Wednesday, 3 June 2015

15 super duper toilets for taking a dump in style

15 super duper toilets for taking a dump in style

today we are looking at 15 super toilets for the people wishing to spend more time on the crapper and have a super experience ever day in style. holy crap of a crapper

15. the pimped out geek toilet contains a full entertainment system, DVD player, laptop, playstation and a beer tap. so you can spend as much time as you want until you but dries out completely so you need to shower. 

14. if you know you cannot hold it for more than 5 minutes ion your way to school, supermarket or work, this is the perfect vehicle for you. not sure how you flush and how much water it uses, probably not a lot

13. if you really love you time on the crapper, you need to invest it accordingly. this is a 75 thousand dollars swarowsky crystal toilet, too bad it does not come with any goodies, such as refrigerator, WI FI or integrated plasma TV to run fashion channel 24/7

12. if you are not comfortable touching yourself or just have your both hands occupied with a drink and your phone, you can choose this robot toilet with hands to help you open, aim and do the deed. sure that would be nice but I am concerned about the shaking bit.

11. if you love your wife so much you can take a dump together discussing the latest news, gossip and Facebook status updates. Probably you should eat the same thing as well, as the smells need to be synchronised for a pleasant experience

10. just in case you miss your crap so much and sorry to let it go, you can spend few more minutes by looking how it takes off. you will have the time to say good bye.

9. if you travel a lot and do trust other people toilets, just take your own in your suitcase and you will be safe. you can use it whenever you go never worry about the time and place. even at the cinema. 

8. if you are poor and do not have enough space, you can take a dump and shower in the same time. if you think about it, it is not such a bad idea. the problem is how do you wipe your butt with paper, or this comes with a wet solution. i don't know

7. what you see now it is not a joke but a safety system if you are selfish and do not want to share your toilet. you press a button and all those spikes will retract. pretty smart right?
wrong. imagine that you are drunk and mess up with the system you will be sorry for sure.

6. if you go in a restaurant in Taiwan you do not need to bother to leave your seat. you eat, drink, crap, eat drink, crap...this is really good for business. i know this is just for show, but it is like eating tasty shite. it defeats the entire purpose. 

5. people loving to ski would love this as well. I have no idea because I don't sky, they should do another toilet with Facebook all over it and I would deb happy to use it.

4. the ice toilet is for the ice people. not sure about you but there is no better feeling to stick your balls onto the ice for a pleasant and unique experience. probably there is some flushing problem they did not think through, but hey, who am I to complain.

3. if you are in love, you can take your partner for a hot sensual hot bath and after that a successful dump together as your bodies will never be apart. you can even hold hands and smile to each other, and farts will not be awkward any more.

2. a glass floor is a guarantee you will have a successful crapping experience, and ti is good, because the toilet is there, so you can train for later when you will take a lift with no floor either. 

1. i always wanted to see myself, how do I look during my constipated moments, from all possible angles. it is an image I want to remember. on a toilet you can also happy moments so that is perfect for both situations. a good dump and a good selfie and the Facebook will be on fire.

question for next time, do you think you have what it takes to take a dump with someone else in the same room ?