Saturday, 2 May 2015

20 church signs that will make you laugh

today we are looking at 20 of the funniest church signs that will make you laugh. some priests do have sense of humour and this is how they will try to convince you to go to church 20. church parking, trespassers will be baptised. so you if park there by accident you might end up with a new religion in god but lock your car. a very pragmatic trust the good and do not trust the man advice. i guess it makes sense doesn't it? 18. Jesus is coming for you so look busy. this is a preschool preparing children from an early age for a bludging corporate job when you grow up. well done friends. 17. Sunday worship has been cancelled until somebody can prove all of this. i guess it might take a bit longer than a week, don't you? 16. how do we make holly water? we boil the hell out of it. I actually thing this is pretty cool and it all makes sense. 15. God did not create anything without a purpose but mosquitoes come close. and spiders, and dust mites and perhaps Britney Spears...or maybe I am wrong on this one 14. There are some questions that can't be answered by google. you got that right. Google cannot answer either where I lost my umbrella last week. 13. you cannot enter heaven unless Jesus enters you. this is so wrong at so many levels, I am wondering if the pastor who wrote this is really and adult? 12. don't be so open minded your brains will fall out. In another words, if you are open to other things, is wrong...i have no comments here despite the humour approach for a controversial message. 11. be pure and fill your cracks with Christ. that means if you have got cracks on your skin guess you better pay attention what cream you buy as you might end up in hell. 10. Come hear a zombie story with a lot less annoying bickering than the walking dead. You mean dead people walking and discussing petty subjects, right? is that a Jesus reference? Last time I checked Zombies do not talk but walk towards you like idiots for your blood. 9.forgivness is to swallow when you want to spit. i reckon a 10 year old could have come up with a batter quote than this. pretty lame if you ask me. 8. anal convention, between 9th and 12th of May. Lord we just want to thank you. I cannot believe whoever wrote this cannot spell. I believe they run out of letters and made up the best the could. 7. Sunday message, Jesus, bring me that ass. Perhaps another spelling mistake or a pastor going gangsta. 6. open you mouth, I will fill it. message from Paul Meyers the pastor. Well Paul, you better stand up and put more details as this is confusing. 5. is touching yourself worth and eternity? really? i did not know an innocent wank is a sin. we all need to reflect on this. if you are a man, be honest with yourself and think about what you have already done. 4.sexual exploitation of children workshop. is this for church people. or for public. if you want to learn the trade, you better check it out. 3. the most powerful position is on your knees. i do not know about that. powerful for who? him or her. 2. honk if you love jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him. This is a message sponsored by traffic authorities not the church. or perhaps both. 1. I kissed a girl and I liked it, then i went to hell. Katy Parry you are in deep trouble. also all men out there, you are in trouble as well. well not all of you. question. regardless you are religious or not, the important question is should they exist. leave you comments below.