Wednesday, 20 May 2015

20 epic drunken party photos - EMBARRASSING!

20 epic drunken party photos - EMBARRASSING!

today we are looking at 20 epic drunken party photos. Alcohol and party do mix very well together, sometimes a bit too much. Embarrassing, shameful disgraceful, but I love it.

 20. starting soft today with the typical nerd arrived to a party by accident. that is right boy, please ignore the wild chick next to you, so you can get home still a virgin tonight.

 19. this is one of the baddest Santas I have seen, if there are kids in the room, cover your eyes, so you do not want to remain with this image to haunt you for the rest of your life.

 18. I am not sure if this guy is trying to give her some tongue, or he wants to whisper something, but she looks over the moon with his presence, really impressed about he has to say.

17 . how drunk can you be to ignore what is in your face. If I drop anything in a public toilet, goes straight to the garbage bin, what about this guy's face. I would not want to wake up there.

 16. it takes a great effort for your friends to do such a great masterpiece, and it would take a lot of alcohol to actually ignore you are being taped to the shite pipes on the ceiling. that is gotta be a fake. by the way, where is this party? in the basement?

 15. a large amount of booze, will make every horizontal surface just as comfy as a king size bed. and guess what, you do not have to go the toilet later.

 14. if you end up like this guy the next morning, something must have really clouded your judgement, and there is no amount of alcohol to justify this. that is right my friend, you will be online forever for this and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

 13. i am going to be mean this time. If I would be a women, with no boobs at all, I would not take a picture next to this guy. His manboobs overshadow her cupsize by a million times, literally. if have a zero in your bra, everything is bigger in the world. Even a nut.

 12. i am not sure, but i believe these ladies are gorgeus. I would like to date all 3 of them in the same time, to gain the respect of all my friends. all 3 of them, including the imaginary ones.

 11. this is the perfect position for a lady. next time you want a serious girlfriend, check out the toilet after a party. you might get lucky and find yourself and merry wife knowing how to party.

 10. it takes physical effort to party. it is not for the weak and faint hearted. sometimes dropping some pee in the glory of the moment, is just natural.

 9. these guys seem heavy repeated drinkers, as you need a lot of training to actually survive in that position after a long night of cheap booze and good story in the village pub. I don't know but this feels like russia

 8. i guess you deserve a good session of body painting with some of the most talented friends you will ever have. remember when you wake up in the morning that your are not a victim of alcohol, but a victim of art.

 7. this is really passion for the toilet, this time the female version. the position is telling us that after a session of throwing up, this young lady feel asleep immediately. I am wondering if this knowledge is passed around your area, who will want to kiss you, like ever?

 6. talent and imagination for another group of friends playing a prank on the drunken buddy, this time the image is just funny. nothing wrong with some read onion, a couple of chips, and a poor attempt to draw a penis with a red marker on hid neck. not bad

 5. I hope you have seen that dead people on the street get a white chalk contour drawn for the forensic photo shoot. this is the lighter version, just in case you pass out drunk, and all your friends are trying to make you famous on Facebook for the rest of your life. this does not go away.

 4.I guess this girl practiced some karate when she was younger and tried to show her skills. I would not want to have this picture published ever. preposterous, horrific, ridiculous, embarrassing

 3.having fun is for everyone regardless of gender, age, or weight. I think the lady does not even feel this guy riding her, she looks so relaxed, just like a horse. nothing wrong with that. the guy is really having a good time. he deserves it.

 2. just in case you do not understand what you see I am going to explain the obvious. the guy is showing off his muscles, and she throws up in contempt. I don;t know why, because he really looks convincing. ands he seems cute as well. what is wrong with her.

 1. today's number one is a masterpiece. You gotta love the persistence and talent to come up with something like that and execute this to perfection without this poor guy waking up. I always love the closed yes painted as open, as this is how you get a good sleep in school or at work. you should try it sometimes. success guaranteed. Question. do you think drinking is bad for your Facebook profile? leave your comments down below