Saturday, 23 May 2015

20 dumb stuff things you can buy online

20 dumb stuff things you can buy online

Today we will be looking at 20 if the dumbest examples of stuff you can buy online. the world is full of idiots but who cares, right?

20. if you really love Nicholas Cage you can take him with you in your bedroom in a pillow format. I am not sure about you. not sure who was the idiot who came up with this idea, perhaps it was Cage himself to pump up his popularity going down the toilet. Disgusting ugly and creepy pillow cases if you ask me. 

19. If you have grudges against the american president, this is an item      that probably will make you feel better. If you ask me I would rather do this with twilight as that movie scared me forever with some stupid vampires falling involve with their food. it is like loving your hamburger so much, you can actually marry it. stupid stuff. 

18. if you are really bored with your life and so hopeless you cannot even hire a human stripper, this is something you can buy for your dog. maybe that will cheer you up and realise you are an undatable idiot.

17. If you do believe that unicorns can be used for their meat to feed you, probably you still believe in santa clause and you still do not have a wallet yet. and that makes me wonder who makes stuff for children with no money.

16. this is really disturbing in my view. I can understand inflatable women, but how sick do you need to be to actually get an inflatable sheep. not only this is not for kids, but check this out. it has a hole but hole for purposes that I cannot want to imagine. 

15. just to continue with unicorns, apparently they can have sex with dolphins. this is a cigarette holder for smokers. I am wondering what kind of people would find this funny enough to buy this and see it ever day in their pockets.

14. finishing with unicorns and focusing on dolphins, there are people in this world selling advice and reasons you want to punch a dolphin in the face. and guess that? they put this on Amazon so they can make money on you. I would love a book about punching people writing about punching dolphins.

13. if you have sex life is intense and find yourself dry at critical moments, do not forget buy 99 gallons of lube, just in case you run out of it. perhaps in 500 years if you share with with your entire village everyday. 

12.  for people really loving bacon, you can have these bandages if you cut yourself. so, remember these are bandages. they do not smell like bacon and you will be safe with dogs as they rely on smell more than the visual. 

11. if you are a fugitive from the law and find yourself in the wild forrest, these animal footprint shoes might save yourself. The police, FBI or who the hell will bother to chase you, will be definitely sent on a wild goose chase.

10. if you have trouble biting or cutting a banana with a knife, you need a special slicer to come with it. I have no other comments as I am speechless. 

9.  if you live thriller movies or are a killer yourself thirsty for blood, this probably will cheer you up a little, and slow you down in your crimes. This is a matt that gets bloody red when you step out of the shower. brilliant right?

8. the boyfriend arm pillow is for lonely people feeling the need to  have an imaginary friend and a physical presence in your bed to hug you at night. i believe this is for man as well. 

7. I am not sure this is, but apparently it will electronically lift your nose during your sleep, to allow the mucus to come down easier, and ti improve your nose shape, so they claim. it is called the nose lifter and it is made in Japan. why am I not surprised

6. if you are really a disco fan, this is how you can distract everyone during a sunny day and I am pretty sure the rate of accidents will increase dramatically when you are in traffic. I wondering if this is legal. 

5. for all the iPhone users of this world, check out this gadget. you can hold it so you can watch doctor dinette. neat right?

4. if you do not want to be bothered to turn on the light during the night when you go to the toilet, this is a glow in the dark toilet paper version. I am wondering if the glow is transferable on your but so you can glow in that dark yourself. that would be awesome, right?

3. just in case you do not understand, this is a lobster iPhone case, so you will definitely get some attention when you pull it out from your pocket to answer the other idiots calling you for a meeting. you have to appreciate the creativity though.

2.  this is an iphone case with a cup holder for people really into their phones. so you do not need to take your eyes off the screen and have your take away coffee in sight just in case someone will steal it, or you cannot spare any seconds away from Facebook

1. number one and the best in my opinion is the ostrich pillow to take at work. I guess you can have a rest during business hours, and if you cannot see others, they cannot see you...right? problem solved

Question for next time, have you ever bought one of these. If you send a proper justification, you will be exempt from being an idiot and we can publish your comment with respect in the next video.