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10 creepiest places in the world

10 creepiest places in the world

10. Islands of the dolls

It is a small island just south of Mexico City in between the water canals, and it is the house of thousands of creepy dolls scattered around, dedicated to the lost souls of a poor girl who died here in very strange circumstances by drowning.
The body has been found by the island care taker, Don Julian Santana Barrera, and he was saddened that he could not save her life. He found a floating doll, probably belonged to the girl and picked it up and hanged it in a tree. Julian has started to feel unsettled by the mystery dead girl spirit as he felt her presence. He started to find more dolls and hung them around the island in his attempt to please her spirit. He continuously collected dolls for 50 years and he claimed that he was driven by a powerful unseen force that changed him completely. He was found dead from drowning  in the same spot and locals are claiming that dolls are possessed by the spirits and they whisper, move their heads in the dark in their attempt to lure people on the island.
Over the years people stared to be terrified by the thousands of creepy dolls on the island and this became a tourist destination for thrill seekers around the world.

9.     The Catacombs of Paris

These are underground ossuary’s in Paris and they hold the remains of 6 million people, making it the largest grave on earth. Paris has a long underground network of channels, tunnels, hundred of miles of accessible sewer lines, canals, reservoirs, crypts, bank vaults, cellars dating back from the 16-17th Century. The catacombs used to be secret, used during many events, wars and conflicts over the centuries and they are a very dark, lonely, cold and creepy place to be in, by yourself.  They contain millions of skulls, bones, graves, old artefacts, antiques and hidden treasures and the average people living in Paris have no idea what is under their feet.
Access to the underground Catacombs has been illegal on and off, restricted and controlled, but there are still thousands of secret and unknown access points, hidden doors and hallways, leading many people to get into the creepy underworld. Today there are limited and organised tours that allow people to be supervised on a very short visit. Stealing bones is illegal and they will check your bags at the exit.

8.     Door to Hell - Turkmenistan

This is a burning hole in the ground in Turkmenistan, and it has been like that since 1971, when a group of scientist were drilling for oil and gas, and the land collapsed into a wide crater and was sucked into the deep. Luckily, nobody died in the incident. The scientist were happy with their discovery, but they feared that the poisonous gas will release uncontrolled, and they decided to lit it on fire, expecting the wear off in few weeks, but it still burns today.
However religious people consider this  a sign of hell, sent to warn people not to mess around with powerful forces they do not understand and this is a gate to the underground world of the devil and Satan.
I am wondering why does Satan allow this gate to stay like this for 40 years and never comes out for a stroll if this is indeed the gate to hell?

7.     The Sedlec Ossuary – the church of bones

This is a church in Czech republic build with the remains of over 40 thousand people. The legend says that the Abbot of Sedlec in 13th century, went to Jerusalem and brought back some dirt from Jesus burial ground.  As a result of this act of faith and pilgrimage, more and more people from all around Europe demanded to be buried here. 400 years later, the church staff had to deal with so many human remains that they thought it would be a good idea to dig them up and use them as interior decoration accessories. The ossuary has the bone chandelier, garlands of skulls, and many other features where all bones in the human body have been used.
This is a pretty creepy idea if you ask me, as I would not use human bones as a decoration, and I am thinking how would you feel by yourself left inside the church looking at so much death.

6.     Gas Mask Island

This is Miyakejima, a small island in Southeast of Japan which has a high level of volcanic activity which causes poisonous gas to leak constantly from underground. Last volcanic activity happened in 2000, and 3,600 people had to leave the island, but came back as they won’t go away. They seem to like it here as they see it as their beloved home.
 Every time the volcano erupts, it turns the entire island into ashes. The images are apocalyptic with burned houses, cars, streets and everything. The huge amount of sulphur gas takes few years to disperse and in 2005 people were allowed back on the island, however they need to wear gas masks every single moment of their lives. Apparently this idea has turned the island into a touristic attraction. The post apocalyptic real images are a driver for the number of visitors.
I am wondering how would it be to live like that? 

5.     Lome Bazaar

This is a real open market or Bazaar in Togo, Golf Of Guinea in West Africa, where you can buy all accessories and materials for voodoo rituals, and pretty much every creepy and scary object that you can find. You can see and purchase skulls of many animals, old or freshly killed with fur still on or bleached to the bone. The amount of death around is overwhelming even for the most horror and creepy savvy American tourist will have troubles accepting the sight.  
In west Africa it is believed that animal remains hold magical powers that can be used for self protection against diseases and evil spirits, hence such a large offer of dead animals in a market that seems to be normal for them, but creepy and scary for the rest of the world.

4.     Tuol Sleng genocide museum in Cambodia

The period of Khmer Rouge in Cambodia is one of the scariest history on the planet, with millions of innocent people slaughtered and some of the worst genocides that makes the Nazi Holocaust seem easy.
This deserted museum of death as the former prison, is haunted by ghosts and stories of torture. People had their internal organs removed or were skinned alive.  The horror that happened here beats every imagination. From over 20,000 people sent to this prisons, only 7 survived. Many believe that spirits are still lurking around, unable to leave and trying the get their stories to light.
Visiting the site will give you chills on your back and many people feel unsettling presence of the dead spirits. 

3.     The body farm

This is an area of the University of Tennessee campus, dedicated to science where human bodies are donated and left to decompose naturally, in various positions. There are over 100 donated bodies coming here ever year and they are spread around in the open and left to rot. The scientists are gathering valuable information about timing, and circumstances of death by following the decomposing process. This is important for forensic anthropology and related disciplines. Following this example there are other similar facilities across Untied States and the first facility outside America is University of Technology in Sydney Australia, beginning the construction in 2015. 
I am wondering what sort of person one needs to be to go every day and look at the bodies. Certainly not for everyone.

2.     Pripiat  the Ghost town of Chernobyl

If you want to see how human mankind is capable of destruction, Chernobyl is a good example. Pripiat was one the modern nuclear cities in Ukraine, built to support the Chernobyl power plant.  The city has been built in the 70’s and had a population of 50,000 at the time of the explosion in 1986, after which, the town has been completed evacuated due to high level of radioactivity present, making it unsafe to live in. Today the town is still a deserted city full of decay, rust and debris, and  it became the shooting location and background for apocalyptic movies, horrors and dark productions, documentaries and rock music videos. An empty city is a very creepy place to visit by yourself, as this can remind me only about Zombies and monsters lurking in the abandoned dark places, waiting to bite you and suck your blood.
Pripiat triggered the imagination also of game creators and you can play Call of Duty Modern Warfare in the main square and amusement park from the comfort of your lounge.
We can mention as well  Lara Croft the comic book, and movies like Transformers, A good Day to die hard, Land of the Oblivion, Chernobyl Diaries, and TV shows such as Top Gear and many other productions that found this a s a good location.

1.     Gunkanjima – ghost town or the battleship Island

It is an abandoned Island 15 kilometres from Nagasaki in south of Japan. It was coal mine established in 1887 and abandoned in completely  in 1974 due to the petroleum introduction as the better fuel and energy alternative . It does have the highest and oldest concrete buildings in Japan , 9 stories high built in 1916. It had the highest density of population in the world with 83 thousands people per square kilometre or 216 thousands people on square mile.
The coal mines begun to shut down in 1960 to a complete evacuation in 1974. Since then, everything was left in ruin, exposed to the harsh weather. In 2009 travel to the island was allowed in very limited groups due to safety concerns . Few buildings have collapsed and the sight is very disturbing and creepy , just like a post apocalyptic landscape with no life. The city is not safe to visit and it is not opened to the public yet, but this is a matter of time until the tourist potential will be unleashed.
Just like Chernobyl, the island creepy landscape becomes background for horror movie, manga series, science fiction and rock music.
Again, this is not a place where you can be by yourself as few zombies might pop up from around the corner.

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