Saturday, 14 March 2015

Amazing body transformations

Today I am going to talk about amazing body transformations. You probably expect weight loss stories, or cosmetic plastic surgery, but no, I would like to show you something beyond those things.
I will show you few examples of extreme makeovers, tattoos combined with piercings or reconstructive surgery to transform the human body into something else. I would say an animal body, but that will not be accurate.

I am going to present 5 of the most controversial and extreme body make overs that shocked the world in our time.

Number 6, Rick Genest, the zombie boy.

He is a Canadian artist born in 1985 in Montreal Canada. He is also known as the Zombie boy, for the full skeletal tattoos covering his body.
He was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and perhaps that was the reason he started to contemplate his own life taking it to the extreme, and became a freak showman, fakir, geek or clown. He gained notoriety and international exposure in 2006 after appearing in several blogs, interviews, magazines. He was discovered by Lady Gaga’s fashion director, Nicole Formichetti, who included him in a fashion show.
Rico the zombie boy worked after that with Jay-z, Keanu Reaves in the latest movie 47 Ronin and several other artists around the world.
Probably we will still see him in the future.

Number 5, Lucky Diamond Rich, the most tattooed man on the planet.

Born as Gregory Paul McLaren in 1971 in New Zealand, , he has covered his entire body in tattoos, including eyelids, mouth and ears. He holds the Guinness record as of 2006 being 100 per cent covered in tattoos. He is a street performer, international arts performer and his acts include sword swallowing, juggling and a variety of items on an unicycle.

Number 4, Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman.

She is a Brazilian and started her adult life as a nurse, and moved to Scotland, got married but currently she is divorced. She holds the record of the number of piercings to an impressive numbers of nine thousands, a huge increase from only 462 counted in year 2000, when she was declared a holder of Guinness records.
It is a long way.
I am wondering if she can feel pain.

Number 3, the lizard man.

His name is Erik and he was born in 1972 in United States, and he holds a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy from Hartwick college new york. He was a phd candidate before he started his extreme body transformation into a lizard, and becoming a freak show performer.
He has sharpened his teeth, split his tongue, had implants under the skin and fully tattooed his body with green scales, and made his lips green with ink,  in order to look like a lizard as much as possible.  There were rumours that he wanted to attach also a tail, but according to Erik himself that was not possible.
I think he got the wrong doctor, as I believe it can be done.
He makes public performances, appears on television, and he shocks people by eating fire, swallowing swords, stays on bed of nails. He is a human dart board and he eats insects. He has also a rock band called the lizard Skynyard and tours with Jim rose circus.

Number 2, the cat man.

His name is David Avner and he is a US navy veteran. He has spent years and countless operations to become a tiger.
He was born in 1958 in Nevada, united states of America.
He has tattoos, piercings, silicone cheek implants, top lip split, pointed ears and tooth fillings. Contact lenses on the eyes are the easiest from the lot.
He descends from American Indians and he likes to go by the name of stalking cat. He was inspired by spiritual conversation with his tribe chief who inspired him to follow the ways of the tiger.
David was a computer programmer but transformed into a something.
Unfortunately he was found dead in November 2012 and it was suspected he killed himself, very possible as a result of depression at the age of 54.

At number 1, we find today the most extreme body transformation example, the vampire woman.
Her name is Maria Cristerna and she was a lawyer. Born in 1977 in Mexico she is currently a mother of 4. She married at 17 but liberated herself from an abusive relationship through a physical transformation which included tattoos, piercings and titanium horns implants. She is knows as the vampire women and she likes the idea to become an immortal warrior.
The public reaction was positive despite the extreme transformation, and her new look opened another world of opportunities.  She was featured by “ripple’s believe or not” and brought to Orlando head quarters to have body casts done, in order to create urethane figures to become world wide attractions.
For Maria, it was a fulfilment of long time fantasy and dreams.
She said in an interview.
My skin is like a carpet and I can put whatever I want to express my feelings and life story. Everything means something about my past and my future.
In regards to her body she says.
I would like to remove the floating ribs to decrease the size of my waist and have more implants in my arms. It’s a woman’s vanity to want to look better.

That it for today, I hope you enjoyed it. If you know other examples of amazing body transformations, just leave down below your comments and we’ll talk them on board for future videos.