Wednesday, 27 May 2015

20 iPhone cases for idiots

if you have an iphone this might be of interest to you. today we are looking at 20 iPhone cases for idiots. Weird, hard to use, hard to carry, they defy their own purpose. if you buy one on purpose for yourself to use it, there is a good chance you are an idiot. if you receive one from a friend, you are excused.

20. iPhone brush case is designed to be used for ladies. If you have long hair and brush regularly, this might be good for you. if the phone rings and you have short hair,  you could be taken as a lunatic.

 19. this is for teenage girls ins still in love with their toys. this look japanese to me as most of the invention in today countdown. It is well know fact the Japan can come with the most hilarious and stupid inventions ever, including iPhone cases, but we will talk about that at large in a different video 

18. if you feel the need to pick your nose and you are embarrassed about it, here is a chance to do it and get away with it. too bad there is no mucus in it, but you can pick your own nose when alone and fill the iPhone case and work your balls later.

 17. this looks like a bad ass punk biker iPhone case, but it should be black leather with metal spikes. but this is pink and golden and that is confusing. I am pretty sure it is not comfortable to have this is your pocket, or purse, or hold it tight in your head when your doctors calls you to tell you are an idiot with certificate.

 16. this is weird in its essence and disgusting. to hold this on my face while talking would be a shock not only for me, but also for the other people. if I would see this I would react on the street and try to kill it, perhaps it is an alien attack and we do not know it.

 15. this is brilliant. if you are a bodyguard, bouncer at a disco, or simply you want to be violent and hurt people, why not combine your brass knuckle with your phone. 2 object in one and you might save space in your pocket.

 14. this one is for people who really love ham so much, they want to rub it on their faces every day. not only impractical, but this will question your sanity the minute your pull it from your teenage girl purse. that would be something, wouldn't it?

 13.another japanese iPhone case, this time simulating an ice-cream. a cheap trick to full your friends, only once, because after that, you keep repeating the joke, you will be ridiculous. it is like telling the same joke ever and ever again and expect the same reaction every time.

 12. this one is a food simulating iPhone case just like the previous one which was at least pink and attractive. this is just a normal lunch for asian food lovers, again, with he rate of successful use below one time.

 11. I am not sure what this is, but it looks weird. I am not confident this is a real iPhone case or it is just a computer generated simulation for something that does not make sense at all anyway. which part would be the screen, i don;t get it.

 10. imagine you see someone answering this ever single day. that means you would know this person well, and if he is an idiot that keeps doing this, there is a good chance you are as well. So if you see a friend using this, just take it immediately and destroy it, as it is on you to save your image.

 9. a furry iPhone case is something that never occurred to me. but if you love fashion, there must me some sort of connection when you put fur on the most unlikely objects just to have them matching each other. my question, do you use shampoo to clean it after it stinks of your hands sweat?

 8. another iPhone case for someone who really loves cake. beautiful colours, great arrangement, makes me want to lick it right now.

 7. well this one is for people loving boobies. pretty much had of the world population and even more. there are girls loving boobies as well. so nothing wrong with this case. I hope the boobies can be squeezed nicely

 6. this one is pretty lame. a bath tub with a rubber had women in it. If I can understand all the others a little bit, this one is pretty bad, boring, and stupid. that is It, i got nothing else.

 5. if you go camping or hunting, here are few useful additions to your survival iPhone. it is likely you will not have reception wherever you go, but you need to be able to hunt, make a fire, screw and unscrew screws, pick locks and many other fun things to do. they should come with a spoon, fork, bottle opener, can opener and vacuum cleaner.

 4. I am not sure if this is an iPhone case with shoes, or shoes with an iPhone, but probably a good chance to be a phone in fact. if you walk around and there phone rings, what do you do? you stop, take the shoe off and answer. what happens if you just stepped in a public toilet?

 3. if you want to end up in jail, or perhaps arrested or shot, this is the iPhone case for you. use it as a gun, and you never know you might convince someone you are a tough guy.

 2. if you buy this iPhone case it is a good chance you are ugly, fat, and undatable, as this suggest they you are crying human touch and you are really missing it. not only that it is a problem in itslef, but this image right here will destry every left over small change you will EVER find a friend.

 1. the final iPhone case for today, that is as useless as difficult to use, is the lobster case. not only that the shape makes it impossible to keep it in a pocket, bag, or anything that you might take with you, but having a lobster on your face when talking is for the insane, ludicrous, preposterous, and ridiculous.

question for next time, do you have such a iPhone case air have you ever seen anyone with something like that