Saturday, 16 May 2015

20 photos right before disaster

today we are looking at 20 photos right before disaster strikes. final one is the best.

20. if you want to sleep on the beach, it would be protect yourself otherwise you might get a little wet. if you are like me, having pee on your face is disaster, the smell will stay with you for weeks, not matter how much you shower.

19. the dog is really determined to bite something, as long as it is round in shape, like this lady. the dog cannot tell the difference between the frisky and her. she looks happy, poor clueless women

18. I though dogs like any normal being have an instinct of self preservation, and not perform jumps that will definitely end up in disaster. for them. apparently I am mistaken and there are animals that stupid to ignore the signs and run like idiots after a round flying saucer.

17. I am wondering if this on the way down, or way up. the fall is guaranteed and this is what happens when you want to impress the girlfriend with an ATV. helmets are stupid. don't wear them.

16. the local medieval fest, and a drunken ninja dressed as a an average party boy attempt to do a yokotobygery kick jump against a medieval knight who is opposing the force like a true jedi. karate people will know what I am talking about.

15. i don't know why but this looks russian, and they guy is watching a hammer taking off and land on his face. do you think it will hurt?

14. this is at least awesome. someone snapped the picture, before this guy will actually feel the pain. ouch. he is still smiling. gotta be happy till unhappy.

13. do you believe this guy will get his bicycle back? Certainly does not look like it. he is taking off looking very happy though. see you later alligator

12. all these guy look drunk, she looks like a happy nerd, not really a serious disaster but she is going to get something on hear head, and that is guaranteed.  i think she is the birthday girl

11. another disaster but not really a distiller, as water support live. sometime being on top of other people will make you a target. the snap is awesome

10. wow what is this? an attention breaker so you do not fall asleep during this video. the cow will fall onto this superhero, and that is classified as a disaster, right? even in fiction

9. now this is a real disaster. this poor girls hair is on fire,  but she does not know it yet. she is still enjoying a selfie, focus on phone settings.

8. now this is a real disaster. i have no comments other there will be a lot of people unhappy loosing stuff in the ocean. why would you circle your boat in the way , i don't get it.

7. this looks like a goat of some sort attacking a girl. why would you have a goat in the first place to jump at you? you get what you get.

6.  you gotta appreciate the love for extreme sports. even when you are going down for sure, you still have the spirit to do a thumb up, like and share on Facebook. double thumbs up.

5. well. i guess they had it coming. I'm am pretty sure that a small truck or van like that does not accommodate a thousand people. the driver looks happy though he pulled a stunt like that so far.

4. well, what do you think about this picture. why would she be in this position. did she let go, is she trying to do a stunt? regardless the landing will not be pretty

3. Epic wedding pic, i am about to become speechless. there is still chance for salvation, but i sincerely doubt this was the outcome. i think it is a you?

2. this is a real disaster and it will not end up pretty. I would hope that the guy will learn that even kids carts can get some dangerous speed.

1. final one for today, i do not really want to explain the obvious, but I will still do it though as i think this is pretty dam funny. drunken guy, after pissing on a fence, faints and falls down. the beauty is that he pissed on the fence first, so he is safe. not later shame.

question for next time, is there a proof in this picture the guy was drunk? look carefully and leave your comments down below. best comment will be in the next video.