Friday, 29 May 2015

20 selfies go wrong

20 selfies go wrong 

Today we are looking at 20 selfies go wrong. everyone is trying today to get the best selfie ever for Facebook, but sometimes lack of talent meets stupidity

20. if you are a fat white kid trying to be gangsta, make sure you can use photo shop properly. this is the original version in contrast with whatever he wants to look like. he only wishes

19. what is wrong with this picture you are asking. if you check the message it says: spending time with me nana on this lovely Sunday. that means the nana is burned and she holds the ashes. this is creepy man, even from a hot chick with big boobs like that.

18. this is what Justin Bieber can do for a emotional teenage selfie taker. she looks like she saw aliens coming, or perhaps she is just constipated

17. I am not sure about this, but he is pointing the gun to himself. either suicidal un purpose, or an idiot trying to be tough in the mirror, and wanting to see how is to be on the other side of the gun. that is scary.

16. this is how an innocent poisons spider can ruin a selfie in bed with your girlfriend. this selfie should come with sound as well, but hey, we are not there yet.

15. fat guy trying to be tough, but instead he looks insane and stupid. My Man, just think before you snap that shot as this image will never go away. it is in the internet forever. I like the black rectangle on your ass, like that is the wrong thing this picture

14. the world is filled with idiots who sometimes can exceed our imagination. dunking your head for a selfie in the fishtanks has never occur to me. to bad the fish are not piranha.

13. someone gotta tell this hot chick that she is doing it all wrong. you do not take sexy pictures on your sink, you should go in your bedroom and wear sexy lingerie and get grandma to take a shot

12. I am not sure what to make of this picture. fat guy, washing his foot, pink, blanket, pink phone and pink barbie giant clock. the glasses are reminding me of mad max.

11. what is wrong with this picture? i cannot really tell. I am focus on this old man's abs and I die on envy. with abs like that you are entitle to take selfies every day and everywhere.

10. you gotta give this girl respect. who can possible brush teeth and take a selfie in the same time. nobody. she can actually press the button with the inside of her tow. that is impressive.

9. this guy is trying to play with the mirror in such a way i cannot even comment and make some sense of it. the result speaks for itself as it looks so wrong to me.

8. if you are trying hard to be popular, you will do everything in your power to embarrass yourself. I cannot understand what is he sitting on. also the dog is pretty sad with being part of this.

7. trying to take a selfie while driving with a super excited dog can turn around in a crash, or a bad selfie.

6. girl kissing girl taking a selfie. and sometimes there are poor victims in the background not even able to take a peaceful dump without going on Facebook.

5. I think her ass hole wanted to see itself in a selfie as it is always hidden in the dark. If I would be that I would say the same, please let me out, please let me out, I am such an important part of your body. I need to be on Facebook right now.

4. there is a new trend how to look like an idiot online. you tape your face like this guy, or this guy, or this guy. there are plenty more and perhaps someone can tell me what this is all about?

3.  there are many people in this world dying to take a selfie and be famous for it. this is one example how far you can go. sometime to jail.

2. i guess this guy's balls wanted to be also captured in the picture, but putting it on the internet, i guess she did not think that trough. This is on her, not the guy. she will always be remember the girls with e balls close to her face.

1. Nothing wrong with a selfie with a  hysterical monkey, but wait, what about this? and this.
i guess the art of taking the perfect selfie takes more than snapping a shot with your phone. it should take some thinking, which clearly eludes many of us.

question for next time, what is this object this guy is sitting on? please leave your comments down below.