Saturday, 9 May 2015

biggest human body parts

today are are going to look at the 15 biggest human body parts. you will be flabbergasted, stupefied, thunderstruck and mortified

  15. the biggest head belongs to Sain Mumtanz from Pakistan. he suffers from a rare condition and probably would be not a good idea to make fun of the poor guy, who is leading a difficult life.

14. the longest hair belongs to Xie Quipping from China with an impressive length of 5.6 meters, or 18 ft and 5 inches. She has no future plans for a hair cut and she probably spends a little bit more time in the shower than you and me.

13. longest beard belongs to Sarwan Singh from Canada and it measures 2.37 meters or 7ft and 9 inches. you have to admire the patience and makes you wonder, if he is sitting on a toilet, would his beard touch the floor?

12. longest moustache measures 4.3 meters or 14 ft from one end to the other, and belongs to another gentleman named Singh form India this time. for this size the moustache has to have a larger root so it blends a little bit with the beard, but hey, let's not be picky here. the guy is a mountain of patience and perseverance.

11. the biggest nose is 8.8 centimetres or 3.5 inches and belongs to Mehmet from Turkey. not really impressed here, and I don't know how it was measured.

10. the largest ears belong to Daryl Belmares and are the result of a long stretch. This guy is actually a Pastor, Like really? I am not impressed again as I was expecting something like this....too bad its photoshop

9. the longest nails belong apparently to Lee Redmond, hair dresser in US with an impressive length of 8.65 meters or 28 ft all together
The gentlemen however has also about 29th ft worth of nails himself.Why she has them straight and him curly?
also you have to wonder how do they wipe their asses after number 2 in the toilet? is there someone else to help them?

8. the biggest mouth belongs to Franisco Joaquin from Angola. It measures 17 cm  or 6.7 inches, but that it not impressive, but the fact he can put a hole coke can inside. that is impressive

7. the biggest eyes record belongs to Kim Goodman. this is actually the biggest eye pop outside the orbit by an irrelevant number of millimetres or inches, as the image speak for itself. you do not w ant one there when she feels like doing this as you might get scared and run away.

6. the longest neck extension is 40 centimetres or 15 inches, and this is a beauty standard for women in Padaung tribe in Burma. they cannot move the head any longer and if you remove the rings, she will die.

5. the largest biceps are of course the result of steroids. Gregg Valentino started body building at at age of 13 and developed the desire to pump up nature with some pills to make his hands like rocks.
i believe he lost touch with the concept what a good body looks like with those weird muscles

4. largest fingers come also with largest hands, and unfortunately it is another medical condition. Kareem, from India is one of the many cases with huge hands, which are giving him a hard time of every aspect of his life. no jokes here

3. longest tongue belongs to Annika Irmler from Germany who can lick an ice-cream from an impressive distance of 8 centimetres. not really impressed as her skill does not seem to have any applications in real life. what would you do with a tong like that? nothing that I can't do with mine

2. largest breasts belong to Annie Hawkins with an impressive size of 109 centimetres or 43 inches.I guess her bra comes custom made and despite she looks happy in this picture, probably she has troubles sleeping, reaching the sink, or standing up.

1. longest penis is probably the record you were waiting for. Allegedly It belongs to Jonah Falcon, with an impressive 34 centimetres or 13.5 inches. Sorry you will not get any pictures today as you do not want to go back in your bedroom and cry, and also youtube might not like it either. The guy used to wear tight shorts just to make people feel bad about themselves. mean bastard.

do you believe it is Ok to flaunt your body parts to make other people feel bad about themselves?
leave your answer down below and we might mention it in the next video.