Tuesday, 5 May 2015

20 photos that look dirty but are not. your mind is

Today you are going to look at 20 photos that look dirty, they are not but your mind is. http://www.youtube.com/user/doctordinamite?sub_confirmation=1 20.beyond the obvious human penis preparing a barbecue, this is a happy occurrence i am sure they had a great laugh about 19. well the fact they are looking very calm at the camera tells me that the black shape might not be his penis. o, I got it, it is the bike seat 18. epic picture in the mountain side, too bad she might have a penis. sorry this is just a shadow in her knee in a terrible position. too bad this photo went viral and the girl was embarrassed. why would she? any man would be proud of that size 17.piercing between the legs? i guess not, juts 2 guys very close to each other. they are both bold and unshaved, and ridiculously close.so i believe they did this on purpose to fool you and me. 16. your dirty mind will tell you something bad is going on here. in fact they guy is just checking his teeth laying down.cheeky bastard! 15.wow..hold on!is this what I believe it is? the small hand indicate a small girl, and the big hand indicates a big man. probably the father 14.on a first look something very fishy is happening here. but it takes few seconds for your brain to tell you that is not possible and you are looking at the left girl's leg. 13. check this out, this guy left his wallet in his but. let's get it out, quickly and run away before somebody sees us. the guy on the ground has a face like he is hurting...of course he is. the wallet can be big. 12.i would really like to date this girl just for fun to see such an atrocity. she is lucky this hair belongs to a guy laying on the bed. otherwise she would not probably smile again like that. 11.this is an obvious vagina....hold on, is this it? what about this? dam..i wish it was a vagina, but some guys never stop to disappoint m with their underarm bush. By the way, do you grow underarm bush? i think it is disgusting 10. wow, this is no illusion. what you see is for real. this animal looks like that. what a poor creature. it does not even know how bad it looks, unless somebody tells it. 9. what do you think this is? your dirty mind believes some bad thing happening here. in fact an innocent little piggy wants some food, between to bigger pigs. probably some sort of uncles 8. she is smiling isn't she. with such big breasts, she has and aura of self confidence. too bad we are looking at her elbows, in case you are still wondering what you re looking ut, and your dirty mind is still in control. 7. the girl at the back does not have underwear. that is true but unfortunately for us, we are looking at the blond chick's arm. too and. it would have been epic. 6.i am wondring how can she be naked at a party and nobody seems to notice. well, i give up, we are looking at the front girl's arm fat. as bad as the naked scenario. nobody seems to notice that either. 5.this is reaaallly cool. unless you pay a lot of attention and discover there is an actual dog in the picture, the whole story here is interesting. perfect time for a great photo, even if not what we would like to believe 4. ballon party, perfect timing, she seems to get a serious erection here. impossible but nevertheless a great photo to share with the friends 3. check out the girl with a small weenie. you need to spend like 5 seconds to realise we ar looking at the guy's hand and suddenly the interest for this picture drops. 2. really bad imagination to see hair coming out like that. of course this is a face. what did you think? the hair does not grow like that in the region you think this is 1. for number one today, a adult party here with 2 boys and a girl. if they would not be dressed, you would not pick up the fact we are looking at the guys hand. the weird part is that the background of the picture is completely black that suggests someone must have used photoshop on this. that is it for today, question for next time, do you believe these guys from no 17 knew what they were doing and did this on purpose?