Saturday, 14 March 2015

12 useless inventions of all times

Today I will present 12 of the funniest but useless inventions of all times. There are hundreds out there, but after a time of research and evaluations, this is my final selection. I have carefully chosen the funniest and weirdest collection of time wasters creations, but with entertainment value rather that real use.

No 12, the chin support.

If you have trouble commuting with public transport, this might come in handy. I am not sure how practical it is, but definitely there is some thought to it. It is available only in Japan, as in any other country it will look ridiculous.

No.11,  the lipstick assistant.

If you are a women and you have a serious motor disability or just not skilled or strong enough to keep a lipstick on your face, this might help you to enhance your appearance, as definitely you might need it for blending in with normal people.

No. 10, the steering wheel tray.

This invention is not short of creativity for people driving long distances, in straight line and in countries without any traffic offences. You can use the tray to eat your lunch, play games on a computer or even arrange your toys by colour if you are really bored driving and you do not steer at all.

No. 9, the butter stick.

Even if this invention might attract a percentage of people buying it at least once, I do not believe this is a completely useless invention, as it might actually serve the purpose of spreading butter on a piece of bread. However I cannot picture on the shelves of the supermarkets.

No.8, the dog sack.

Definitely the result of people with imagination, this idea serves the purposed fo the dog transport. Someone actually thought about marketing this as a serious product for people with pets. I would like to see a dog outside the car on a freeway with the tongue sticking out. The dog might actually enjoy this.

No.7, the pet but covers.

This picture is a proof that there are people with serious issues out there. Probably this is for someone not fit enough to accept the appearance of an animal anus.

No.6, the noodle cooling fan.

One cannot dismiss this invention, as it is creative and intriguing. Obviously this is for someone very passionate about noodles and having trouble waiting for the food to cool down a little bit, but fit enough for a work out and willing to depend on batteries.

No.5, subway sleeping guard.

Another variation of a product for Japan, for people commuting. This invention is limited only for people catching a seat with a window behind, but think about the fact they can make money sleeping by selling advertising space on their helmet.

No 4. The DVD rewinder.

This invention is designed with the clear intention of a useless invention. If all the others ideas presented so far attempt to solve a problem, this one is from the beginning destined to fail, or just to get some attention for the sake of getting attention. I hope I do not have to explain that DVD do not rewind, which I just did.

No.3, full body umbrella.

This umbrella will protect you from heavy rain from top to bottom. It is designed for people waiting at the bus station and not moving, but the idea is valid. Too bad that people have to walk sometimes.

No.2, the flatulent deodorizer.

I have to give this one credit for the intent. This can be used as a gift for people who are having flatulent issues in public to send a clear message that one needs to be fit for society before farting uncontrolled in the presence of others.
I great gift idea! Where do I buy one?

no 1 – flexible head hammer

this is a metal spring with a hammer head which you will never be able to use other than hurting yourself. This is by far the best concept of an useless product that defeats its own purpose, not even remotely trying to solve the problem in the first place.

I hope you enjoyed this count down and please let me know if you know other
Great useless products, as I would love to create few other episodes about this fascinating world of either naivety or designed intent.