Thursday, 9 April 2015

10 most popular suicide destination around the world

10 infamous suicide destinations around the world 

There is a category of people in this world that wish to take their own life. we are going to explore 10 of the most infamous suicide destinations around the world

 10 London Underground 

This is the most famous public transit system in the world and it started to be built in the 19th century. It has 270 stations and 400 kilimoteres of rail tracks. The system is accessible from everywhere in London and it become popular also among people wishing to die. People jump in front of trains to end their lives on a weekly basis. The biggest numbers are gathering around Kings Cross and northern line with around 145 deaths recorded between over the last 10 years. The suicide in London Underground are becoming a routine, which is annoying for the staff, who actually allocated a name such as the “passenger action”. The jumpers have a success rate of 40% only, the survivors are being caught and charged with obstruction of trains with intent.

 9. Nusle Bridge in Czech republic

 This is a massive concrete construction 140 feet or 45 meters above ground. This bridge is called the suicide bridge because over 300 people have jumped and died here in the last 30 years. That means 10 people in a year and that means 1 person in every 6 weeks. If you think about it, it’s pretty scary. The city authorities have implemented safety chains in their attempt to prevent people falling, however if you are dealing with people doing this on purpose, it is not that easy to stop them.

8. Beachy head – England 

An awesome landscape, steep cliff, 530 foot or 162 meters high from sea level, this is a preferred spot for suicides in England. A fall from that high will guarantee death even landing on the water. All people from the local town, have developed an eye for potential jumpers, from taxi drivers to pub staff. They have even developed a local volunteer organisation which is patrolling the beach for preventing the jumps, however 20 people a year end their lives here.

7. the gap – Sydney Australia 

Very similar with the higher English version, the gap is the location infamous for its death rate of suicide jumpers, including few local famous people who took their life over the years. Just like the English version, the locals are aware of the issue, have installed fences, chains and cameras, but the best weapon was a man called Don Richitie, WWII veteran, who lived near by. He is used to approach jumpers, engaged them in a conversation and most of them ended up having tea in the house and gave up their plans. Don has saved over 160 jumpers and he was called the angel of the gap. Don passed away in 2012.

 6. Niagara Falls Canada 

Niagara is world wide famous for the dramatic water fall, and many stories, movies and Guinness records attempt to ride the wave, survive the jump and whatnot. But in reality , there is also a dark side to it. Between 20 and 40 people jump every year, seeking their own death. It was estimated that over 5000 bodies have been found between 1850 and 2011. If you do the numbers that means around 31 people in a year and 1 person every 2 weeks. Imagine you are on holiday for that long it is almost guaranteed you will witness a jump. The area is impossible to secure it. The local tourist boat captains have developed a business retrieving bloated corpses from jumpers and they are making some money out of it. Pretty creepy.

 5. Mount Mihara – Japan 

Mount Mihara is a famous Landmark in Japan, where Godzila has been imprisoned in the movie :the return of Godzilla” and also parts of the horror movie “the Ring” has been filmed. This happens to be an active volcano and it is a sure death if you jump from the top edges. In 1933 a Japanese student, 21 years old at the time, has jumped and he vaporised instantly at the contact with the hot lava of 2,200 F, or1,200 Degress Celsius. Just like in the move the terminator if you have seen the end of part 2. This started a trend among the Japanese jumpers and the location become the hot spot of suicide destination, literally. Thousands of people followed the student and over 944 people have jumped in the lava only in 1933 alone.

 4. Aokigahara Sucide Forest 

Another popular suicide destination, in Japan as well, the Aokigahara Forest Is attracting over 100 suicides every year, by self hanging or drug overdose. This place is associated with demons in the Japanese folklore and beliefs. The legend says the families have abandoned their elders here to die because they could not care for them any longer. It is believed that their ghosts are still haunting the forest and that is why the entire location is seen and dark and creepy. There are plenty of signs addressed to suiciders, but they are not even close as successful as spotters or patrols and the rate of the death is quite high.

 3. Prince Edward Viaduct in Toronto Canada 

Over 500 suicides have been recorded here before 2003. The viaduct is nicknamed the magnet of suicides and it estimated to be the second most fatal standing structure in North America. At its peak, the bridge had an average of one suicide at every 22 days. After so much drama consumed here, the local council has constructed a barrier called the Luminous Veil which was completed in 2003 and despite the effort and the money spent here, it did not impact the number of overall deaths in Toronto , according to a more recent study in 2010. Apparently people who are prevented to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge, will find another way to kill themselves.

 2. Golden gate bridge of San Francisco 

San Francisco iconic bridge is a landmark which attracts not only commuters and visitors, but also people wishing to finish by jumping from it, from a height of 245 feet or 75 meters into the water. It is established than a fall from more then 40-50 meters will be lethal even for most advances professional divers, so Golden Gate Bridge jump is a guaranteed death. A human body will catch so much speed, the impact with water will be as strong as with a hard surface. The bridge is estimated to have had over 1500 jumpers which were witnessed and recorded, however the number could be much higher. The local authorities have instated a local patrol to talk to them and 90% will be convinced to live, however this is the second highest death rate suicide destination in the world, and the first on North American Continent

1. Nanjing Yangtze River bridge- China 

The massive 4 mile bridge is a testament that life in China can get very difficult for the common people. Over 2000 suicides have been recorded here. Just like the Gap ins Sydney, this popular suicide destination has a watcher, Mr Chen, who is constantly patrolling and scanning the entire bridge through his binoculars for potential suiciders. He is know to have saved personally over 175 people from death, however the large number of deaths is making this location by far the most popular suicide location in the world. Thanks for Watching, Doctor Dinamite reporting, over.