white checker dress to match the boots.
I guess great looks help her a lot and she uses that to tha maximum

3. Ariana was dissapointed by the religion

Ariana got upset when pope Benedict criticised gay marriage, sponge bob, harry potter and other things.
She told the Britain newspaper
I was born catholic but lost faith when the pope decided to tell me everything I loved and believed in was wrong. The church said spongebob square pants is gay and he is a sinner and he should burn in hell. And happy potter was a sin. And working women. I was like”enough! First the gays, then sponge bob, and now harry potter, get out of my house!”
Ariana started to practice Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaims, favoured by Madonna dn Demi Moore.

2. Ariana Grande likes to date

she had several boyfriends starting with Graham Phillips, which she dated for a year in 2008. They have met during their performances on Broadway and he is her pre-fame boyfriend. It is speculated that her song “break you heart right back” is about him.
After Graham, Ariana has dated the Australian Jai Brooks, a youtube prankster mameber of the Janoskians, and they have been together on and off for few times for about 2 years until 2013, when Ariana started dating Nathan Sykes from the boy bad “the wanted” and they have been both suspected that this was just a public relation exercise rather than love, and their relationship lasted anly for few months.  Jai Brooks went crazy accusing her of cheating. They got back together for a short time and Ariana have met Big Sean her latest boyfriend, the American rapper from Detroit.
This latest relationship is hot and heavy and it started up just as friends.

1.- Ariana has been accused of plagiarism in 2015.

Ariana’s video “one last time” has been accused of stealing the idea from an Australian indie group called SAFIA. Their video “you are the one” shows post apocalyptic series of images which seem very similar with Ariana’s. After a heated online exchange of claims, the Australian band has admitted this could be just a coincidence .
I guess it is easy to become famous overnight by accusing someone already famous stealing from you. For any group, any publicity is good publicity, however cases of plagiarism did happen in the past with famous artists during their moments without inspiration.
You can judge the claim by yourself by watching the 2 videos and let me know what you believe. Links are down below
We finish our quest into Ariana’s life here and let us know if there are any other interesting facts we might have missed.