Tuesday, 10 March 2015

15 of the worst, weirdest and creepiest cakes ever

15 of the worst, weirdest and creepiest cakes ever

15. full size bride wedding cake

I am going to start of this countdown very soft with a wedding cake which is a real life size bride. I am sure this is her idea and this is the best way to be bossy from the beginning, and send the clear message in the marriage about who the boss will be

14. Jabba the hut

Another wedding cake category with jabba the hut from the star wars movie, however this is not like the real character, which is disgusting anyway, but a version that looks more like a pile of shit. I am sure they wanted as a special wedding cake to make them different, but I am pretty sure some of the guest were thinking just like me.

13. Dead corpse coming from the tomb

It is a very difficult to understand why this is cake, however there are unlimited potential to mould the dough and icing. The snakes seem to be chocolate cream, and the grey grave looks like shiny icing with some grey colour in it. If you like horror creepy movies you might actually appreciate something like that as a joke.

12. is this really art?

I am not sure to make of this, probably someone went berserk and though about art, however the attempt is far from being attractive, and not sure if anyone knows what is going on here. I can suspect the cake artist was drunk or high, as this is no normal cake, nor appealing to normal people.

11. dead zombie head

This seems to be like a cake for either a make up artist, Hollywood special effects maniac, or just a mob gesture of saying to the enemy, you are next. Please note the saw blade and the weird colours on the decaying face. Not sure what is the purpose of the fabric wrap around the head, but hey, this is just me.
10. weird zombie coming out of the table
You need to appreciate the effort of a author, maybe a student of an art school of some sort, perhaps, trying to apply the sculpture techniques learned in school, without much success if you ask me. Not only that this makes me puke, but definitely does not invite me to eat it, it.
In regards to the artist skills, I have not seen such a craft since the kindergarten when we used to play with plastic dough and our own poo.

9. creepy skull

Another zombie and death theme, this time the skull is pretty well designed and presented, I would assume there is a lot of chocolate inside, and I am not sure that those pink and green things are. I am wondering if the blood comes out of the skull the second you start cutting or it was there in the first  place

8. twin aliens

I am not sure what this is, it looks like a couple of aliens coming from a heart or an organ of some sort. Also they are on top of some sort of a flower, building, or alien organic corpse. It Does not make much sense, does it?
not very attractive to eat, but I can say this is common for all images in our countdown

7. flies , and used toilet paper on a pile of shit

There are some weird people in this world and barely can understand aliens and death corpses, but a pile of shit beats my imagination completely. To top up realism you see used toilet paper and flies
I cannot even look at it, but eat it. Seriously?

6. another weird zombie

This looks like another zombie coming out of the table, and I am assuming that the pile of direty soil are some sort of nuts or cereals. You have to admit this is pretty weird as well, and I am wondering if you can eat it.

5. rat

Rats and human faeces are the most disgusting things to look at, and imagine putting something like that in my mouth, is unconceivable. However rats are still animals with meat and I am pretty sure there are parts of the world where a rat is treated just like chicken beef or pork, however making it as a cake seems in a normal

4. monkey brains

This is just from Indiana johns movie, where people were serving monkey brains directly from the heads. Presented as a delicacy in the movie, I could not sleep for weeks after seeing that. I still have nightmares about it and  now it is back on seeing this
At least it is clear it is a cake as you can see the chocolate layers and the raspberry pinkish brain topping.
I guess it takes some skill to do such a cake though as it looks pretty good.

3. happy 6th birthday Nicolas

We have seen  dead corpses and zombies coming out of graves already, so the idea is not new, but you can appreciate the worms as jelly snakes and the fact that the birthday boy Nicolas is only 6. I am wondering what kind of education does he get and what sort of TV are the parents allowing him to watch as I would never think of making such a birthday cake to a child.

2.  rats couple on wedding cake

Another rat theme this time on a wedding cake. Not only insulating to the couple, the cake looks disgusting all together but you can appreciate the empty beer cans guarding this podium of horror. This looks like a couple of drug addicts, smoking some strong herbs and getting really high, as how other way can you appreciate this thing and not be mad on whoever came up with this.
Certainly not the average bunch of folks like me and you, I am pretty sure about me, but not sure about you though?!

1 – rats eating human hand

This is a horrifying image of disgusting rats having a go at a chopped human hand. Not only it suggests a crime in the first place of a serial killer chopping an innocent victim and cutting it to pieces, but the  way the rats are sucking up the fresh veins and the blood all over the place, is just horrific.
I could not make what is written on the plate, something like blab la bla – “get you”and it is signed Barbara. I would assume the cake was not given in friendship but send a message to an enemy of some sort , as no normal human being would do this to a friend