Wednesday, 13 May 2015

20 epic bad parents fails

20 epic bad parents fails

.... today we are looking at 20 epic bad parents fails. some people do not deserve to be parents at all. 

20. learning to play with guns should come from an young age. It is never to early to join the hunting party, and be comfortable shooting stuff

19. inflatable dolls are toys that should teach the kids the respect for women and good behaviour. 

18. this looks so wrong, i am wondering if the parent is really serious about leaving the child like that.

17. take a good picture and make sure you show what kind of adult videos you are watching with your son. 

16. i do not understand this picture. she these old guys getting married? is this their kid? makes no sense whatsoever, also the old guy thinks he is still with the male stripping club

15. if you go for shopping and you do not feel like taking your noisy kid with you, just lock him in the locker. as long as he can see people, it is OK.

14. wow. is the little guy really upset because of the chains? or because the lyon does not want to play with him. note that the end of the chain is loose so they can both run together.

13. i always wanted a pet i can take a bath with, including a huge pyton. well done mister parent. the snake does not seem interested. you got that right

12. if you go on holiday and you are stuck with your newborn baby, there is no reason to stop having fun with extreme sports. next thing on the list should be the sky jet, or perhaps sky diving.

11. is this bad because the child is attacking the fridge, or becase he is going to break the shelves. both way, the food is in jeopardy

10. another snake, this time as food for the baby, who would put anything in his mouth. the snake does not seem to mind. good luck with that

9. So let me get this straight, he holds the kid so he can feed the racoons. well done father, you are way better than Michael Jackson

8. there is nothing like a comfortable and cosy pram to take your kid to the park. The baby is sleeping so what is your problem?

7. why would you do that to your baby. I am sure he did not climb by himself. he does not look happy either. also make sure you take a snap and share it with friends so he will be embarrassed when he grows up. 

6. let's look together at this picture. this is a mermaid with fake boos, huge tail who needs and assistant, who I would hope it is her dad. well done dad, you helped your daughter to get her dream come true. sexy mermaid

5. this image is wrong at so many levels. for a miniature hannibal lector, he seems to be very cool with it.  i think he bites. 

4. what kind of mother would force this poor little girl to wear a bra and also bake in the sun so bad. if everything else today could be a joke, this one is not. 

3. there you go, if you do not have a pram or a baby bed, just use some tape and the baby can spend some quality time on the wall. also note that her favourite toy gets the same exposure to the room. well done. I would try this myself

2. I am not sure if this is just for the fun taking the snap, the baby does not seem to enjoy the idea being nuked. 

1. when the ceiling fan falls onto your baby, and he is reasonably unhappy, make sure you take the time, take a shot, share it with your friends on Facebook, as this is funny. after that you can choose to help your child to safety

which one is the funniest of them all, and are some of the parent supposed to be in therapy?