Wednesday, 29 April 2015

15 worst mum selfies ever

today we are going to look at 15 worst mum selfies ever. the final one will make you cry.I did cry for 2 hours when i saw it 15. Classic soft start for today, girl taking a snap in the mirror for Facebook or whatever. too bad she does not have a bed, and she doe not notice there is child playing behind her. 14. if you want to show some skin for your online activity, you better hide the kid as that is distraction for any man looking for love. at least you can close the door. 13. another normal family day when naked mum is posing for the camera. the kid is really not impressed, nothing he has not seen before 12. Star tattoos and jaguar underwear will guarantee a hot date. too bad you have got a hungry kid behind to bak you up and ruing the mood. well done girl! 11.the greatest fake butts for mummy, and the kids approves this message.just like ray william johnson 10.when you are preparing for striptease or poll dancing, you need to have a baby around to clap and slap your butt so you can get into the spirit. also taking pants halfway down, will guarantee a sexy outcome 9. it is never too late to show the kid a good attitude. show them the finger and never look back. you are cool for sure from now on. 8. good selfie with the baby boy touching the breast, as he needs to get ready for a long life of boobies. he is so old, he can actually cop a feel. he looks like 12 or something. well done girl.I am shocked, stunned and stupefied looking at this 7. when you want to date online, you need all help you can get, for a better picture, ask your daughter to photograph you. why in bathroom in the mirror, that beats my imagination. 6. extremely sexy girl having a relaxed afternoon with the kids,but still being sexy and stuff. being attractive is a constant state, and touching yourself can never hurt , especially when your boys are around. 5. well done girl. the kid does not have a say in this, but I am wondering what did you want to show? is this about your butt or a before after taking a dump kind of situation? it is all very sex though, especially the toilet behind 4. you can leave your hat on. striptease in the bathroom is great. the baby will applaud and that is the best way to raise your kids for a future world of entertainment 3. now we are getting somewhere. selfies should be open to everyone including larger size mums with kids. so what we see here, kid washing hands, topless mum snapping a pic, an empty beer bottle on thee left, and some blue flowers done by a someone else to mask the horror 2. now we are getting into real horror. if the previous mum was kind of OK, this one is just epic. when you are bathing your children, you can take a snap also to make the moment count. good girl 1. when you are this good looking I would suggest to try to use a better background, and if possible make sure your son is not that close. he already looks like he is used to it, and you need to wonder if he will be OK when he grows up. preposterous, ludicrous, insane. for more videos like this, remember to subscribe, we will gather the funny, hilarious, fake, stupid, insane, ludicrous, preposterous and we will crunch, crush and and trash them for your entertainment. that is a promise