Saturday, 14 March 2015

12 ghosts stories that could be true

No 12, the rail road crossing ghost.

A strange legend across the tracks, even though the path is uphill.surrounds a railroad crossing just south of San Antonio, Texas. The story goes, was the site of a tragic accident in which several school-aged children were killed - but their ghosts linger at the spot and will push idled cars
Since that dreadful accident many years ago, any car stopped near the railroad tracks will be pushed by unseen hands across the tracks to safety. It is the spirits of the children, they say, who push the cars across the tracks to prevent a tragedy and fate like their own.
The second half of this legend is that if a light powder - like talcum or baby powder - is sprinkled over the car's trunk and rear bumper, tiny fingerprints and handprints will appear - the prints of the ghost children pushing the car. Many who have tried it swear that indeed they can see the evidence of small children's handprints in the powder.

No 11, the white lady at Worstead church.

This photo was taken in 1975 by Peter and Diane Berhelot during a visit to Worstead church in Norfolk, England. The figure in the photo appears to be wearing light coloured, old fashioned clothes and a bonnet.
The couple developed the image few months later and Diane could not remember anyone sitting behind her. They came back and showed the photo to the reverend, who told them the story of the white lady, a few hundred years old local legend, a healer, who appears when someone needs to be healed. Diane remembered that she was sick at the time of her previous visit, as she was taking antibiotics.

No10, The tulip stair case ghost.

The tulip staircase in The Queens house in Greenwich, is one of the first unsupported spiral staircases in England, but this is not what makes it famous, but a ghost story. This photograph was taken in 1966 by a reverend named Ralph Hardy. His intention was to capture the beauty of the spiral staircase and his surprise was huge after he developed the film and saw this shrouded figure climbing the stairs, holding the railing with both hands. Experts from Kodak have examined the photo and the original negative, and concluded that it has not been tampered with.
It is said that strange unexplained figures have been seen around the staircase and also footsteps sounds have been heard without anyone using the stairs. Other ghostly appearances have been reported over the years and it is suspected that the place is haunted by ghosts.

No. 9, The brown lady.

This portrait of "The Brown Lady" ghost is one of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken. The ghost is thought to be that of Lady Dorothy Townsend, wife of Charles Townsend, the 2nd Viscount of Raynham, from Norfolk, England in the early year 1700. It was rumored that Dorothy, before her marriage to Charles, had been the mistress of another man, Lord Wharton. Charles suspected Dorothy of infidelity. Dorothy's ghost is said to haunt the oak staircase and other areas of Raynham Hall Residence.
It was suspected that that Charles had locked his wife away in a remote corner of the house until her death many years later.
She appeared as a ghost for the following 2 hundred years to people visiting the property scaring them off. The ghost has been shot at with guns, obviously with no success.
This famous photo was taken in September 1936, by two photographers who were assigned to photograph Raynham Hall for Country Life magazine. They saw the appearance, flashed a light and discovered later, after the film development, their capture. They published the photo in the Country life magazine in December 1936. The ghost has been seen occasionally again after.

No. 8,  Bachelor grove cemetery

Bachelor’s grove cemetery has been the site for many strange appearances and phenomena, apparitions, unexplained sounds and sights, even glowing balls of lights. The image has been taken by Ghost Research Society during an investigation in 1991.
One of the group members was taking black and white photos with a high speed infrared camera after experienced few anomalies in the area. The cemetery was empty. The image has emerged after the film development. A young women dressed in white sitting on a tombstone. Parts of her body are partially transparent and the dress style and the haircut seem to be out of date.

No 7, Electric chair ghost.

The picture was taken by the engineer Fred Leuchter, who was hired to evaluate and modify the electric chair for executions, as it was old and needed to be refurbished. Fred took the chair home into his basement workshop and took few pictures to document his process.
After the photos were developed , he noticed few anomalies looking like ghostly shapes. He tried to attribute the appearances to the direction of the light and reflections of the chair surfaces, but still could not explained the result. Fred thought that the electromagnetic field created by the electric chair executions might have something to do with imprinting the after images, which cannot be seen with the naked eyes

No 6, the Romanian Decebal ghost.

Romania is a place full of legends, vampires, werewolves and hunted ghost stories. Authorities have warned people to stay away from the Decebal Hotel -- because construction works were taking place on the 150-year-old building. What they didn't warn people about, was the ghost. The spirit of a tall woman in a long white frock has long been reported at the spa. The hotel in Romania is rumored to hide ancient Roman treasure, and the ghost, it is said, appears to protect it from treasure hunters. The image was snapped by a 33 year old women trying to take few pictures of her boyfriend and was shocked when she discovered the weird ghostly shape

No 5, the pink lady of green castle.

This is a typical ghost hunting story, as after several appearances at O’Hare mansion in Green Castle Indiana, 2 ghost busters, Guy Winters and his friend terry went into a searching trip. They were armed with cameras and video recorders and spent 2 days and nights looking for evidence of haunting activities.
They came up with this picture which was seen after development, and it shows a ghostly women in pink vaporous clothes.  They reported also other anomalies and presences during their stay but have not been able to record them.

No 4,  the farm ghost.

This photo was taken by a wedding photographer,  Neil Bach in 2008. He was doing a pre wedding visit to the venue, a farm in Hertfordshire in England. He was amazed seeing this picture on his computer as he remembers clearly and vividly that there was nobody there, especially a child dressed in a white robe like that.
He investigated discreetly the people from the farm without telling them about the photo, and the staff did confirm previous appearances in the area.  This is the proof that this photo is a true ghost story and not a modern photographer attempt to create sensation.

No 3, the Australian watcher.

This image was taken in Alice Springs, in Australia in 1959. It shows a human transparent form, wearing along dress and holding something like a camera or binoculars. This is not a confirmed ghost story and it is suspected to be a double exposure, but there are plenty of speculations due to the fact this images is recorded on film. For whoever understands photography, a double exposure is possible in low light situations at dusk or poorly lit interiors, and not in full light as that would render the image overexposed and burned close to complete white.

No 2, the CCTV ghost.

This is an image of a ghost of a young girl haunting a mobile phone store. That proves that ghosts are not only old stories but modern times as well. The spooking looking female can be seen on a night footage taken by the CCTV system in the shop. She appears to cross the corridors, stops and looks back at the camera.

No 1, the cemetery ghost baby

This image is from a cemetery in Queensland Australia in 1947. A woman was visiting the grave of her daughter who died a year earlier. The husband took the photo and discovered the image after the film development. The image is not of their daughter but another child aware of their presence. After some enquiries they found out that next grave of their daughter was another 2 infant girls.

In conclusion a lot of questions are arising from all these cases.
-       why most of the cases the images emerge after film development?
-       Are the ghostly apparitions have something to do with the camera technology
-       The vast majority of the cases happen in England or United states

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe they are real or just hoaxes?
I am interested to hear how many of you believe this could be real.