Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 mysterious and secret societies

10 mysterious and secret societies

1.    Skulls and bones

It is originally known as Bortherhood of death and it is one
of the oldest student secret societies in USA.
It was founded in 1832 at Yale university and it is restricted to only a
few elite members.  Membership was not a
secret until 1970, but now they are. They use masonic rituals until today and
they apparently meet twice a week in a building the call the “TOMB”.
This secret society has given 2 presidents to the United
States and few powerful people in politics, economy, banking. There are a lot
of conspiracy theories around Skulls and Bones society.
 If you have seen the
movie “The good shepherd”  with Matt
Damon ,  as a senior CIA officer,  you probably got the idea that this
organisation is an incubator for CIA members, able to influence politics and
events around the world. Even if the movie claims it is fictional, it is based
on few real events, but enough to get you thinking how things are working in
the world.
I did not like the movie, as I have fallen asleep due the
lack of action that Matt Damon was supposed to provide after the Bourne series

2.     Free masons

Freemasonry started as an organisation that origins from
local fraternities of stone masons in the 14th Century, which tried
to regulate their qualifications.  Due to
high demand, the members become very rich over time and few generations and the
organisation changed their purpose into influencing politics, and economy.
Today there are many freemason secret organisations around the world, some of
them independent, and some of them structured into regions, states and so on,
and they are called freemasons lodges. They have a system of beliefs and
values, some of them religious, and some of them political. They have various
secret rituals, in which they welcome new members or promote existing ones into
higher positions. They are bound to protect the members and the organisation by
swearing loyalty and secrecy.
The organisations are structured into a hierarchical order,
and you can be an apprentice, fellow or master mason just like in the old days,
but now the name has nothing to do with your qualification, but status within
the group. Apparently you cannot get yourself in, but be invited by an existing
Conspiracy theory lovers have associated freemasonry with
the new world order and the Illuminati, and state that freemasonry is on
organisation either bent on world domination, or already secretly in control of
world politics.
I used to believe that myself, that free masons are super
secret, super evil and super powerful, lurking in the shadow and ordering wars
and revolutions around the world, but there is a masonic centre right around
the corner where I live and they serve coffee and muffins in the morning and
all the people there seem like regular people to me when I pass by.

3.    Ordo Templis Orientis

A modern day fraternal and religious organisation with over
3000 registered members, O.T.O , or order of the temples of the East, is was
originally modelled on Masonry structure but with an individual religion model
called Thelema. It was founded at the beginning of 20th century, so
not that old.
They claim to be one of the most important and influential
fraternal orders on the modern age and their scope is to secure the liberty of
the individual through training and initiation, following the five fold plan of
the rights of the man, and worship rituals for the Thelema as an universal
religion. They are present in over 21 countries and many cities, and they
deliver celebrations, lectures, assemblies lectures and seminars.
Like any other freemason lodge, there is a initiation ritual
for newcomers and various degrees of hierarchy. They have their own structure,
head quarters, supreme council, national grand lodge, executive council,
electoral college and so on and so fort.
OTO is tax exempted in US  and it
has a charitable status in California. 
They have a website and you can apply for membership online.
Very good….! Keep it real OTO!

4.    The illuminati

It is an old secret society founded in 1776 in Bavaria and
it has an Owl as a symbol from the Owl of Minerva.
Its purpose was to oppose superstition and the obscure religious
influence of public life,  and abuses of
state power. The main goal was to create order. The have been outlawed by the Bavarian
ruler at the time and also by the Roman Catholic Church. The Illuminati have
been vilified by critics and accused to be responsible for instigating the
French revolution
In modern days, the illuminati are associated with obscure
secret societies alleged to conspire for the world domination and control,
masterminding  events, planting agents in
governments and corporations, in order to establish the new world order. The
illuminati have been portrayed as lurking in the shadows and pulling strings of
power in hundreds of novels, movies, TV shows, video games and so on.
There is no proof today that this organisation still exists,
but is present in many conspiracy theorists allegations targeted to powerful
Every time there is an Owl tattoo popping up at once
celebrity, suspicions arise about the membership to the super secret Illuminati
secret society. Take Justin Bieber for example…he has an owl on his arm.
Perhaps he is an illuminati. Next time I will see him, I am going to ask him.

5.    The bohemian Club

this is a private gentleman social club in San Francisco,
formed in 1872. From a regular meeting of journalists, artists and musicians to
discuss art, it soon started to grow by adding to the exclusive membership list
important business man, entrepreneurs, university presidents and military
officers, to the ex.  Eventually  bohemian become synonymous with wealth, power
and influence and few famous people were members such as Oscar Wild, Richard
Nixon and few US presidents before they got elected, also  CEO’s or large corporations,  major military contractors.
The internal rule of this society is that 10 % is made up by
artists, actors, musicians who would be admitted after demonstrating their
talent. The club has also an Owl as mascot, so there we go, we can suspect
Justin Bieber to be part of this society as well.
Every year, the club hosts a 2 week party at a camp at
Bohemian Grove, and they organise the Cremation of Care, a ceremony that
mockingly burns the “care factor” with fireworks, pyrotechnics and funny
costumes. That does not see a secret society to me, but a party fraternity and
I would like to join in.

6.     Rosicrucians

Is a philosophical secret society said that have been
founded in late medieval Germany in the 14th century and it started
with 8 members only. It is symbolised by the Rosy cross and has a doctrine
built around truths of the ancient past, which provide inside to the nature,
physical universe and spiritual realm. It is associated with the Lutheran
protestant group who opposed  the Roman
In the last 100 years, several groups have been calling
themselves Rosicrucians and they adopt purely religious ideologies and inner
teaching of Christianity.
Today they are not secretive any longer and they are split
into several different sections including the Rosicrucian Fellowship or Ancient
Mystical Order Rosa Crucis
As any religious organisation they need followers, and in
order to recruit new members, they have embraced the modern technology and have
websites and advertise on google.
You can apply online to become a Rosi Crucian member, just
like you apply for a facebook account.
Good for them.

7.    Jesuits or the Society of Jesus

It is a male religious congregation of the catholic Church.
Their main purpose is the evangelization and promotion of social justice
combined with religious dialogue, which basically means they want to talk to
you about Jesus, and propose him as a model way of life. The organisation was
founded in the 16th Century and the initial members have vowed
poverty , chastity and obedience to the Pope. They are the Soldiers of God,
God’s Marines, or Pope’s secret Service. SO they are not a secret society really,
but a part of the Catholic Church.
They operate like a church though and they have their
headquarters in Rome. Pope Francis became the first Jesuit pope in 2013. Their
numbers seem to be decreasing from 30,000 to fewer than 18 thousands.
So I guess they need to bump up their social stats on the
facebook, twitter and google plus to increase the follower numbers

8.    The bilderberg group

it is a private organisation including few hundred of
political leaders and experts in industry , finance and media. It was founded
in 1954 by a polish politician in exile, and he proposed an international
conference between Europe and North America to promote Western values and unite
these northern Atlantic nations from a political perspective. The conference
was a success and transformed in an annual gathering. The name comes from Hotel
de Bilderberg in the Netherlands, where first conference took place.
The group was formed into a structure and a list of invitees
included politicians, bankers, military and secret services officers, corporate
directors etc. The main aim of this forum was to keep the discussion free within
closed doors, with no press or media attention, and that is a reason that they
have been criticised many times. They did not come up with any results, agreements,
resolutions, solutions or decisions. They have been accused of lobbying and
conspiracies due to the lack of transparency to the media and public.
People do not know what happens behind the closed doors,
they can only speculate and I am asking…maybe they meet just for some fun, a
game of pool, smoking some pot and perhaps wild parties with hookers and drugs,
just like in Ali G in da house movie. Or just play halo  on multiplayer mode.  
What do you think they can possibly talk about?

9.    The priory  of Sion

This is a name given to groups which are both fictional and
real. The most controversial is the fraternal organisation founded in France in
1956 by Pierre Plantard, which is a secret society devoted to install a secret
blood line of the Merovingian Dynasty on the throne of France and the rest of
Europe. This is actually a myth which became popular with the novel and the
movie “The Da Vinci Code”, based on a fictional historical book, the “Holy
Blood and the Holy Grail”. Apparently the founder of the group planted fake
historical evidence around France to prove he is a great monarch prophesied by
It has been proved all bogus, however the conspiracy
theories lovers are still under the impression this organisation exists and is
hiding secrets dating back in Jesus times. This is classified one of the
greatest hoaxes of the 20th century but we will talk about that in a
different video.
Did you watch the movie the Da Vinci Code? Do you believe
there is possible to find today a direct descendant of Jesus?
Question: if you have 2 parents, 4 grand parents and 16
grand grand parents, how many grand grand grand parents do you have in Jesus
time, and how many direct blood lines do you have than? Because they are all
direct…don’t you agree?

10.  The hashshashin

This is a mysterious of muslin assassins operating in the
middle east in the 13th Century. The group was fighting to establish
a state of their own, and used guerrilla tactics, espionage and political
assassinations to achieve their goals. They would plaint highly trained spies
inside the enemy groups and only attack when the time was right making them
very effective. The story goes that targeted people at the time would wake up
and find hasshashin daggers on their pillow with the message” we are watching
you…you are next”. Apparently the Mongols destroyed the group and they became
contract killers for hire. All their existence records have been lost and their
legend lived on especially for the fact the name meant hashish user, which
suggest they were smoking the drug and getting high before the missions, and
also the name hashshashin is the origin of the word assassin today.