Saturday, 21 March 2015

10 images you will not believe they are real

10. boat in the sky

This image looks like someone have played with 2 images in photo shop, as visually this does not make any sense. A boat is floating in the sky and a bunch of people do not pay any attention.
The photo was taken at Scottish Open and the distortion of the ship position is due to a optical refraction of various layers of air with different temperature and different densities. Just like in the desert the far distant objects appear floating when the weather is hot.
The visual discrepancy is distorted as well on purpose by the very selective crop, but the image was not photoshopped

9. color versus black and white Japanese photo

This is the summit of Mount Ontake in Japan and it looks like someone played with the colour in photo shop and removed all of it, except the people.  The picture was taken at the summit, after  the eruption of a volcano which covered completely all the surroundings with grey ash, creating a complete surreal post apocalyptic landscape. The image is very real and in fact any colour will stand out in this huge grey ocean of volcanic ash.
I would love to visit such a place as it looks so surreal and so special.

8. silver surfer

this image does not even look like a photo, but a cartoon made with colour pencils or some sort, straight from a graphic novel or a  comic book.
In reality this is the work of art of a make up artist, to prove her talent and skills and it is just amazing how impressive the final outcome can create a visual impact.
If you still do not believe this is real, just check out this picture when the model opens his eyes and mouth.

7. aerial penguin landscape

This image looks like an aerial shot of the end of winter of some sort with snow melting away or dirt piling up.
However if you look closely this is a sea of penguins in a huge colony. They are marching in South Georgia and the image was taken by Andy rouse, a professional photographer .
The brown areas are in fact the baby penguins gathered together secured in groups to be looked after but the adult penguins, while some of their parents are going hunting and fishing. Basically it is like a kindergarten or a school where the youngsters are supervised.

6. City in Kazahstan

The image looks like has been tampered with, and a combination of futuristic foggy city and a nice clear sky mountain landscape. The image is in fact real and the fog you see is actually the result on intense pollution over the city. I guess they have not figured a way to use clean energy or filter their exhaust gases, but this is so bad, I believe there are literally no insects or birds in the city sky at all. I guess that is maybe a plus?

5. square waves

This image looks unreal for what we are used to believe about waves and water. This is The Isle de Rhe in France and the explanation seems to be unbelieveable. The phenomenon is called the cross sea and it is a result of two waves systems coming togather from 2 different directions,. The waves are already formed from a large distance from 2 different wind directions and they maintain their trajectory despite the air movement at the cross areas.
This is very dangerous for sailing or swimming so if you find yourself in teh few spots in the world where this phenomenon occurs, I would suggest to stay outside the water.é.JPG

4. the man with a hole in the face

You would believe this is a trick of some sort just for the show or designed to shock us the viewers, but in reality this man has lost an eye a a part of his skull due to cancer. After many surgeries he was left with a cavity in his face and forced to wear a fake eye just not to freak people out . Despite his condition he saw this as an entertainment opportunity and he found himself playing in few horror movies and haunted houses around las Vegas where he makes his living.’s-goretorium-glorious-entrails-and-psychology-fake-danger.html?i

3. Failed Cruise  ship

This image looks like the high luxury crusie ship has been left on a cliff after the godly flood just like Noah’s Ark.  It is just natural to assume that photo shop has played a role once the logic kicks in and you judge how high this ship is placed and there is no way water can raise that high.
In reality you are looking at a hotel built deliberately to look like this in South Korea called Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht and it is a popular tourist destination and it is a must see location if you happen to go over there. The resort gets 4 out of 5 stars for services and it looks amazing from inside

2 college roomcollage

This image looks just like a art student doing an assignment or having too much time to spare, but it is in fact the work of advertising photographer Bela Borsodi from New York
However is you study it carefully, few objects from one quadrant are continued in the others like the blue arm chair. But you need to see this from a different perspective to actually believe it.
The arrangement was designed specifically for this effect form a single point of perspective and all objects are arranges and coloured to make it achieve its desired look.

1  mustang wanted

Nothing in this picture looks real. This is just a mission impossible without Tom Cruise but with a Ukrainian man who has a youtube channel by the name of Mustang Wanted and he is an idiot trying to impress the world by going to the highest structures and filming and photographing himself for his channel without  any safety harness in place.
This is really impressive if you think about it, it gave me few chills on my back just imagining how nuts this guy must be, but one thing for sure he will not die in bed.